Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Utopian Left,8599,2048138,00.html

I was reading this story in Time Magazine online and found it quite fascinating. Obviously, it raises all kinds of questions and thought and it's a good conversation piece if anything else. But, of course when I started reading the comment section it became alarming. Basically, a bunch of enviro-nuts and communist-lovers had taken over the thread and discussed things such as depopulation for the greater good (of the environment) and one in particular that suggests that "proper non-tyrannical communism" is the answer to life. They believe themselves above us mere simple humans. If you follow the enviro-nuts at all you know this is how they feel already. But most people do not know they feel this way.

That's when the term "Utopian Left" popped in my head. Maybe I've read that term before somewhere else...but it has suddenly dawned on me that it is a perfect term to label the far-left. Labels, as we know, are used successfully by the far-left to slander people. Well two can play at that game my friend.

The Utopian Left believe that they are superior. They believe they are smarter and of high intelligence. We simple humans are not smart or intelligent enough to realize that their goal of depopulation and supreme perfect communism is going to rule earth. It is the way it is and they will achieve this goal in whatever means necessary.

So Utopians are now convincing themselves that mass extinction is not such a bad idea if the people who survive are of the same mind they are. That is a very scary thing. It kind of falls into the "conspiracy" category so I won't dwell on it. But as you can see by the comment section of that article, there are groups of people who do believe that this is going to happen so it's worth noting that reality.

But back to my Utopian Left label. I think it's a great idea to start labeling this group of people and exposing them and telling the mere simple humans what these people are saying. I'd say in an uneducated guess that about 60% of the population does not pay that much attention to politics. Not like we do, anyway. So when you label something and it sticks that gets around faster because word travels fast. It's an easy way to identify people. The Utopian Left have been organizing and protesting in the Middle East, causing riots and disruptions in Europe, and have a common goal to destroy capitalism and the U.S. in particular. We need to label this group of people and expose them. The liberal media certainly is not going to.

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