Friday, February 4, 2011

Excellent article at

Andrew Breitbart has more balls than anyone in journalism...with the exception of Glenn Beck of course. He is absolutely right. The left slanders conservatives consistently all the while protesting and supporting socialist and communist groups who are out there stoking violence. Why is Code Pink in Egypt? Why is Weather Underground in Egypt? Why are they meeting with Obama in the White House monthly? Breitbart was posting the involvement of Code Pink in the Flotilla raids on Israel from Turkey and the protesting in Egypt and Gaza a year ago. The left slanders the right with its "RAAACIST" and divisive talking points when it is calling for leftists to riot and cause chaos going UNREPORTED by the liberal news. They are just trying to shut down conservative radio, conservative news, and conservative blogs so people cannot get this information. It is a coordinated campaign and it is failing.

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