Monday, February 7, 2011

It's NOT About Obesity And Your Health

I wish people would finally get it through their heads....Michelle Obama's "Americans Are Fat" campaign has NOTHING to do with her sincere concern about our health. There are emergency food shortages all across the world. Do you think the people in those countries might find it irritating seeing how Americans are too FAT?  It fits in so well with "Americans are Arrogant" campaign and "Americans Should Apologize" tour. Do you think in Africa they have commercials showing fat Americans asking for their help?

If you use the charts the government uses we all have to look like Twiggy or we're in the obese category. So now the government can use that against you. In case you haven't noticed the progressives have been very busy building a Big Brother network of weazels to watch everything you do and rat on you if you don't "conform". Sounds a lot like the KGB doesn't it? In fact...they probably have a Department of Weazels. Maybe we shouldn't give them the idea.

I'm actually glad to see a story about this...because it does tell me people are annoyed and it's being acknowledged. These are things that the liberal state-run media can't spin out of or create a utopian world of denial like they do about....well, everything. All you have to do is go down the street the gas station or grocery story and mention an Obama policy and immediately you get a reaction of disgust. Even at the Dollar Store. I was cashing out the other day at one and the cashier elected "If you get cash back on your debit transaction they will charge you $1. for it. You can send your thank you card to Obama for that".

Yep....People aren't fooled by celebrity news anchors. And size 12 and 14 are just fine, thank you.

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