Friday, February 4, 2011

Just Ask Code Pink or Weather Underground!

Code Pink has been protesting in Gaza and Egypt for two years. In fact, they've been working with the Muslim Brotherhood to destabilize the area and you can go to their website and see their ads calling for them to help "cleanse our country". Weather Underground (Bill Ayers) has been in Egypt and Gaza as well. So Obama is feigning SURPRISE?

Well let's see....Didn't he and Nancy Pelosi DISMANTLE our intelligence community the past two years? Do you think they may have had a REASON to do that? Do you honestly believe that Obama, being such a strong supporter of socialist groups and communists would be caught off guard by this? Or is it more likely he was part of the problem? I find it ASTONISHING that the WH has the nerve to "leak" a "surprise" at the events in the Middle East. As HotAir points out....He himself made a speech in Cairo two years ago.

Remember when the Israeli prime minister came here and Obama insulted him? When he treated him like crap and left him in a room to go eat dinner and treated him like garbage? Remember when he said "Don't interfere with us...we're trying to change the world."

Well this is Obama changing the world folks.

UPDATE: If you ever had any doubt about Google and it's far-left socialist tendencies....doubt no more.

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