Friday, February 18, 2011

Wisconsin and the Utopian Left

In November the good people of Wisconsin threw out the Dem majority in their state and by a huge landslide elected Republicans to fix their state. Yesterday we saw the Dems throw another temper tantrum. They do that a lot lately, huh? Whenever you see communist groups marching the streets of this country you know that the GOP has done something good. It means the left is panicking.

Dems can't win an argument when it comes to the destruction of our economy. They are systematically destroying it and hoping you won't notice or pay attention. However, when you DO pay attention they call in their communist goon squad and put on a show to distract you from the issues. What the Utopian Left (funded and organized by George Soros) is doing in Wisconsin is EXACTLY what they did in Greece. Riots, chaos, intimidation, know...the regular leftist tactics. All the while crying crocodile tears that the right is a big bad violent racist mob of bullies. Boo-Hoo.

By the way...George Soros is banned from Greece and with good reason.

It is times like these that make you scratch your head and say "Didn't we just WIN?" Yes we did. We won a HUGE majority in congress and it was not just happened all across this country in places that most Republicans never see the light of Wisconsin. We won because the majority of Americans are alarmed and fearful of this president and what the Utopian Left is doing to our country.

NEWS FLASH FOR DEMOCRATS: When you pay communist groups to protest and march the streets of this country going against popular makes people ANGRIER and more FEARFUL.

It actually reveals a lot. It reveals that the Utopian Left is ready and willing to deploy intimidation tactics to get what it wants. It thinks that if it attacks and intimidates the GOP they will cave and cower and give in. It also thinks that it can wear down the majority of people who by and large don't have a long attention span and as a whole get disgusted and inpatient with "political crap".

The Dems are miscalculating. Americans do not have much tolerance for communists and they certainly do not have tolerance for them marching in the streets of the U.S. dragging school children with them. Watching this show in Wisconsin is going to tick off Americans but the Dems are too stupid to realize that. They are so caught up in their temper tantrum they AGAIN are acting on reflex and have become so arrogant and beligerant they don't see the writing on the wall.

But then...maybe they do. As Republicans become better organized and gain momentum in the House the more we should expect this Utopian Left show of shows. It's going to get uglier...a lot uglier. But don't lose faith. The uglier they get the better our chances in 2012.

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