Thursday, February 10, 2011

Jordan, Israel and Saudi Arabia...Our Allies In The Middle East

Much to Obama's distress today, our Middle East allies --you know, the ones Obama threw under the bus-- stood firmly together and called Obama and the far-left socialist groups out. Obama showed his hand in his game of Socialist Poker and our allies called his bluff.

King Abdullah of Jordan did not crawl out of some cave like an idiot. He is an extremely smart man. He and his wife have dedicated their lives to their people and culture and have done wonderful things to advance peace in the Middle East. Just like his father he has brokered and overseen an extremely efficient army and intelligence apparatus. He was educated in the UK and the US and he works quietly and smartly. I admire him very much. I personally know several Jordanians and they have told me with no doubt in their minds "He intervened and called out Obama". I believe them.

Chaos and rioting does nothing to advance peace and freedom in the Middle East. Chaos and rioting is what socialists and communists do to cause anarchy. The Green/Red Alliance in the UK, Answer in Canada, Code Pink and Weather Underground in the US have been manipulating politics in the Middle East for several years. We've been watching them do this and the liberal media has reported NOTHING.

Our allies have recognized this and have formed a protective shield for Mubarak. They will not allow Obama to interfere in the peace process in the Middle East to advance his agenda. When Obama can explain why he meets with Jodie Evans of Code Pink monthly but yet calls out our intelligence community about the events in Egypt I will be interested to hear how he justifies it. Our allies will not allow a bunch of hippy socialists fool the Egyptian people. The majority of the Egyptian people will not want any involvement whatsoever with the meddling foreigners. This is a very effective argument and it is working. Agreeing to protester demands and convincing the Egyptian people that working with foreigners is what got them in trouble in the first place is all they have to say to calm down the rhetoric.

Today, Jordan, Israel, and Saudi called Obama's bluff and made the news media look like complete idiots. Our news media nearly wet itself today in anticipation of Mubarak stepping down in some grandiose fashion so they could claim "victory". Instead...they stuck Obama in the eye and revealed how devious the news media was. The greatest part was watching Andrea Mitchell tell all her "insider secrets". She smugly told us who talked to who (Joe Biden apparently was point man which is in itself hilarious) and what was going to happen and how and how justified it was. They've been demonizing Mubarak since the start. I have to admit I found it hysterical that everything she said blew up in her face and she was left stuttering and clueless.

Well that insider info turned out to be a bunch of hogwash, huh?

Here's a clue WH: If you think Israel and Jordan will stand idly by while you try to "change the world" to your Utopian socialist dream....PSYCH!!! The Middle East has been around a LOT longer than the progressive dweebs. Your San Francisco flower power has no influence over there. Obama's arrogance and messiah complex has no sway. Even the power of your liberal media monopoly does not work on people in this region. You are only making the situation worse.

The WH was supposed to bring peace to the Middle East. Not make it worse. Somebody might want to let them know.

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