Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Unions, Google, US Socialists/Communists...and Obama


For those who cast a suspicious eye at the news...ALL news...when Egypt erupted in riots it only took about six hours to single out the socialist/Islamic link. We've been watching Code Pink, Weather Underground, and the unions for a couple of years now. Especially given their interference with  the Turkey flotilla boats and the Gaza protests. Code Pink is an UGLY organization. Remember how they hounded Bush during his presidency and it was NOT in the name of "peace" and "anti-war". It has everything to do with destroying this country and capitalism in general. They cannot STAND the USA.

George Soros is the sugar daddy with all these groups. He has been funding them for the better part of the current and former decade. He has been funding the socialist groups in Europe, has facilitated the economic collapse of more than one European country (UK and Greece), and his prize now is the US. He resides in DC and has close ties with Obama. He meets with him weekly. He has made dozens of speeches STATING THESE GOALS and they are on YouTube for anyone to go and watch. The liberal media completely ignores him because they get their pocket money from him.

Money buys everything in this world whether you're a socialist, communist, or capitalist.

I am a little surprised they let slip about the Google executive who got arrested in Egypt. I'd think they'd want that to be kept underwraps but they got too greedy again (as they always do). They wanted to exploit the "he's being tortured by Mubarak" headline. Right now Obama, the socialist, communists, George Soros, Code Pink, Weather Underground, and various liberal news media outlets and UNIONS are feeling a little paranoid. The Egyptian riots are coming to an end. Mubarak is staying in power. What they THOUGHT was a sure thing...suddenly is not. Not only did they reveal their hand in a poker game...they bet the house.

Not only did he throw an important ally (albeit not perfect but he is a better alternative to Israel being bombed and people being murdered on a daily basis) under the bus Obama showed his true colors. All the people who are supposed to be our allies are not going to trust him AT ALL.

Nor should we. You can imagine how China and Russia are snickering at his weakness and naiveness.

If Obama tries to save face by saying he tried to bring about this change for the sake of all the poor Egyptian people who were being abused under a brutal dictator...save the speech. He was gunning for a "new world order" and instead got an incomplete result. Thankfully, we have time to get him out of office before he and his leftist goons have a chance to try again. Which they will. Because it is what communists do. Do not be fooled into thinking they will just give up. Communists never give up. They just morph to the next project.

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