Thursday, February 3, 2011

And here we go!

So I decided that since I am posting nearly constantly on Facebook that perhaps my friends and family think I've lost my marbles. I do have a tendency to be focused =) But I find the events in our country to be very disturbing and search very thoroughly daily through a very wide range of news sources and blogs to find out information. I have instincts. I cannot tell you how many times I've fished out facts and then a day later there it suspicions confirmed...headlining the news. Maybe it's a gift. Maybe I'm nuts. But I work hard at it so that's all that matters.

SO here I am. I'm going to consolidate my information and invite my friends to see what I find and they can draw their own conclusions and share the information they have found. And we can find and share together.

And by the way...if you're a marxist socialist communist idiot...get the hell off my blog. Go live in Cuba and eat bugs. Live in a tree and eat soy beans. But don't tell me your nonsense. I don't want to hear it.

Here's to my friends! May we do a service in saving our country and help eachother live through the misery of liberals controlling the government and trying to destroy our country and capitalism as we know it. It all starts with blogging and connecting and communicating...and getting the information out there.

Happy 100th Birthday Ronald Reagan. This one's for you, Gipper.

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  1. Very good Bev...looking forward to reading. I know I drive my family nutz with all my posts too...