Friday, February 11, 2011

So What Was the He Resigned/He Didn't Resign All About?

Yesterday, we witnessed a flushing out of socialist players like never before seen. The liberal media and Obama were laid wide open. A lot of people are confused. They don't understand a lot of what is going on. But it is pretty obvious what happened.

The socialist left (including our president) have been meddling in the Middle East for a few years now. Sending over socialist and communist groups and aligning themselves with the Muslim Brotherhood to topple our allies was their goal. But Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Egyptian Army showed them who really is in charge of this Poker game.

Obama and his progressive socialist buddies are no match for our allies in the Middle East. Yesterday Mubarak flushed them out. He stepped aside today and now the real work will begin. Egyptians who are completely innocent...who truly want peace and freedom...will go home and be happy. The foreign socialists who traveled there to stoke the riots will not. They will foolishly remain there and try to organize more protests, perhaps thinking naively they can defeat the Army or stir up trouble for the U.S.

One of two things will happen: They will be rounded up and thrown out of the country (and tailed). Or they will be put in jail and WISH they had left when they still had the chance. My guess is they will be watched. Notice our allies in Europe have remained completely silent. France and Britain have not said one word. They are watching...and taking names.

It's one thing for Obama and his socialist leftist thugs to stir up trouble in Europe. It's quite another to travel to the Middle East and stir up trouble there. It's an entirely different ball game. But yesterday was all about exposing the players...and Mubarak did an excellent job of it. Our news media nearly wet itself with the happy news, they had it all planned out. Obama gave speeches before the fact congratulating himself. Our CIA director was even clueless. The Intelligence officer to the WH showed the world where his allegiance, and this president's allegiance, lies.

The socialist left and Obama believe they have "won", but they haven't. They've been out-smarted.

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