Monday, November 7, 2011

Goodbye Ugly Left

So the new thing now is for the 20-something socialist hippies to troll the internet telling people how great socialism is. Class warfare. They don't want to work. They are "entitled" to live in their mommy's basement and troll the internet all day telling people what slaves they are to "rich people".

Of course, if they actually had to work for a living they probably wouldn't be doing such things.

I'm noticing a lot of this going on on the internet. Trolls. Remember them? We had to put up with the George Soros paid liberal trolls the last election. They worked in tandem with the news media. CNN was very good at altering its posts and comments to reflect a liberal majority. The main objective was to make conservatives feel outnumbered and discouraged. If you are pretty sure you're going to lose you just give up. Which is what we did.

Now you see conservatives fighting back. We became educated about the liberal trolls and now we shoot them down when we see them. They're like roaches...that never go away. You can't cure them because they are so nasty no pesticide will kill them but at least we know now what they are and we can take great joy in squashing them under our heel when we see them.

Lots of pretend UK Socialist trolls are roaming the internet. They're not really from the UK. Oh, if you haven't seen them yet you will. They comment here and there pretending how GREAT socialism is. This is the George Soros brand of roach. They get paid like $20 an hour to do what they do. It's pretty pathetic really. Socialists are like that.

We are embarking on an UGLY season. But if we grow some thick skin and realize that we have to put up with the UGLY we'll get to the election and be just find. Lucky for us we already know their strategy. They have become so predictable in their hit jobs we are becoming un-shocked and un-phased by their tactics.

They've become so desperate they think that defecating on the side walk will send us running in horror to our bedrooms and keep us from voting.

They've become so desperate they think that demonizing capitalism will scare us away. They think that fake accusations of racism will make us give up.

They've become so desperate they think that turning our backs on our allies and making Israel vulnerable will make us run for security to their NANNY STATE laws. We will become so horrified by drug dealers we will give up our guns so THEY can protect us....

Yes...The UGLY leftist progressives have lost their minds. And we will capitalize on all of it. WHY?

Because we have common sense. We see through their ugly propaganda. We don't believe the liberal media anymore. We don't buy the Hollywood propaganda...and we know what makes this country great...and NOTHING great about the USA includes SOCIALISM.

The Pelosi Progressive Era is OVAH.....Rejoice...364 days.

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