Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Progressive Onslaught of Hate

There are things happening in this country that I would have told you could never happen 20 years ago. Communists rallying in the streets, people heckling and insulting our military vets in colleges, and police officers standing aside why women are sexually assaulted all in the name of their union.

These are horrendous things. Most of my youth we spent a great deal of our time worrying about the tyranny of communism. It is not just an ideology that you take lightly. Communism is handing over all your rights and freedoms and being dependent on a government. You can't work where you want to work. You can't buy what you want to buy. You can't live where you want to live. Under communism there would be no hope of a better future. Everyone is resigned to living an existence with the bare necessities. The government would have complete control. Of course, all these politicians who believe it is a Utopian world of glory are telling you this because THEY would not have to live under it...they'd be CONTROLLING YOU. They are trying to create a class of elitist rulers with a poor, dependent subclass population.

There has never been a successful communist state in the history of mankind. They have all failed. Most interestingly, Europe for the past ten years has been dabbling in a socialist Utopian state and they are now giving us dire warnings...telling us not to go down that path. Of course, the politicians sitting around on their fat butts eating greasy ribs aren't going to tell you that. Even while skiing in Colorado.

Speaking of which...this entire Moochelle Obama and childhood obesity thing is really grating my nerves. She is going off during troubling times to ski in Colorado, eating 1500 calorie rib feasts telling us we're fat??? Can someone please tell these people what fools they are? What level of arrogance does it take to do that? A pretty snotty one in my opinion.

Despite all the noise in the news media and all the distractions, Americans are overall pretty intelligent. They can see through the noise and the gimmicks and the disinformation and see what is really going on. This is why the Republicans won so huge in November. The left acted shocked and surprised about losing because most of them are stupid enough to believe their own press.

Nothing has changed since November. In fact...the left has become more desperate. They are willing to ignite unrest in the Middle East with their communist groups because they know they are losing a grip on power. They think that creating chaos will frighten people into submission. They think if they collapse the economy, make more and more groups dependent on the government and create a dependent class of Americans they will have ever-lasting power. What idiots.

They are throwing it all into the fan in a Hail Mary pass.

Americans don't work that way. If we're paying $8 for a gallon of gas and eating cat food with no job in 2012....Obama is history. He is yesterday's soggy toast. I guarantee you that nobody will want this grind the Democrats have had us going through to continue. For the past eight years we have done nothing but fight off this progressive onslaught of hate and people are SICK AND TIRED of it.

Yes, we need to defeat the hate. The Democrats need to either destroy each other or go somewhere else...because frankly, people are sick of it. It's time to take back the narrative and create some happiness up in this place.

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