Saturday, February 5, 2011

Part of the George Soros Propaganda Machine

George Soros just poured HUGE money into a propaganda wave to discredit the videos targeting Planned Parenthood. Of course, socialists really hate it when they get caught and exposed. Especially George Soros. Here's a very evil, evil man with billions of dollars who has great influence on our government.

I am not surprised ABC is part of the George Soros propaganda machine. All the alphabet news networks are. He has poured money into their pockets. George Soros is his own mafia.

Republicans need to get very serious about exposing and bringing this man to justice. He is no friend of the United States. He is a socialist who has stated several times that capitalism needs to be destroyed yet there he our White House talking with Obama every week. He has also stated just THIS WEEK how Israel is the "problem" in the Middle East.

Given his childhood I find it remarkable that this man has the AUDACITY to say anything about the Jewish people. Yet, the Washington Post gives him free reign and the liberal media says nothing about it.

Scary, huh?

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