Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Liberal Media Slander is Not New

Watching Herman Cain being targeted by the liberal media made me reflect on how predictable the liberal media is. At this point most Americans see it for what it is. The liberals don't just target GOP candidates or spokespeople anymore...They ATTACK AND DESTROY them. It has just become so blatantly obvious now we expect it. People refer to it as "Palinizing" but actually this has been going on for decades. Let us review for just a moment:

Back in the early 60s Richard Nixon did a debate with Jack Kennedy. It was a disaster for Nixon because he "looked" sweaty, whiny, angry and agitated. Jack Kennedy was young, handsome, neat, and cool. We know now how Kennedy was packaged by the news media as the "King of Liberals". The young, handsome president with the "perfect" wife, the "perfect" kids....but we know now the corruption that went on with that presidency, the nepotism, the cronyism, and it continued up until the day Ted Kennedy died. Obviously, the public caught on to this corrupted family because he was never, ever elected president. In the 70s it became obvious what a media sham they were. Today, there are no prominent Kennedy's and that is a credit to the American public. The truth always comes out eventually. Liberals have a tendency to "package" their leaders but then when they are no longer useful they are thrown into the trash like a used paper towel.

Of course, Nixon went on to win the presidency and look what happened to him. The liberal media created a HUGE, HUGE distraction with the Watergate debacle. If a person looks up the history of Watergate now having had no previous knowledge of it they are usually shocked at how stupid it was. Nixon never did anything wrong. All he did was hide when he knew something. The liberal media set him up and attacked him like rapid dogs and created a HUGE personal assassination attack on Nixon, his presidency, and his character. Nixon was a very good president and he had many great accomplishments. Well, of course, the liberals can't have that can they? For decades Nixon had a cloud over his head and that cloud was CREATED by the liberal media. They wanted to make sure that the only footnote in history about Nixon was Watergate...not his true achievements. Fortunately, Obama's presidency has been so blatantly corrupt that cloud has lifted and Nixon will get get his deserved respect.

The liberal media tried to assassinate Reagan and paint him as "a communist" and all manner of things in the 70s but Jimmy Carter and his progressive policies were so horrendous it did not work. Ronald Reagan was a great conservative. He had such strength and authority and leadership the liberals couldn't touch him. But oh, they tried and they tried very, very hard. He was dogged constantly. The news media tried their best to paint him as "senile" and they even attacked Nancy as some "psychic-seeking weirdo" but it never stuck. Reagan is to this day regarded as THE conservative president of recent history.He loved this country...and he made US love our country. He did not put up with liberal BS and knew how to put them in their place.

When I think of "Palinize" I think of Dan Quayle. He was, in my opinion, the first victim of true liberal mud slinging. Dan Quayle did so many wonderful things for this country. He was head of NASA projects and did so much for our space program. As a congressman he passed a bunch of legislation that gave us the booming economy that we enjoyed for decades. He sponsored student loans for trade schools...something he never got credit for. In fact, the liberal media wanted to make sure they DESTROYED him. They tried to paint him as stupid when that was far from the truth. The liberal media became a slander machine and remains so to this day.

The liberal media went through a period where they actually TRIED to be partial. There were incidents of slander toward Gary Hart, Dukkakis, and even Bill Clinton to an extent. But by the time 2000 came around that partial slander policy obviously flew out the window. About the time George Soros and his billions walked into the picture. Once socialists took over the reigns of the Democratic Party. Socialism, communists, and people like George Soros bought the liberal media lock, stock, and barrel.

This is the most corrupt I've ever seen government be, although I'm sure in our history there were plenty of other times it was corrupt (flashback to the Kennedy era). We will get through this because we're Americans and the truth will come out. Our Christian morals will prevail. As overwhelming as the liberal media tries to make the fight...we will see through the ILLUSION they are creating and call them out for their thuggery.

Herman Cain is an example of this.

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