Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Greatest Things About Ronald Reagan

On this day of rememberence of Ronald Reagan I would like to list my favorite things about him.

At a time in history when everyone had had enough...there he was telling us how great our country was. After all the hippies and spitters had burned the flag and told everyone how terrible we were...There he was telling us to be proud and grateful. He taught us how to love our country again. He told us not to trust the government but not to hate it.

He had authority. It was like having your Dad in charge. You felt secure, if not a little frightened. You knew things were taken care of. You knew the bad guys weren't getting you. He locked the doors and windows and nobody was coming in. He had a clear path to the future and nobody was going to stop him. It wasn't a path of going backwards, it was moving forward.

He invested in NASA and our military, two of the greatest achievements in our history. Both institutions have given more to American society than any other. Our scientific community was not bought off by a political party to scam the American was focused on space and how to get places and protect us.

Our military had been treated like dirt in 1970s. It was not uncommon for people to call people names and consider them murderers or any other nonsense the anti-war people were spewing. Ronald Reagan changed that and I experienced that change from within the military myself. It was a GOOD thing to be in the military. You were honorable. You were respected. You were educated and you were disciplined. Ronald Reagan saluted the Marine guard who stood and protected him. He demanded that the American people respect our military and the people who fight and sacrifice on a daily basis to give us the freedom we share and enjoy.

At a time when we see socialism and communists rearing their ugly heads again, when the threat of war and economic troubles loom like a rock...We wish he were back again.

Conservatives need to remember that it was Ronald Reagan's vision of a GREAT U.S.A. that made him so loved. Obama can barely say a nice word about our country without throwing up so this is not rocket science. The left has foolishly tried to compare Obama to Reagan and it makes me laugh. Obama could never try to love our country and be successful at it. He has done more to try to destroy it than anyone since Woodrow Wilson.

So conservatives going forward need to bring that "America is great" theme to the's one the left just can't bear to stand.

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