Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Red/Green Alliance

So it's coming out now that a group from UK called "The Red/Green Alliance" which is a group derived from the Socialist Worker's Party is ring leader #1 in the Eqyptian protests. Nice. Funny how these things work their way to the surface, huh? So the news media, the WH, and US Socialist groups, Google, the Unions, and all the other communist groups instigated this "uprising".

They could not get Americans to riot but by golly they can get the Egyptians to, right? They can't get people in the UK to riot...but they are so smart they can go into the most violent part of the world and get them to.

What upsets me about this is the WH is KNEE DEEP in these protests and the liberal media refuses to report this. We've been saying this all along and every day that goes on it gets more and more obvious.

What do we have to do to convince people what is happening? Are we going to just sit here and watch the communists/socialists cause mayhem? Are we going to watch Israel go up in flames and not do anything? Are we going to watch them create a caliphate?

Muslim Brotherhood is where Osama Bin Laden is from. Is this 2000 all over again? Remember back when people thought..."Oh...he's just some crazy guy...he won't do anything". Tell that to the people killed in the World Trade Center.

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