Sunday, February 20, 2011

Groping Women in the Name of The Union?

I read this story with disgust. Police officers who support the unions are stepping aside and letting women staffers at the Wisconsin capital building be roughed up and GROPED by union THUGS. This is not American. This is absolutely an outrage and every single police officer there who refuses to protect and do their job should be fired.

That proves to me that unions should be destroyed at any cost. There is NO EXCUSE for that kind of behavior. Without police protection there is anarchy. Never in my life time did I think I would see people protesting like this. It's 1968 all over again. These people are bringing back memories of the Vietnam era when Americans were ashamed of their country and people rioted and turned on each other. In the 80s it was revealed how ugly the Vietnam protesters were and how shameful the anti-American activities were...and all of that was somehow not taught to our children. We have allowed these people full reign to teach our children these ugly tactics.

Of course, they will not win. The Republican Revolution is underway. The majority of Americans see this behavior and they are disgusted. The trick is for us to spread this information so people WILL see it. The liberal media will not report it because they KNOW the backlash it will provoke.

So spread these videos, these stories, and make sure you do your part. We can not rely on the liberal news media to inform the public anymore. They won't do it. This type of behavior cannot go unreported. These people are determined to throw our country away. They have been brainwashed and paid to act this way. Just like the idiotic hippies in the 70s who spat at our troops and called Americans murderers, these people in no way should be allowed to roam the halls of the capital building and grope female GOP staffers. That is crossing the line and way beyond acceptable.


  1. Hi Bev I started following you from your comments on Hillbuzz. I like your thinking.
    Keep blogging.

  2. Thanks Bob!! I enjoyed looking around your blog as well! I especially liked the teaching math post =)

  3. Bev, I miss your posts on hillbuzz. Why don't you post there anymore?

  4. When they changed back a while ago the new people stopped allowing me to comment. I have no idea why. I tried for a while, thinking maybe it was just a glitch but they definitely stopped posting my comments so I stopped trying. But thanks for the compliment! I am very active on Facebook and on my blog so I do try to get my thoughts out there. Thanks for commenting!!!