Saturday, February 5, 2011

The President Who Made Jimmy Carter Look Good

In the scheme of things, the Republicans could go in and cut spending all day long and only get a minimal bill that Obama would sign. Of course, he will only sign a bill that makes HIM look good but would do NOTHING toward paying down our debt. If anyone suffered he would make sure he sang from the rooftops that it was the GOP's fault.

It's going to take a change of government. It's going to take a comprehensive plan like Reaganomics where the entire country is on board and understands that we're going to have to hunker down a few years and grit our teeth and get it done. But things WILL get better. Right now Obama is buying time and trying to stay in power. He is trying to collapse capitalism and thus far he is doing a fine job of it. But obviously, he doesn't want it to collapse immediately or he won't get re-elected. He is throwing the dice.

I think we're watching the rest of the world pay the price for this. What's happening in Europe and the Middle East is easy to watch for most people without having to feel the impact. Most turn off the TV and turn it back on to watch American Idol and the weather and then turn it back off. I think in that socialist brain of our President he thinks that if people get scared enough they will cling to his feet and beg for his help and he can play "messiah" again. I hope he really does think that because it only shows how little he understands Americans. Socialists aren't very smart. They are masterminds at manipulation, but they get greedy. They've been planning this "revolution" of theirs for nearly 100 years and what do they do? They go over to the Middle East and use a bunch of people in the name of their religion as "useful idiots" (as John Lennon would say) to start shit and it will absolutely, positively blow up in their faces.

If things keep going the direction they're going and it gets as bad as everyone says it is...Obama is going to go down in history as "The President Who Made Jimmy Carter Look Good". Any coward could go start trouble in the Middle East. It takes courage and intelligence to go over there and really bring peace. Only cowards and evil thinking could imagine that starting war and revolution "in the name of peace and freedom" could be good for anybody. Those of us old enough to remember what the early 70s were like, when Israel was under constant attack and people were being blown apart daily,  remember the anxiety attached to that. It wasn't that long ago. It only stopped when George Bush went to war and stabilized Iraq. It took the focus off Israel. .Just step back one decade and you will see how violent things were.

During the Clinton years we had no earthly idea who Al Qaeda was yet there were over 200 terrorist bombings worldwide during the 1990s. Israel was constantly under attack. What do you remember? Monica Lewinski? Do the progressives truly believe that Americans will standby and watch Israel get pummeled and think nothing of it? Do they honestly believe we would just bury our heads in the sand and not care? Are they so naive they think if we "sacrifice" Israel the Islamists will just cheer and suddenly leave us alone? Are they really that stupid?

Yes! I think they are. They think if they start wars in other places and collapse capitalism their utopia will be complete. They want to make things SO bad....we beg for the government's help. But it's not going to happen. It's going to be quite the opposite.

Obama will go down in history as the president who made Jimmy Carter look good. Americans were not made from greedy socialists. We were made from God fearing Christians who hated people telling them what to do. We tossed the British tea in the Boston Harbor and said "GO TO HELL" and we will do it again, but this time we will be telling 20% of our own people that. It's going to get ugly and it's going to involve a lot of pushing back...but it will happen.

Americans cannot accept these socialist ideals. They are not American.

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