Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Obama In The Scheme of Things

I honestly don't think Obama in the scheme of things means much. He was created by the progressives and will be discarded by the progressives when they no longer need him. What does that mean?

It means a group, rather than a PERSON is running our country. Seriously, how much confidence do the people have in this president being able to handle situations? Not much.  How much trouble can our country get into when the fox is guarding the hen house? Let's not go there.

I know it sounds like a broken record, but I keep returning to the Carter years. There are so many comparisons between Obama and Jimmy Carter it would be impossible to list them. But we have to remember that the reason we feel Obama is like Carter is because it's the same group of people. All the chaos and collapse that came about in the 70s is happening all over again and it is the same group of progressive liberals with their stubborn agenda that takes us back to the same place. You can fast forward to the Clinton years and realize quickly that although the Clintons were liberal they also had their own agenda. Which is why the progressives turned on them. When you deviate from the "progressive agenda" you are no longer useful.

Remember progressive is socialist. Study Woodrow Wilson's presidency. Hitler did. Many of the Nazi propaganda tactics were directly attributed to Woodrow Wilson's presidency. A convenient fact that is deleted from history books. Fast forward to Roosevelt. After he led our country down a path of huge government expansion and power he died and we immediately put into place laws to limit the term of president to two. For a reason.

Not that progressives feel that they have to follow the law. They honestly think if they don't like a law they can just change it to their benefit. But all that lovely karma is catching up to them and in 2012 they will become acutely aware of that karma when they have no jobs. Whenever there is a huge pull to the left there is another shift to the right. It keeps us balanced. The law of Yin and Yan.

It never fails to amaze me how astonishingly clever our founding fathers were. Nothing has changed much in history when it comes to greed and power. Humans are humans....different times in history, same set of problems. But now we have allowed an enemy to sneak up on us and they have taken our freedoms from us without us even knowing it. The cold war may have ended...but the communists live on. They just morphed into a cute picture of a polar bear.

Obama was made a rock star by the progressive, socialist movement and when he no longer advances their cause he will be thrown to the side like a used sock. The Republican Revolution is underway....but don't be fooled into thinking the socialists will just go away. They are looking for their next rock star. History will not remember him as being a great president. They will remember how easy it was for the socialists to dupe the public.

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