Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I apologize to those faithful who read my blog and see my laziness as of the past month. Well, it's not "laziness". It's actually "WORKING". Two jobs...Christmas...Preparing to move...yada yada yada.

No excuses.

I am paying attention to the news and I am quite relieved, actually. I do think the world has finally woken up and realized what a COMPLETE FRAUD The Obama era has been. Yes, the Pelosi/Obama era is dead. Climate change was a fraud. The far left is a fraud. The news media is guilty of NEGLECT and selling out their country and should be ashamed of themselves. But people can't blame anybody but themselves. If you voted for these idiots you really have no excuse.

Herman Cain is guilty of only one thing. He actually ran for president. As usual, the news media and psycho people have to squash him dead because he doesn't have a billion dollars to buy his way out of it. Basically that is all it is. The people who make it to the top actually had enough money to buy their way out of all these slanderous smear campaigns. It happens to all of them. Only the people who know how to beat them all down win.

That's politics. And it is a shame because Herman Cain is a good guy. He is one of us. The same exact thing happened to Sarah Palin. If she had taken the leap the same exact thing would have happened to her. The libs would have bought enough people to smear her to kingdom come...no doubt about it.

Isn't that ironic? You have to have your hands on all kinds of money to buy your way to the white house or the capital or senate. All these rich people in Hollywood and the news media and "celebrities" and political players who go to cocktail parties and trips to Europe at resorts and ex-vice presidents who live in huge mansions on the beach becoming billionaires making up fake science came up with a plan to create some kind of communist protest ....with homeless people and derelicts and the spoiled children of hippies who went to Harvard are all sitting out in tents pooping in the streets to protest "rich people"....When it's the "rich people" who put them out there in the first place.

Does anybody get that? Do you Bill Ayers sits in a tent and poops in the street? Do you think Michael Moore goes out and sleeps in the rain on a cold street? You think Susan Sarandan actually gave a crap in her Italian resort? It's a good thing NYC was on the way to her plush vacation, huh?

And how bout that Miley Cyrus, huh? Here is the QUEEN of slut teens who has done NOTHING but capitalize on capitalism to become rich out there doing what? She is doing a SONG in tribute to the hippies out there protesting EXACTLY WHAT SHE IS. Do you suppose she even knows why they are protesting? Well, I bet if she had a clue that it was HER LIFE they were protesting she wouldn't be but don't count on that many brain cells firing at the same time. That's not in her contract.

I'm actually happy about Newt lately. The closer we get to nomination time the less I like Romney. Romney is just a clone of McCain and I can't stand McCain. YESSSS...Newt has all kinds of baggage. They could dig up dirt on that guy for years to come but I would bet rocks that there is nobody out there they couldn't dig up dirt on. In fact...When they can't dig up dirt THEY JUST MAKE IT UP.

So what difference does it make, really? We already know the news media has been paid huge money to smear whoever the Republican nominee is. We EXPECT it.

But the great thing is....No matter how horrible they are at trying to smear the GOP...They will NEVER compare to Obama. What that fraud has done to our country....could never compare. Americans were tricked into electing somebody who hates this country as president. We can NEVER allow that to happen again.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Democrats....The Delusional Denial

Yes, it seems like every week the news media picks a new person for the GOP to like. This week it's Newt.

There is a logical reason for all of this, of course.

People like us who follow politics are rather disgusted with Boy King. He is a liar. He does not care SQUAT about this country. He and his wife look down their socialist noses at the people of this country and throw their arugula and Maine lobster in our faces most of the time. Boy King is no leader. He is a snake oil salesman. Obviously, I could sit here all day and list the things we hate about him (none of which have to do with the color of his skin which is another reason we hate the Democrats...because they continually label us racists when we are NOT). You get the point.

So at this point if the neighbor's cat pooped on the White House lawn and became popular with high ratings in the polls we would vote for the cat. That is how disgusted we are with the socialist left.

Newt is not a bad guy. He has his dirty laundry but who doesn't? It's not about who did the worst things. It's about WHICH SMEAR JOB is the most successful in the news media.

 The entire election is rigged that way. The news media will CHOOSE who they want to smear and who they don't. Right now they are convinced Romney will win the GOP nomination so they are all hunched over at their desks designing their hit job for next October. Democrats always have to have their "October Surprise" hit job that they think will bury the Republicans in the election. Because see, Democrats can't run on issues.

But they've run the country into the ground so badly at this point Americans are sick of them. They are too idiotic to figure out that in 2010 they were thrown to the curb for that very reason. All the special elections since....TED KENNEDY'S SENATE SEAT WENT REPUBLICAN for heaven's sake. They don't care what Americans think. They just care about power. And isn't that what it is all about?? Americans see that, now. They see who really loves the country and who doesn't. If they rely on reality TV to decide for them then shame on them!....But at a time when most people can't even afford to turn on their TV.....They get it.

Democrats are going to be trounced whether they get that or not.We don't care who beats them...we just want them gone. We want them to shut up and go away. Temper tantrums, anarchy, behaving badly is not going to get them elected. It's not going to intimidate people. It's not going to scare people. If anything all the bad behavior helps the GOP because it will drive more and more NORMAL people to the polls to vote these hippies out of office.

So it's not about who is most popular in the news media. It's about who is doing a better job of making Boy King look bad this week.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Election in November Will Only Be The Beginning

I'm seeing a lot of positive signs. Yes, there may be hope yet for our country.

There are a lot of "leaks" coming out about Obama and his past. There are a lot of stories about Solyndra and similar democratic donors receiving MILLIONS from his administration...and looks like Karma is finally catching up to the corrupt party of the left. Solyndra is just the tiny tip of the iceberg my friends. We will be finding out a lot in the next year for sure and the Dems are going to have a lot 'splaining to do.

Money and power corrupt people. With Obama...He was corrupt long before he got power. He was chosen for the position before he became president. There is no doubt in my mind that he would have NEVER been elected president had it not been for the corrupt handlers around him...and Pelosi and her far left ilk. George Soros and his buying the liberal media lock, stock, and barrel. It is sickening.

Getting the Dems out of power is only 1/4 of the battle. We have to purge how Washington does business. We have to purge the liberal media. We have to purge all the big money lobbyists who lurk on capital hill preying on our representatives. It's like the Mafia in Washington DC. Not to say it hasn't always been that way. This is hardly the first time in history that there has been corruption in Washington DC. There has ALWAYS been corruption in Washington, DC.

Which is the point.This is why our founding fathers were so brilliant. They KNEW this. They came from Britain and it is WHY they left. When they sat down and wrote our constitution they designed it to protect us from this corruption. The people (LIKE OBAMA) who want to change it want to change it because they despise everything this country stands for.

Obama's mother and grandparents hated our government. He was raised and groomed with a huge anti-American chip on his shoulder. The guy went to college and became a CONSTITUTION EXPERT so that he could change it and corrupt it. He has continuously lied about himself, his beliefs, his goals, his policies, and what it is he is trying to do. I truly believe in 20-30 years we will find out things about this president that will scare us half to death. He is the most dishonest politician in our life time.

The most disgusting thing to me is that we have allowed this corruption in the first place. Republicans are not innocent in this. The GOP of this decade rolled over and played dead and allowed this to happen. Or they were naive about the danger that was posed by the far left. George Bush had more pressing concerns, I know, namely Muslim terrorists trying to blow up entire cities. And while he was busy trying to keep us safe people like Al Gore and Nancy Pelosi undermined our government and put in place anti-American socialists who were just as damaging as the terrorists.

I have no doubt we will elect a Republican next November. But don't be naive in thinking that will solve our problems. It will take YEARS to reverse the horrendous damage inflicted on our country. It will take determination and focus to eradicate the roaches the left has infected us with. We cannot rely on the John McCain's and Lindsay Graham's to fix things. It was their complacency that got us into trouble in the first place. We have to change how Washington works...and that is going to take a lot of bold moves to unseat a lot of powerful people. It's going to take an unselfish person who is willing to take some tough punches to the gut.People like Sarah Palin and Hermain Cain are good beginnings. But of course the corruption in Washington will be out to destroy anybody threatening their pockets and power. Think of them as the first waves. It's going to take several waves crashing into the beach to erode it....but eventually it will happen.

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Ugly Left ...PURGE TIME


We all knew as soon the ugly story came out on Politico it was a hit job. We just weren't sure if it was from the GOP or the liberal side. I pretty much figured it from the left because of the Chicago angle. Anne Coulter nails this one on the head.

Axelrod has run out of karma. He has done enough dirty dealing in his life time to doom him to misery for the rest of his life. So he has it coming to him....and it WILL happen. Karma works like that.

Trying to destroy people for political reasons has to rank up there as lower than whale dookie. Destroying people for power. At this point it is pretty obvious that politicians in general are mostly scum...whichever side they come from. As imperfect as our country is it is still the best country in the world with the best political system out there...unfortunately, the ugly progressive left seems determined to corrupt it as much as possible and are willing even to DESTROY it for their own power. Which makes no logical sense.

Remember the golden rule. The Dems always accuse the right of whatever it is they are doing. When they talk about the right destroying things it is THEY who are doing the destroying. When they talk about greedy bankers it is THEY who are greedy. Even their mentor George Soros admits openly and in several interviews and books that it is his ultimate goal to exploit capitalism to take from it and destroy it. THIS is what the ugly left is doing...and they do not care what it means. As long as they can line their pockets with money and destroy things in the process they do not care.

The progressive left must be PURGED from government. We used to worry about terrorists. Now we have to worry about our own government....Just remember the worst thing about this entire mess. WE ELECTED THEM.

We have the power to shut down the news media that feeds the propaganda. We have the power to ditch the politicians who are greedy and immoral. WE have the power. We have to do it. Educate eachother and reject those who fall for this crap. It's our children and grandchildren at stake here.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Liberal Media Slander is Not New

Watching Herman Cain being targeted by the liberal media made me reflect on how predictable the liberal media is. At this point most Americans see it for what it is. The liberals don't just target GOP candidates or spokespeople anymore...They ATTACK AND DESTROY them. It has just become so blatantly obvious now we expect it. People refer to it as "Palinizing" but actually this has been going on for decades. Let us review for just a moment:

Back in the early 60s Richard Nixon did a debate with Jack Kennedy. It was a disaster for Nixon because he "looked" sweaty, whiny, angry and agitated. Jack Kennedy was young, handsome, neat, and cool. We know now how Kennedy was packaged by the news media as the "King of Liberals". The young, handsome president with the "perfect" wife, the "perfect" kids....but we know now the corruption that went on with that presidency, the nepotism, the cronyism, and it continued up until the day Ted Kennedy died. Obviously, the public caught on to this corrupted family because he was never, ever elected president. In the 70s it became obvious what a media sham they were. Today, there are no prominent Kennedy's and that is a credit to the American public. The truth always comes out eventually. Liberals have a tendency to "package" their leaders but then when they are no longer useful they are thrown into the trash like a used paper towel.

Of course, Nixon went on to win the presidency and look what happened to him. The liberal media created a HUGE, HUGE distraction with the Watergate debacle. If a person looks up the history of Watergate now having had no previous knowledge of it they are usually shocked at how stupid it was. Nixon never did anything wrong. All he did was hide when he knew something. The liberal media set him up and attacked him like rapid dogs and created a HUGE personal assassination attack on Nixon, his presidency, and his character. Nixon was a very good president and he had many great accomplishments. Well, of course, the liberals can't have that can they? For decades Nixon had a cloud over his head and that cloud was CREATED by the liberal media. They wanted to make sure that the only footnote in history about Nixon was Watergate...not his true achievements. Fortunately, Obama's presidency has been so blatantly corrupt that cloud has lifted and Nixon will get get his deserved respect.

The liberal media tried to assassinate Reagan and paint him as "a communist" and all manner of things in the 70s but Jimmy Carter and his progressive policies were so horrendous it did not work. Ronald Reagan was a great conservative. He had such strength and authority and leadership the liberals couldn't touch him. But oh, they tried and they tried very, very hard. He was dogged constantly. The news media tried their best to paint him as "senile" and they even attacked Nancy as some "psychic-seeking weirdo" but it never stuck. Reagan is to this day regarded as THE conservative president of recent history.He loved this country...and he made US love our country. He did not put up with liberal BS and knew how to put them in their place.

When I think of "Palinize" I think of Dan Quayle. He was, in my opinion, the first victim of true liberal mud slinging. Dan Quayle did so many wonderful things for this country. He was head of NASA projects and did so much for our space program. As a congressman he passed a bunch of legislation that gave us the booming economy that we enjoyed for decades. He sponsored student loans for trade schools...something he never got credit for. In fact, the liberal media wanted to make sure they DESTROYED him. They tried to paint him as stupid when that was far from the truth. The liberal media became a slander machine and remains so to this day.

The liberal media went through a period where they actually TRIED to be partial. There were incidents of slander toward Gary Hart, Dukkakis, and even Bill Clinton to an extent. But by the time 2000 came around that partial slander policy obviously flew out the window. About the time George Soros and his billions walked into the picture. Once socialists took over the reigns of the Democratic Party. Socialism, communists, and people like George Soros bought the liberal media lock, stock, and barrel.

This is the most corrupt I've ever seen government be, although I'm sure in our history there were plenty of other times it was corrupt (flashback to the Kennedy era). We will get through this because we're Americans and the truth will come out. Our Christian morals will prevail. As overwhelming as the liberal media tries to make the fight...we will see through the ILLUSION they are creating and call them out for their thuggery.

Herman Cain is an example of this.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Goodbye Ugly Left

So the new thing now is for the 20-something socialist hippies to troll the internet telling people how great socialism is. Class warfare. They don't want to work. They are "entitled" to live in their mommy's basement and troll the internet all day telling people what slaves they are to "rich people".

Of course, if they actually had to work for a living they probably wouldn't be doing such things.

I'm noticing a lot of this going on on the internet. Trolls. Remember them? We had to put up with the George Soros paid liberal trolls the last election. They worked in tandem with the news media. CNN was very good at altering its posts and comments to reflect a liberal majority. The main objective was to make conservatives feel outnumbered and discouraged. If you are pretty sure you're going to lose you just give up. Which is what we did.

Now you see conservatives fighting back. We became educated about the liberal trolls and now we shoot them down when we see them. They're like roaches...that never go away. You can't cure them because they are so nasty no pesticide will kill them but at least we know now what they are and we can take great joy in squashing them under our heel when we see them.

Lots of pretend UK Socialist trolls are roaming the internet. They're not really from the UK. Oh, if you haven't seen them yet you will. They comment here and there pretending how GREAT socialism is. This is the George Soros brand of roach. They get paid like $20 an hour to do what they do. It's pretty pathetic really. Socialists are like that.

We are embarking on an UGLY season. But if we grow some thick skin and realize that we have to put up with the UGLY we'll get to the election and be just find. Lucky for us we already know their strategy. They have become so predictable in their hit jobs we are becoming un-shocked and un-phased by their tactics.

They've become so desperate they think that defecating on the side walk will send us running in horror to our bedrooms and keep us from voting.

They've become so desperate they think that demonizing capitalism will scare us away. They think that fake accusations of racism will make us give up.

They've become so desperate they think that turning our backs on our allies and making Israel vulnerable will make us run for security to their NANNY STATE laws. We will become so horrified by drug dealers we will give up our guns so THEY can protect us....

Yes...The UGLY leftist progressives have lost their minds. And we will capitalize on all of it. WHY?

Because we have common sense. We see through their ugly propaganda. We don't believe the liberal media anymore. We don't buy the Hollywood propaganda...and we know what makes this country great...and NOTHING great about the USA includes SOCIALISM.

The Pelosi Progressive Era is OVAH.....Rejoice...364 days.