Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I apologize to those faithful who read my blog and see my laziness as of the past month. Well, it's not "laziness". It's actually "WORKING". Two jobs...Christmas...Preparing to move...yada yada yada.

No excuses.

I am paying attention to the news and I am quite relieved, actually. I do think the world has finally woken up and realized what a COMPLETE FRAUD The Obama era has been. Yes, the Pelosi/Obama era is dead. Climate change was a fraud. The far left is a fraud. The news media is guilty of NEGLECT and selling out their country and should be ashamed of themselves. But people can't blame anybody but themselves. If you voted for these idiots you really have no excuse.

Herman Cain is guilty of only one thing. He actually ran for president. As usual, the news media and psycho people have to squash him dead because he doesn't have a billion dollars to buy his way out of it. Basically that is all it is. The people who make it to the top actually had enough money to buy their way out of all these slanderous smear campaigns. It happens to all of them. Only the people who know how to beat them all down win.

That's politics. And it is a shame because Herman Cain is a good guy. He is one of us. The same exact thing happened to Sarah Palin. If she had taken the leap the same exact thing would have happened to her. The libs would have bought enough people to smear her to kingdom come...no doubt about it.

Isn't that ironic? You have to have your hands on all kinds of money to buy your way to the white house or the capital or senate. All these rich people in Hollywood and the news media and "celebrities" and political players who go to cocktail parties and trips to Europe at resorts and ex-vice presidents who live in huge mansions on the beach becoming billionaires making up fake science came up with a plan to create some kind of communist protest ....with homeless people and derelicts and the spoiled children of hippies who went to Harvard are all sitting out in tents pooping in the streets to protest "rich people"....When it's the "rich people" who put them out there in the first place.

Does anybody get that? Do you Bill Ayers sits in a tent and poops in the street? Do you think Michael Moore goes out and sleeps in the rain on a cold street? You think Susan Sarandan actually gave a crap in her Italian resort? It's a good thing NYC was on the way to her plush vacation, huh?

And how bout that Miley Cyrus, huh? Here is the QUEEN of slut teens who has done NOTHING but capitalize on capitalism to become rich out there doing what? She is doing a SONG in tribute to the hippies out there protesting EXACTLY WHAT SHE IS. Do you suppose she even knows why they are protesting? Well, I bet if she had a clue that it was HER LIFE they were protesting she wouldn't be but don't count on that many brain cells firing at the same time. That's not in her contract.

I'm actually happy about Newt lately. The closer we get to nomination time the less I like Romney. Romney is just a clone of McCain and I can't stand McCain. YESSSS...Newt has all kinds of baggage. They could dig up dirt on that guy for years to come but I would bet rocks that there is nobody out there they couldn't dig up dirt on. In fact...When they can't dig up dirt THEY JUST MAKE IT UP.

So what difference does it make, really? We already know the news media has been paid huge money to smear whoever the Republican nominee is. We EXPECT it.

But the great thing is....No matter how horrible they are at trying to smear the GOP...They will NEVER compare to Obama. What that fraud has done to our country....could never compare. Americans were tricked into electing somebody who hates this country as president. We can NEVER allow that to happen again.

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