Monday, February 14, 2011

We've Got Way Too Much Time On Our Hands

One should never start their day with a story headline from the Huffington Post. First, I don't read HP. She is a communist and has no interest in the US except making money and destroying the U.S. She wants to "exploit capitalism" and "teach us a lesson" as she puts it. So why any human being from this country would read her garbage and contribute to her blog is beyond me. But of course, most people don't know she is a communist or has said those things. They don't look at the videos of her at communist rallies. They don't read about her ties with George Soros. They probably don't know who George Soros is.

But anyway, I saw the headline on Drudge with Aston Kutcher, another person who annoys me, and you know there are days I look at the headlines and just shake my head in disgust. Here's a guy who actually thinks he is important. He is an elitist punk. He drives around in a Hummer and wags his finger at us mere simple human beings for using too much oil or electricity or whatever nonsense the elitist Hollywood people have worked themselves up over out in California. You know....the state that is bankrupt because the leaders and important people like Kutcher run around whining for more money or convenient luxury items but they don't want to pay for it. They think socialism is a great thing. They've never picked up a history book in their lives and have absolutely no clue what socialism is. They just know the maid brings them a cup of coffee in the morning and does their laundry and the most important thing they will do today is Tweet something.

Another headline I see is about Lady Gaga and her appearance at the awards show in an egg. Now there's important stuff. I bet it took a few days to think that up. It really must be exhausting to think up bizarre things to do in the name of art. I mean, they just copy Madonna at this point. That's all they are doing. The way to get famous and make money in Hollywood or the entertainment business is to say or do something ridiculous or obnoxious. Madonna had her sex schtick. Back in the 80s the way she dressed really was shocking and punky and her Like a Virgin song was catchy and scandalous. Lady Gaga today is really no different.

Last night I saw the commercial for Justin Beiber's movie with my 17-year-old daughter in the room and we were like "He has a MOVIE?" What...he's like 12, right? What could they possibly do a movie about? Oh, that's's Hollywood. They package and sell human beings. So what will happen is this kid will grow up and be yesterday's newspaper in about 10 years. What happened to that cute little kid with Donald Trump hair? He's all doped up in rehab with a bald head and no teeth. But look! He's got a Go Green tattoo on his arm.

I suppose the people who buy into the entertainment industry are no worse or different than people like me who follow politics...and basically it all comes down to the same thing. We've got way too much time on our hands.

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