Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Democrats....The Delusional Denial

Yes, it seems like every week the news media picks a new person for the GOP to like. This week it's Newt.

There is a logical reason for all of this, of course.

People like us who follow politics are rather disgusted with Boy King. He is a liar. He does not care SQUAT about this country. He and his wife look down their socialist noses at the people of this country and throw their arugula and Maine lobster in our faces most of the time. Boy King is no leader. He is a snake oil salesman. Obviously, I could sit here all day and list the things we hate about him (none of which have to do with the color of his skin which is another reason we hate the Democrats...because they continually label us racists when we are NOT). You get the point.

So at this point if the neighbor's cat pooped on the White House lawn and became popular with high ratings in the polls we would vote for the cat. That is how disgusted we are with the socialist left.

Newt is not a bad guy. He has his dirty laundry but who doesn't? It's not about who did the worst things. It's about WHICH SMEAR JOB is the most successful in the news media.

 The entire election is rigged that way. The news media will CHOOSE who they want to smear and who they don't. Right now they are convinced Romney will win the GOP nomination so they are all hunched over at their desks designing their hit job for next October. Democrats always have to have their "October Surprise" hit job that they think will bury the Republicans in the election. Because see, Democrats can't run on issues.

But they've run the country into the ground so badly at this point Americans are sick of them. They are too idiotic to figure out that in 2010 they were thrown to the curb for that very reason. All the special elections since....TED KENNEDY'S SENATE SEAT WENT REPUBLICAN for heaven's sake. They don't care what Americans think. They just care about power. And isn't that what it is all about?? Americans see that, now. They see who really loves the country and who doesn't. If they rely on reality TV to decide for them then shame on them!....But at a time when most people can't even afford to turn on their TV.....They get it.

Democrats are going to be trounced whether they get that or not.We don't care who beats them...we just want them gone. We want them to shut up and go away. Temper tantrums, anarchy, behaving badly is not going to get them elected. It's not going to intimidate people. It's not going to scare people. If anything all the bad behavior helps the GOP because it will drive more and more NORMAL people to the polls to vote these hippies out of office.

So it's not about who is most popular in the news media. It's about who is doing a better job of making Boy King look bad this week.

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