Friday, November 11, 2011

The Ugly Left ...PURGE TIME

We all knew as soon the ugly story came out on Politico it was a hit job. We just weren't sure if it was from the GOP or the liberal side. I pretty much figured it from the left because of the Chicago angle. Anne Coulter nails this one on the head.

Axelrod has run out of karma. He has done enough dirty dealing in his life time to doom him to misery for the rest of his life. So he has it coming to him....and it WILL happen. Karma works like that.

Trying to destroy people for political reasons has to rank up there as lower than whale dookie. Destroying people for power. At this point it is pretty obvious that politicians in general are mostly scum...whichever side they come from. As imperfect as our country is it is still the best country in the world with the best political system out there...unfortunately, the ugly progressive left seems determined to corrupt it as much as possible and are willing even to DESTROY it for their own power. Which makes no logical sense.

Remember the golden rule. The Dems always accuse the right of whatever it is they are doing. When they talk about the right destroying things it is THEY who are doing the destroying. When they talk about greedy bankers it is THEY who are greedy. Even their mentor George Soros admits openly and in several interviews and books that it is his ultimate goal to exploit capitalism to take from it and destroy it. THIS is what the ugly left is doing...and they do not care what it means. As long as they can line their pockets with money and destroy things in the process they do not care.

The progressive left must be PURGED from government. We used to worry about terrorists. Now we have to worry about our own government....Just remember the worst thing about this entire mess. WE ELECTED THEM.

We have the power to shut down the news media that feeds the propaganda. We have the power to ditch the politicians who are greedy and immoral. WE have the power. We have to do it. Educate eachother and reject those who fall for this crap. It's our children and grandchildren at stake here.

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