Sunday, May 29, 2011

Beware of Democrats Passing Around Viruses

Just a word of caution out there.  I spent the better part of yesterday fending off a cyber attack.  My browser was also hijacked and I kept getting redirected to "Climate change" sites.  Gee...I can't IMAGINE who would be interested in CLIMATE CHANGE ISSUES.  So this got me thinking.

Be careful out there conservatives.  I have no doubt that if the WH can't influence legislation fast enough to ban us entirely they will send out their Mafia thugs to disrupt the internet on purpose.  In fact, it's probably a given this will happen.  Don't be surprised if you see all kinds of wonky things happening on the internet.  The closer to the election the more likely we will see it.  Get good anti-virus software.  Get good spyware and malware protection.  Keep your software updated and be on the lookout for suspicious things.  We like to pass along things to eachother so we have to question each and every thing we pass along.  Scan it before you pass it.

I do not trust this president for one minute.  They believe they are justified using illegal means to get their agenda rammed down our throats.  "By any means necessary for the greater good".  That is a communist mantra.  They believe they are above moral or ethical standards.  They believe it is justified to overpower the public.  The warped mind of these people cannot be underestimated.  Also, not only do we have progressive socialist thugs sending our viruses we also have Russians and Chinese hackers fooling around.

The progressives know they are headed for the trash heap and they will do ANYTHING to stay in power.  Which is even more reason to defeat them.  So be prepared and don't be surprised at what can happen.  Protect your computer, protect the people you're in touch with politically on the Internet.  Scan all things you pass along so nothing gets passed around.  We are going to see all kinds of viruses, Trojans, worms, etc. popping up all over the place.  I have no doubt about it.  I guarantee you that some Democrat looked at the way Israel shut down the Iranian nuclear community and thought to himself "Gee...if only we could do that to the conservatives". 

Bet on it.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Stop the Pile-Ons. Miley Cyrus and the Elitist Left attacks.

Miley Cyrus thinks she is so important that she can go on Twitter and SLANDER Rick Santorum for his belief on gay marriage.  Just because he believes in marriage between a man and woman does not mean he hates gay people.

If that is the case then we should also believe Miley is having sex with her dad like some inbred hick born on the other side of a hay stack, right?  She is such a spoiled brat she does not even see the connection.  Being the victim herself of slander and rumors and NONSENSE she herself is doing the same exact thing.

Be prepared GOP for the onslaught of slander that is coming.  We cannot sit and ignore these attacks.  When we took the high road and decided not to fight back against the attacks on George Bush we suffered the consequences.  If you think that was bad just wait to see what happens during the next election cycle.

Hollywood and the uber elitist news media will join forces to attack the GOP like in no other time in our history.  They know this is an important election.  If they lose the next election the leftist socialist dream is OVER.  They are not going to let it go without an all out mud fest of a fight.  It is going to get ugly and the pile ons will be incredible.

We have to learn how to fight like a communist.  We have to sling the mud right back at them.  If Miley Cyrus wants to sling mud and slander Rick Santorum then we can sling the horse shit right back in her face.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Eating Onions...The Democratic Dream

I am sure the kids in Washington DC are thrilled that they get to eat ONIONS for their snack in the morning.  This is probably the dumbest story I've seen yet.  Third graders were given green onions to eat as their morning snack.  I wonder how much they charged the school for each green onion. 

Naturally, any new law or program produced by the liberals directly puts money into their pockets.  All the new laws and policies and procedures they've been FORCING schools to adapt to have a political angle.  The companies that provide the "healthy foods" to the schools are big Democratic donors.

Here's a great question:  The liberals who forced the new EPA laws that took Cleaning agents out of dishwasher machine soap....Did they invest money in the alternative dish soap that is coming out to replace the old?  Cascade cannot be happy that the government forced them to remove the cleaning agents from their dishwasher liquid and then like magic other companies popped out of nowhere to replace them.  We need to check who invested in WHAT companies.

This is becoming a habit.  Al Gore is probably the King of Profit.  As he sits in his multi-million dollar seaside mansion counting his billions of dollars one should wonder HOW he made those billions, eh?  Of course after the Iraq war the liberals spent all their time screeching and pointing fingers at Blackwater and such...all the while they were making billions of dollars on global warming nonsense.  Which is FAKE and made up ENTIRELY by scientists who were given money by DEMOCRATS to make these false claims.  (Remember the Democrat's golden rule...whatever they are accusing the right of doing THEY are the ones doing it).

NOAA is a perfect example of this.  I have personal knowledge of this because my ex-husband was directly involved in the LANDSAT project at NASA in the late 80s early 90s when AL GORE and his GOONS took over what was a very flourishing spy satellite program and turned it into a Democratic kickback.  This is where he started his global warming scam.  By taking over defense satellites and funding a bunch of people at NOAA to throw up faked scientific data to help his "cause".  Of course, to scam people you need "scientists" to back up your claims.  If you were funding a group of scientists hundreds of millions of dollars to convince people of trumped up weather claims do you honestly think these scientists would come out and say "Well actually, there is no real proof of global warming".  Do you really think these scientists would turn off the money fountain?  Of course not.  I would expect these very well paid elitist scientists who, by the way, live and work at Goddard Space Center near Washington, DC to keep trumpeting their sugar daddy and his "causes".

We are finally seeing the news media tell people this.  The Democrats rode a long wave of money on that scam and we are still fighting it.  People are finally realizing what a scam it is.  But have no fear, the Democrats realized that their scam was being exposed and they had a plan for it.  They've been methodically invading our courts across the country to get EPA and Dept of Ag regulations passed so they can still continue to profit and shove their agenda down our throats.  The Democrats didn't bank on Americans actually learning the truth so now they will just do it under the radar.

Which is another reason the Democrats and this President are so desperately trying to enact FCC laws to control the internet and the news media.  NOTHING irritates the Democrats more than the conservative websites.  Expect this to be a huge focus for them going into the 2012 election.  You can't get any more communist than controlling the news media.

Which is why we must do EVERYTHING possible to defeat the Democrats in 2012.  Otherwise, you're going to be eating onions, folks.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hollywood Should Stick to Making Movies

So the Boy King is in Europe enjoying wine, luxurious dinners with the Queen.  Apparently, Tom Hanks and his Environmental Freak wife are there dining with them.  WTH?  Since when does Tom Hanks dine with the Queen and the Obamas?  Talk about elitist Hollywood. 

I used to love Tom Hanks.  Then he met that whacko wife of his and became some kind of poster boy for the 60s hippy movement.  I'm not sure what happened.  Has he always been a whacko or did it happen recently?  When you look at the patriotic work he did with Band of Brothers, Apollo 13, and Private Ryan it doesn't seem to fit does it?  I mean, he was supposed to be some kind of closet astronaut or something so you'd think he'd be a LITTLE enlightened that Obama is destroying NASA but...apparently liberals have excuses for such things.  It makes you realize that Hollywood is just a bunch of actors who LIE through their teeth.  Don't buy into the movies or the images or the garbage they are selling.  It just puts money in their pockets.  Ron Howard is probably more insane than Tom Hanks.  He actually gives political speeches for liberals.  It's WRONG.  I would say the same thing about conservatives in Hollywood.  Influencing people to vote for actors is unethical.  You do not know who these people are.  They could be total perverts, wife-beaters, who knows what else.  Anybody involved with politicians is CORRUPT.  Don't buy into it.

We have more important things to concentrate on.  Hollywood is great for an occasional entertaining movie that does not try to teach us some kind of nonsense social justice (global warming brainwashing beware).  Avatar was the biggest brainwashing piece of propaganda I have seen.  Actually, I take it back.  I refused to see it based on what I read about what it was about.  That was enough to convince me I would not enjoy that movie.  I will not put money into pockets of people who are active politically.  James Cameron had the NERVE to go to the Gulf and volunteer to "help".  WTH?  Why would some idiot from Hollywood think he could stop an oil spill?  Why, he would interfere with Obama's grand scheme to quit oil production in the US and drive up energy costs.  We certainly can't have that, now can we?

All one has to do is look at the state of California and see what an utter disaster that state is in to know that Hollywood is not the lens through which we should view the world.  They have more problems than they can possibly clean up in a life time.  You can hardly walk down the street without being taxed for it.  They are becoming so over run by illegal aliens they soon will just become part of Mexico and then we won't have to deal with them any more.

Politics does not belong in movies.  Actors do not belong in politics.  It's a simple rule.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

UGH....Election Season.

We're starting to see the campaign season gear up.  I hate this time of the election process.  Republicans attacking Republicans.  Of course they are all trying to pile on Sarah Palin.  As much as the establishment GOP talks smack about Sarah running they are very, very worried.  Despite what the liberals and the GOP RINOs tell you she is HUGELY popular.  She always says EXACTLY what needs to be said.  She is not afraid of Obama or his mafia thugs.  She is not afraid of the news media.  The Eeyore's are out in force.

If she were as stupid and irrelevant as they say she is then why bother saying anything at all?  Exactly my point.  If she were all those terrible things they would completely ignore her.

So what we have is the RINO GOP attacking each other. The Romney people are sneaky and underhanded.  They've been trying to undercut Sarah Palin for YEARS.  Frankly, I do not know any Republicans excited about Romney running.  I don't think he'd be much different than the liberals.  Look where he is from.  He would compromise all our principals.  He would not push back on the Democrats he would "work with them". 

This was our mistake.  This is how we lost power in the first place.  The RINO crowd gave Pelosi and Reid the power by not challenging or coming together to stand against them.  They obeyed the liberal news media.  They fell for it.

The number one golden rule about Democrats, and I swear I say this every single day, is that the opposite is true of whatever it is they are saying or doing.  Whatever candidate they hate the most is the candidate that will do the best against the Boy King.  Recently, the liberals tried to fool us by claiming that Huntsman would be the biggest rival against Boy King.  In the past Republicans were stupid enough to believe them.  Now we know better.  The liberals are so naive they think that by telling us Huntsman could beat Obama we'd actually clamor to get him to win the primary.  How moronic do you have to be to fall for that?

We may have some warts in this coming election cycle but at least we admit we have warts.  The most popular GOP candidate will be tough against the Boy King and equally tough on GOP candidates who fall under the "compromise" label.  We don't want compromise.  We want to eliminate Obamacare.  We want to fix the economy.  We want to wipe out all the damage the Democrats have done these past few years.  We want to re-establish our founding principals and wipe out the socialist nudging that has been destroying our country.  We want to make SURE we get rid of the RINO establishment who gave away the country.

Politicians are not honest.  None of them.  Politicians in Washington are just brainwashed robots.  It is going to take someone from the outside to go in and clean up.  Just remember that the news media elites live in Washington, too and they are part of the problem.  Trust no one.  Read between the lines and believe nothing.  In an election season there is a reason for everything.

We have a long, long mud fight coming.  Get ready for it.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Panderer In Chief

So Obama is in Ireland "celebrating his Irish heritage".  Then he is off the Britain to no less celebrate his British heritage.  Of course, he will remove the huge chip on his shoulder when he does so.  Remember, his black theology teachings hate "colonialism".  If you study his speeches of the last six years or so you will find that word obsessively.  His grandfather apparently hated the British and that hatred spilled over to the Boy King.  He talks about it a lot.  But since he is going to Europe to pander to everybody to get what ever it is he wants to bribe them for he will be on his best behavior.  Never mind that he GAVE BACK a bust of Winston Churchill that was a GIFT from Britain after 9/11.

Did you know that?  He gave a gift from Britain back and then put up a statue of MLK instead.  Not that MLK does not deserve a statue of importance at the WH.  It certainly does.  But to replace a gift from Britain with it is a bit revealing in my eyes.  First of all, the Winston Churchill gift was to OUR COUNTRY.  Not to the Boy King.  It was not his to give back.  Who the hell does he think he is?

It is as if this guy thinks winning one election means he owns the country or something.  He has no clue in that bitter little brain of his that he won the PRIVILEGE of serving his country.  Instead, he thinks he conquered something.  Yeah, we'll see how he likes getting thrown out on his butt next year.

As we prepare and gear up for the coming election we need to brace ourselves.  This WH is not going to fight fair.  They are going to go for the jugular.  They are going to be mean, ugly and hateful and use every dirty trick in the book to attack and slander the GOP.  It's going to probably be the ugliest campaign we've seen yet.  This pandering egomaniac is not going to give up the luxuries of the WH easily.  He thinks he deserves it.  He thinks he is above the law, above the constitution, and above all of us.  Prepare for the unexpected.  It would not surprise me in the least if this administration drums up some "emergency" to derail the election.  Yes, I believe they are that corrupt.  If it becomes obvious he is headed for trash heap be prepared for anything.

We have a long fight ahead of us but I believe good will win this fight.  We just have to stay strong.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

American Standards and Quality

Have you seen the video of that guy who is trying to pretend he is a baby to bilk the government?  Can you believe that the news media outlets actually gave this guy a story?  Just out of curiosity, would you do that?  Would you humiliate yourself in front of the world for money?  These people who do just don't understand that money does not buy you happiness.  So the freakazoid (from San Francisco no less) will now have a few extra bucks AND STILL be a moron.

Speaking of which, I guess the guy who convinced a bunch of robots that the world would end yesterday is thinking up his latest excuse (also from San Francisco).  I did not look up whatever it was he said in 1994 when he did the SAME EXACT SCAM then.  We need to find those people and study them, find out what it was that made them believe such nonsense.  It might help us understand what the Democratic Party is all about.  How does the DNC get such mindless followers?  What exactly makes people blindly follow the Democrats?  Maybe I should scale that back a bit.  True liberals aren't totally mindless.  The far-left socialist liberals are the ones who really should be examined.  The ones who have never, ever watched Fox news yet hate Fox news.  The ones who despise Glenn Beck having never ONCE watched his show.

I like Glenn Beck.  Do I buy into every single thing he says?  No.  But I do know he does his homework and he finds out things that most of us had no idea was going on.  He is awesome when it comes to the history of our founding fathers.  I admire him greatly for his ability to put 2 and 2 together.  He has outed countless people on the far left and in this mafia filled administration and has forced the resignation of some very dangerous people.  We wouldn't have a clue who George Soros is without Glenn Beck.  I also find it amazing that Glenn Beck went to Israel at EXACTLY the moment the Boy King makes the single most incredible blunder of his presidency.  THAT was perfect timing.  The Israel situation will bring down this presidency.  If the radical Muslims lose control and attack Israel he will have to answer for it.  And there was Glenn Beck standing in Jerusalem warning everybody.

We have a lot in this country to be grateful for.  We have accomplished a lot in our short history of time.  Of course the socialists don't want you to realize that.  They want chaos.  They want everybody to hate each other.  They want you to focus on the freaks that pretend to be babies to bilk the government.  They want you to believe that we're a horrible, racist country.  They make fun of patriotism.  A hundred years ago the life expectancy was about 40 years.  Now it's approaching 90.  In fact, our standard of life improved so much that social security is going bankrupt.  The people who enforced it didn't expect people to live much past 65. 

Think about that for a moment.  The liberals who started Social Security actually BANKED on you contributing all your life, every single paycheck as an adult, to a government program in anticipation of you dying soon after your retired.  It is actually designed to only pay you benefits for about ten years.  Instead, the quality and standard of life for most Americans has sky rocketed to 90 years and beyond.  That is a good reason to celebrate being American.  Not only have we increased standards for ourselves, we set a higher standard around the world.  The socialist like to point their accusing fingers at us as examples of evil and the cause of despair elsewhere in the world.  The opposite is true.  Without wealthy, prosperous and intelligent societies there would be no way for the world to move upward.  Our wealth does not stop at our borders.  It goes far beyond.

Whenever you see people whining about our country take a moment to remind them why we're so great.  And remind them that the vision that Hollywood, the news, the socialists, the liberals, and the George Soros Mao lovers want you to see is wrong.  I'll take some moron sucking on a baby bottle over the poverty and oppression in the Middle East ANY DAY.  Just open your eyes and compare.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

News Media Needs to Grow a Pair

I don't know about you, but yesterday with Netanyahu schooled Obama on Israel and its security...I thought it was beautiful.  You could just see Obama seething.  He tried to blink away his Mafia hatred but did not do a good job of it.  It was great.  This was a seasoned, crusty Israeli politician taking the Boy King to the wood shed and for good reason.  There it was on national television for all the world to see LIVE.  The news media couldn't change it, stop it, distort it or manipulate it.  You know Obama's toe lickers were banging their heads on the walls in utter agony.  Ahhh...if I only had audio of that.

The Boy King's main goal right now is to get re-elected.  Well, besides play golf.  Have you noticed that the news media NEVER talks about him playing golf anymore?  He and his mafia goons must have bribed the news media about it.  It sure does not make any sense to me why the news media continues to kow tow to this president.  Never in our history has the news been so biased.  This WH goes beyond interfering with free speech.  They are like communist handlers of the old Soviet Union.  Why is the news media just rolling over and playing dead?  They're not just being liberal and biased...they are being STUPID.

I have seen cracks in the sidewalk, though.  There are a few newspapers that have come out and reported the intimidation and coercion.  Some old journalists have come out and criticized the current generation of WH reporters saying they had no balls, basically.  As the Obama team tries to tighten down the hatches and grab the media by the neck there are some people out there fighting back.  We shall see who wins that fight.

To have the WH try to control the news media to the extent that it does only drives Fox News into the stratosphere in ratings.  In a recent poll in BOSTON which is not exactly the center of conservative ideals, a poll of 1050 college graduates showed Bill O'Reilly was the most trusted journalist on TV and FOX NEWS was the most trusted news source.  WTH??  This was in BOSTON.  Of course the news media did not report that.  Despite all their George Soros money they still can't destroy Fox.

George Soros and his billions cannot topple the American people.  His European socialist ideals need to hit the road.  He is determined to topple capitalism and make money doing it.  This is probably the biggest enemy of the free world and who talks about him?  Fox news.  Do you see any other media outlet inform the public about his socialist activities?  How about his aversion to the USA?  There is video after video after video of this creep talking about his "Global world order" that he wants to be king of and the news media just completely ignores it.  He spends tens of millions of dollars, probably hundreds, to do nothing but expand his "collective".  It's like the Borg has bought off the government and nobody is paying attention.  But a lot of people ARE paying attention thanks to Facebook and the internet.

Stop and think about that.  Ten to twelve years ago most people did not have internet.  Ten years ago most people didn't even have a cell phone.  Can you imagine living your life without either now?  I guess George Soros is just an old fogey who didn't bank on that.  We've got to get this creep OUT of our country and AWAY from our news media and government.  He has NO BUSINESS in this country.  Before he buys off the Republicans we need people to go after this guy.  He has some serious ego issues.  He thinks he can be a god (that's in his OWN BOOK) and rule the world.  I mean...Seriously.

Before George Soros' "journalism schools" produce a bunch of Socialist Robots that bleet his socialist mantra we need to produce some REAL journalists who actually know what their job is.  This is not what the American people want.  Americans want the truth with a little drama thrown in for entertainment purposes.  Not some frog like socialist goon from Europe controlling our news media.

Spread the word.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Orbitz Slapped George Soros To the Curb

It should alarm every single American what George Soros and his communist Media Matters organization are doing.  Whether you watch Fox or not it should alarm EVERY single American that this billionaire is trying to snuff out free speech in our news media.

He has pumped over $48 million into media in this country.  He openly is hostile to our country.  He is banned in the UK and Greece for collapsing their capitalist countries and is on record saying he wants to destroy the US as well.  Yet here he is buying up our news media and intimidating and coercing advertisers who do business with any conservative news source.

That is what COMMUNISTS do.  That is what MARXISM is.  This man should not be allowed to do business in the United States.  The news media CENSORS how dangerous this man is.  He is determined to destroy our country and the news media is SILENT because he owns half the news media organizations.

Other companies like Orbitz need to stand up and resist this Marxist behavior.  Write and congratulate Orbitz for their bravery in standing up for freedom of speech.

HealthCare Rationing

You are already starting to see the downfall of Obamacare even before it gets implemented.  The consequences of socialized medicine will be devastating to the quality of our health care.  Did you think that Michelle Obama TRULY cares about obesity?  While she stuffs her face with ribs and lobster health care providers across the country are preparing to deny coverage to people who are deemed "obese".

Funny how most of the world is facing astronomical food prices and shortages and the image this president wants to present to the world is how fat, obese, and overfed Americans are.  Think that goes over well in say Egypt when they're eating their bugs and rice?

Obesity is subjective.  There are examples everywhere.  A good weight for you may not be one for me.  People will largely fall into the obese category when they are not obese and there won't be a thing you can do about it.  The government will set the standard and trust me, you won't like that standard one bit.

OB/GYN practices are already starting to deny obese women care.  So what are they supposed to do?  Squat behind Walmart?

This is just the beginning to the rationing the progressives far-left socialists want to impose.  What about families who are predisposed to certain diseases?  How long before companies start to screen people for specific genes?  If you grandmother had breast cancer you're out of luck.  You will either pay an arm or leg or face the consequences.  What about colon cancer?  These are all methods that the health care industry are working on but how will they use this data against us? 

You know the scare-tactic movies of the 80s and 90s that used to warn us of genetic engineering and such?  Guess what?  It's happening as we speak.  I guess the socialists liked those movies.  They will use whatever method they can to jilt you out of health care because they HAVE to ration health care or face a total meltdown of the government.  These freaks even have videos on You-Tube talking about reducing the size of the world population to save the planet.

Does that make you feel confident about the government in charge of Pharma?  Or the health care industry for that matter?

There is a REASON why 100 years ago people lived to the ripe old age of 35.  They didn't have the standard of care we have today.  You got a sinus infection and died from it.  You got a scratch and died from it.  You had appendicitis and you were out of luck.  The progressives like to accuse the American public of being fat and unhealthy and therefore we don't DESERVE the standard of health care because of it.  That is absolute nonsense.  We live three times as long today as 100 years ago because we had so many leaps and bounds in our standard of care.  Not because we ate more hamburgers.  Mummies in Egypt show signs of cardiac disease for heaven's sake and it wasn't McDonald's fault.  This is just another attack on free enterprise and capitalism by the left.

But at what point do people put a stop to it?  How far do they have to go?  Putting viruses out there to make people sick?  Cutting off services for people who have a family history of some form of cancer?  When they start to check people for "genetic irregularities" do you become alarmed then?

You should be alarmed.  And you should be paying attention.

The Radical Socialists and Radical Muslims

There was some conflicting news yesterday.  Naturally, the big news item of the day was "He who must not be named" dissed Israel, calling on pre-1967 borders that in effect would put all the historic artifacts in Jerusalem in Muslim hands (thereby they would be destroyed like all other Christian and Jewish sites) and leave Israel no way to defend itself.  They'd have an 8-mile wide strip of land that would be impossible to keep safe.  Even the airplanes that flew into Israel would have to fly low over Palestinian territory to land.  It is almost ridiculous to contemplate.

That was the prevailing interpretation of the Boy King's speech.  Then,, or in particular, Allah Pundit was reporting that this was really not news.  That the US had had this position all along for years and that the Israeli's knew it.  If that is the case why didn't the WH come out and say so?  Why are they silent?

PM Yetanyahu is scheduled to meet with Obama today.  You can remember their last glorious meeting in Washington when the Boy King treated him like a piece of crap.  He left him alone waiting while he went and ate dinner with his wife.  He basically spit in his face with disrespect.

This was the thing that ticked me off the most:  The WH released a photo of the Boy King with his feet on his desk suposedly talking to Netanyahu.  The picture is a closeup of the bottom of Boy's feet.  In Israel this is seen and perceived as a slap in the face.  It is an insult.  It was DELIBERATE.  It was ARROGANT and it was NASTY.  Make no mistake about it...This president of ours is no nice guy.  That photo shows his character and in my eyes he has very ugly character.  He has a warped world view and a huge chip on his shoulder.  He is not trying to "save the world".  He is trying to get even with people for his own perceived prejudices.

The Middle East has been a catalyst for catastrophe for a very long time.  It's a region where time has stood still.  Generation after generation of people have carried the same grudges and prejudice and hate and ignorance for centuries.  This is where religion was born yet it is the farthest in my mind from being a holy place.  Or maybe the religious relevance has made it so overwhelming to people they no longer see clearly?  We are seeing people fight to the death over things that seem irreconcilable.  The Muslims irrationally hate the Jews and that is not going to change. 

I have a friend from Beirut and I asked him what he thought of Palestinians.  He was very quick to say that most people don't like the Palestinians.  "They are terrorists.  They are like the ghetto criminals of the US.  Nobody wants them in their neighborhood which is why they are sitting there where they are."  I personally have not sat down and studied the history but I have a good outline knowledge of what is going on.  In my own lifetime I have seen time and time again where the Israeli people have tried to resolve problems only to be attacked over and over again.

Violence does not justify anything.  If you admire or respect a suicide bomber you are sick.  You have a very warped character.  There is no gray area here.  Killing innocent people is murder.  There is nothing good about it however "justified" you think you are.  The people who celebrate death have been led down a deceptive path that has NOTHING to do with God.  I don't know if the Muslim faith condones violence and death but if it does it is wrong.  I would suspect that like our own Bible it is being interpreted by PEOPLE who are warped...who have twisted its meaning into something far, far from the truth.  That is the excuse you hear, anyway.

I keep hearing that argument.  People say "Oh, the TRUE Muslim people don't think like that".  Really?  Why aren't THEY out there condemning this violence then?  I don't see them condemning it.  I don't see them denouncing the suicide bombers or "haters" at all.  I see a bunch of people eating candy and celebrating when a BABY in Israel is stabbed to death and the Muslim people say nothing.  The news media refuses to cover the story.  The Democrats start calling everybody RACISTS for pointing out reality....What is going on here?

I support Israel.  I think the Democrats have made a huge miscalculation.  They are going to try to combine the Israeli/Palestinian conflict into some "racism" theme for their re-election next year and it shows how completely wrong they are.  They are willing to inflame the Middle East and marry the radical socialist and Muslim groups together to provoke worldwide chaos.  They know they can't provoke the violence and chaos they need here in the United States because we are too civilized for that.  So instead they are going to the other side of the planet to a region where hundreds of thousands of people will die in the resulting chaos so they can create the chaos they need.  The ramifications of this are enormous and they don't care. In that respect the radical far-left and the Muslim radicals are the same.

The socialists and the radical Muslims are so warped ideologically that they would destroy everything.  They don't care how many people get killed or who gets hurt.  They want power.  They want it their way or no way.  They are sick human beings and instead of committing suicide and killing themselves they are going to try to bring the whole damn world down with them.

The further Boy King walks down the ugly path the more likely it is he will fail in 2012.  The Democratic Party is signing its own demise.  This will backfire heavily on them and they're too arrogant to realize it.  The majority of Americans will not stand for this.  They will not stand by and watch Israel be attacked. The DNC sold out to the radical socialist movements and it will destroy their party.

We cannot allow people who are this selfish to destory an entire region of people over power.  People from all sides have to come together and be rational.  This will not turn out well if we do not.  We are approaching a third world war that cannot be won by anyone.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

You Cannot Pay Terrorists Not To Hate Us

Ever since Jimmy Carter stuck his nose into the Shah of Iran's business back in the 1970s we've been paying the price.  We shut down domestic production of oil in this country so we could go to the most violent region of the world and pay a bunch of people with a mindset so different from ours trillions of dollars for their oil.  We continue to do this.  Carter made a huge mess and we've been cleaning it up ever since.

Sound familiar?  HMOs sound familiar?  Another mess of the health care industry the liberals dreamed up to nudge us into socialism.  The socialists dreamed up the global warming crap not to save the planet but to nudge us into socialism.  The goals are the same.  The pet projects are a little different.  Liberals like to use cute and fuzzy socialist "causes" to lure people into believing it's for humane causes.  As if the GOVERNMENT is all for humane causes.  In the 60s and 70s the very same liberals called the government "the man" and hated them.  The government was evil they said.  Funny how all the sudden they preach that government is going to save us all.  Save us from what exactly?

Why is it liberals think they can pay off the terrorists?  Do they honestly believe that if they pay Egypt enough money in bribery that the population in the Middle East will suddenly love Americans?  We have second and third generation people in the Arab world who have been brainwashed into believing the West is the devil.  When Jimmy Carter stuck his socialist nose into Iran's business and shared his shrimp cocktail with the Shah we've had a nightmare come to life.  These people want us dead.  They think their God hates us.  They think their God is telling them to murder us for being devils.

A Saudi woman was arrested for a hate crime in Florida this week.  She was going into Walmart trying to push her cart (with her 2-year-old child) through the exit door.  She was ramming the cart into the glass in anger because it wouldn't open.  So a nice lady tried to tell her she was going through the wrong door and the Saudi woman spit in her face repeatedly.  Then she went into the store and when another woman came too close she spit on her, too.

What kind of hatred drives a person to spit on people they don't even know?  Stop and think for a moment.  Just imagine you were raised to believe all your life that a country and its people were evil.  So for whatever reason you decided to go live in that country (makes you wonder WHY you would go there, doesn't it?) and you hated them so much when you went shopping you SPIT on people.  It's hard to wrap your head around that isn't it?  She obviously didn't think she'd get in trouble for it.  She was obviously not afraid of the police or of getting in trouble.  She had hatred for people she did not even know.  Unexplainable hatred.  Hatred that she could not control.  Maybe she was ticked off that OBL got killed. Who knows?

There are billions of people across the Middle East who have this irrational hatred toward the US and no amount of money is going to change that.  The Boy King just killed a symbolic person to them that they looked to with RESPECT for his hatred toward the US and he is going to go over there and pay them money?  What kind of crap is that?  Does he think this is going to change their feelings?

I don't profess to know the answer to the problems we have in the Middle East but I do know that paying them money is not going to help the situation.  It is not without irony that the country we conquered in battle is the one country in the Middle East that has the least trouble right now.  It's not because we gave them money.  It's because we kicked their butt.  It's because our troops have gone over there and have given them freedom. 

The Boy King is only concerned with his re-election at this point.  He is so self-absorbed with his own power he is useless at this point.  He killed OBL not because it was justified but so he could spike the football and adore himself.  Now he thinks he can give Egypt money and talk smack about Israel and the Middle East problems will go away.  He is naive and self-absorbed just like Carter was.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

WH Bribes and Coerces Newspaper

This is the most blatant form of bribery there is.  The White House is bribing a newspaper and coercing them not to write stories that are negative about the president.  Can you imagine, if during the Watergate debacle Richard Nixon had banned the Washington Post? 

Do you have any idea what the outcry would be if a Republican White House banned a liberal newspaper for writing a critical article about a Republican president?  The liberal news media would be howling like wild dogs.  They would be circling the White House with pitch forks and torches.  A nuclear missle could be headed straight toward us and they would completely ignore it and continue to scream.

The SEIU and other union thugs would stage massive communist marches.  Every group the liberals ever pandered to would come out and claim it was racist or anti-woman, or some other garbage they've come up with.  We would NEVER hear the end of it.

The Boy King and his boy toys were so proud of themselves for controlling the news media in the 2008 election that they bragged about it afterwards.  They ran around telling everyone how great they were.  They are actually PROUD of their mafia tactics. The funny thing is they think they can do it again for 2012.

But they're in for a rude awakening.  Of course the die hard George Soros bought and paid for left liberal media is going to lick the Boy King's toes like they always do but people aren't buying it this time around.  Anybody with common sense knows the networks are in the tank for Obama.  Most people don't rely on the network news shows for their information.  Most people scan the internet.

This is why the Boy King is working so hard to shut down free speech and get control of the internet.  The FCC, who has honored Chavez for shutting down free speech in his country, is working hard on legislation to do just that.  Even 7th graders in Washington state are being harrassed for writing negative comments about the Boy King.  It doesn't get more communist than that.

There are cracks already in the Boy King fan club.  Reporters are leaking negative info that before they kept quiet.  They are leaking the info because they are beginning to recognize how dangerous the liberal far-left has become.  Bribing and coercion is not American.  That is MARXIST.  While NBC and the George Soros fan club may be bought and paid for, not everyone else is.  They recognize how freedom of speech is important.

Sorry Boy King; It Ain't Happening.

Obama apparently isn't raising the big money he had hoped to be.  Awww...poor Boy King.  There is something great about this.  When Obama isn't adored and loved and put on a pedestal and treated like the Messiah he believes he really is, he starts getting nasty.  HeeHee.

Yesterday there was a story that basically was supposed to be from Hillary Clinton.  The story that was put out was that she and Obama were "marveling" over how anyone could possibly want to be president more than 8 years.  What is the #1 rule about the Democrats?  Whatever they say they mean the opposite or the opposite reality is true. 

Make no mistake.  Obama wants power.  He wants his feet rubbed.  He wants to be adored and loved and he wants to play golf all he wants and he wants to eat Lobster and he has no intention whatsoever of going anywhere.  In fact, he probably thinks he can be king of the "new global world order" or whatever it is the socialist left is dreaming about that they won't get because we're going to kick their butts to the curb in November.

These far-left socialist thugs are trying to create a ruling class.  They are doing everything possible to get our economy to collapse, get our dollar to collapse so they can "rescue" us and put into place a dependent class that they can "save".  Supposedly, all us little people will love giving up our middle class lifestyle so we can grovel at their feet and adore them for it. 

You see, apparently, they didn't get the memo in the 90s.  When Bill Clinton eliminated the welfare class that had been having babies left and right staying at home, getting checks from the government, living in government housing and hating the world, the Democrats lost such a GREAT constinuency.  They think they can recreate this class again.

Talk about stupid written on your forehead.  Do they really, seriously think that people want that?  Unfortunately, there is a lazy bunch who do but I guarantee you they are not the majority.  Americans are not lazy.  Americans are spoiled with their freedom and they are not going to give it up.

We do not want our kids spied on at lunch.  We don't want to be intimidated or coerced into this class warfare and it's not happening.  If the Boy King wants to be in denial about that then that's great.  It ain't happening.

The Utopian left socialist dream has reached such an unbelievable reality that they live in this bubble of make believe.  Their time came and went.  The American people were duped but as Americans always are, they don't stay duped for long.  This is not what people signed up for.  People don't want socialism.  They don't want high energy prices.  They don't give a crap about global warming when it means getting Al Gore rich and the rest of us poor.  We don't give a crap about Hollywood stars whining about the shrimp cocktail not being cold enough and we REALLY don't give a crap about Hollywood stars who haven't made a movie recently that's worth the $8 bucks to go see who drive around in Hummers telling us who to vote for.

We also don't give a crap about violent, loud-mouthed union leaders who are greedy and screw everybody else so they can march around preaching to the country about Communism. It ain't happening.

We did not fight the cold war for 50 years so some 60s hippies could smoke some pot and bring it back dressed up in sheep's clothing.  Forget it.  It ain't happening.

The news media that is mostly filled with politicians who got their butts thrown out of office or couldn't get elected is not going to brainwash the country into believing their slander and lies when we have to pay $5 for a gallon of gas and Ramen Noodles are becoming the staple of our evening meals.  These people make millions and millions of dollars.  They live a luxurious life.  They don't give a CRAP about us.  If you think the perky news anchor who makes dramatic faces and acts like he/she cares really does....go to delusion land.

Time to face reality.  The Boy king is NOT winning the next election.  Americans are smarter than this.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


NOTHING could make me happier than to see Sarah Palin battle Washington.  If nothing other than to watch the liberals' eyes roll to the back of their heads in would be AWESOME.


Barriers to Free Enterprise

This phrase stood out when I read this article.  Have you noticed lately the lawyer groups on TV advertising about all manner of things for you to call so they can build cases to sue people?  Did grandma get an ulcer on her hip in a nursing home?  Did she get an infection?  If your child was born with some kind of disability they are certainly going to help you sue whoever they can come up with so you get money.

Why do you think there is an explosion of such lawsuits?  First of all, as we all know, there are a lot of blood sucking greedy lawyers out there.  Not all of them, of course.  There are certainly cases where it is completely justified to sue somebody.  If you go into the hospital to have a wart removed from your right toe and come out with your left leg amputated then that doctor should be punished without question.

Especially, given the standard of our healthcare services are going to hit rock bottom in a number of years if Obamacare and the Democrats get their way.  The socialist groups will suck out the money and leave us with six month wait times and denial of coverage and all sorts of horrible things.  Leave it to the Democrats to take something great in this country and reduce it to CRAP.  It's what they do best.  The actual politicians live lives of uber rich luxury all the while talking about standing up for the "little people". Yeah...right.

Lawyers and judges around this country have been hijacked by the Democratic party and socialist groups to install barriers to free enterprise.  The best way to attack free enterprise is to bankrupt it and put it out of business.  The environmentalists have been doing this for years.  This is how 40,000 farmers in California ended up without jobs.  Because of a minnow.  They cut off the water supply to dry up the farms.  Hence the folks were laid off and the price of fruits and vegetables went sky high.  They are doing this all over the country.  If you think it's random think again.  Socialists have been organizing and implementing these lawsuits and placing judges that are bought and paid for in office for the past two decades.

Funny how we never hear about reform in the lawyer business do you?  These people have done more harm to our country than the politicians.  And by the way...most legislators ARE lawyers.  Didn't Obama promise to reform the lawsuits against medical doctors and pharmaceutical companies?  Have you noticed it has tripled?  He has no intention of changing or reforming it.  It is a major part of why healthcare costs have gotten out of control.  When an OB/GYN has to spend $250,000 a year in malpractice insurance there is something seriously going wrong here.

Our great, great grandmothers used to have babies in their house with an aunt or two hanging around to help.  That actually wasn't that long ago.  Now it costs $10,000 and today they turn you away if you GAIN TOO MUCH WEIGHT because they consider it a high risk and they can't afford high risk patients.

How unethical can you get?  If you think that's bad....stay tuned.  Obamacare has all kinds of nasty surprises ahead.  We have allowed the socialists and liberals to corrupt our judicial system and we're going to pay the price for it.  It may take some time to correct things...but we have to do it.  Otherwise, there will be no more free enterprise in this country.  They will bankrupt and drive out everybody who dares try.

Sarah Palin Can Save The World

We all knew when Obama passed the stimulus bill where the money was going.  Political kickbacks.  In other words "You help me get elected and I will put money in your pocket".  This administration should go down in history as the biggest rip-off in a century.  Since 2006 Pelosi and friends have done nothing but rob the American people.

Obamacare was largely passed because of the bribes and payoffs that went along with the votes.  We need to make all the Democrats who voted for this huge scam an example.  Nelson of Nebraska is a perfect one.  He took a bribe for his vote.  People were disgusted.  It will be part of his legacy.  But he was not the only one.  Nancy Pelosi apparently paid off a bunch of elitist snob restauarants that donated money to her, or who are friends with her rich daughters, by getting waivers from Obamacare.  The list goes on and on.  Pharma was another big recipient of government bribes. 

Not that this is new in politics.  It's standard operating procedure and it happens on both sides.  This has been going on forever.  You can go back in history 1500 years and find examples of the same corruption.  We left Britain to escape some of it.  Our founding fathers did their best to write the constitution and bill of rights to combat this but of course politicians are basically criminals so they've wormed their way around the laws. Our founding fathers wrote the constitution and Bill of Rights SPECIFICALLY to PROTECT us from the inevitable crooks that worm their way into government. That was the entire purpose.  They knew as well as we do that you can't keep the criminals out but you can protect yourself against them.  That is, if the people pay attention.  People just roll their eyes and look the other way.  It is always this way...nothing we can do about it. Oh well.  Too bad.  Guess I'll watch LOST and let somebody else worry about it.

Of course, the news media is just as bad.  They're every bit as paid off as the constituents.  The liberal networks and the corrupt politicians walk hand in hand.

But there is a way to fight it.  It is unacceptable to just give up and accept this as normal.  Giving up on fighting these mafia thugs is only going to make it worse. Politicians and the news media can only get away with such things when people look the other way.  When Americans start holding them accountable then maybe we can have a fighting chance. They are banking on us ignoring it.  They write these crazy laws and legislation and make it so complicating it's hard to go after them.  Who is going to sift through a bill that is 30,000 words long to find the corruption?

Naturally, the answer is to reduce the size of government.  Government is corrupt.  Period.  The more government you have the more corruption you have.  It's that simple.  We are never going to be able to weed corruption out of government.  These career politicians have no intention of giving up their perks.  The lobbyists who leech off them aren't either.  But if you eliminate the size of government you automatically eliminate the corruption.

The Democratic party is no longer liberal.  It is socialist.  The Pelosi era eliminated the liberals.  These people are even more corrupt than the old time Kennedy crooks.  That's an amazing feat, isn't it?  I'd be interested to know how California ended up being so densely populated with these freaks.  Why is it whatever looney idea they come up with winds its way through the country and infects us all?  Is it because of the money?  All the rich people in Hollywood pouring money into the looney-mill?  In case you haven't noticed, Hollywood is taking a nose dive lately.  Nobody wants to do a movie there because of all the CRAP they have to put up with and the cost.  The entire state is going bankrupt yet the politicians who ruined the state keep getting elected.  Half of that is political payback and the other half is just blind obedience.

How sick is it that the Democratic party can just take $860 billion from our country and pay off people to vote for them?  How can they pass a law that applies to the majority but lets the people they got money from get off the hook?  We all know Obamacare is corrupt legislation.  The people who forced it on us don't have to live with the consequences of it.  It's a slush fund for the socialist movement.  They created the global warming scam out of something so ambiguous as weather and created a trillion dollar ponzi scam.  They pass law after law that benefits their socialist green movement to keep the money coming in.  Now they've hijacked the healthcare industry, something every single person needs to have, and they've corrupted it.

They are trying to build a ruling class.  If they can collapse the economy and make people dependent on them then they will have every American by the balls while they wallow in luxury at their resorts and spas and $60 steak restaurants. But there's only one problem with this plan.

Socialism cannot sustain itself.  Sooner or later it will collapse and the people like Pelosi and Obama will be LONG GONE living on their private Islands sailing in their yahts laughing at how stupid we were to fall for their crap.  When was the last time Al Gore did anything constructive?  He is a billionaire doing what exactly?  What has Obama done since he was elected that has turned into something positive?  Can you name one successful thing he has done by himself?  He hasn't done anything.  The only thing this administration has done is create more corrupt government. 

We are never going to get this country back on the track if we do not start paying attention to what government is doing.  We cannot hide behind movies and television and comedy shows while the government corrupts our lives.  We have to hold them accountable and get rid of them. The corruption on both sides is breathtaking.  It's time to elect somebody who can really fix it.  Somebody who is not bought and paid for.  Somebody who loves this country and is willing to take the shots to save it.  Somebody outside of Washington. 

Sarah Palin.

Monday, May 16, 2011

The News Media Is Utterly Useless.

So Obama "flew over" the Mississippi river for a look but they didn't take any pictures because of what the news media/Liberals did to George Bush when he flew over the Katrina damage.  Obama was on his way to two fundraisers in Texas.  He flew over the wildfires that he refuses to HELP Texas with but he is willing to go there for campaign money.  He is willing to go there to pander to the Hispanics and divide the country with his RAAACIST claims about illegal immigrants but he is not willing to help Texas deal with the wildfires that have devastated the state.  He makes jokes about border security and the thousands of people being killed by the drug dealers go unmentioned and the news media gives him a pass.

As I recall President Bush did not want to disrupt the emergency workers by making such an early appearance in the Katrina area.  When the president comes to visit everybody has to stop what they are doing and it clogs up traffic, and it is basically a pain in the butt.  George Bush didn't want to do that.  He had what they call CLASS.  But of course the liberal news media used it as a means to attack the President.  Just like they used the photo of him not jumping up and alarming the young students when he was told about the second WTC tower being hit.  For some reason the liberal news media felt he should have jumped up and taken action immediately.  It was just another hit job by the liberals.  That is all that was.  We conservatives have come to expect it.  So much so we predict what they are going to do or say before they even do it.  When the senator in Arizona got shot we immediately, all across the internet, counted down before the liberal news pundits started blaming the Tea Party and it took all of one hour.  In fact they already had a plan in place and hit Sarah Palin immediately.  That is the first time I can recall they actually had a hit piece in place waiting for an event to happen but yes, that is exactly what they did.

I take that back.  During the signing of Obamacare, Nancy "sockeye salmon" Pelosi and the Congressional Black Caucas walked through a crowd of very upset Tea Party protesters with a giant hammer with Jessee Jackson Jr. running from behind with a camera phone with a wild look on his face, twirling around taking pictures and looking like a total idiot, hoping to catch somebody doing something racist.  Maxine Waters accused them of spitting on them which was a LIE but the news media, despite any proof whatsoever and no video of it whatsoever, kept repeating the lie over and over.  That was a set up.  They tried to set up the Tea Party then and are still doing it today but they can't get anybody to actually do anything racist so it has been a big FAIL.

That is what the liberal networks news do.  They have decided that they will do whatever it takes to keep the Democrats in power. George Soros has bought off over 30 news media outlets.  He spends an enormous amount of money and time paying these people to spread his propaganda.  The sugar daddy of socialism has spent the past decade working on his Utopian dream of "global power" and by golly a bunch of liberal idiots in the US are easy picking.  It's sadly true.  Dangle money and cocktail shrimp in front of their noses and they fold like a paper towel.

Have you ever been to DC?  I used to work at Georgetown University in DC.  I can't tell you how many spoiled rich kids I've seen in my life.  Or how many liberals I had to work with on a daily basis whose only concern was getting their frozen mocha at lunch without having to scuff their shoes on the sidewalk. But they loved poor people. long as they got that mocha in time.  They would sit and talk about how passionate they were about saving all the poor people but in reality they did not know a poor person, had never seen a poor person, and wouldn't get their hands dirty if they had to.  They wouldn't even BUY THEIR OWN LUNCH for heaven's sake.

It is easy to get caught up in the news and to believe it is real.  Folks, I hate to tell you but it is not real.  What you are watching on TV has been presented to you and wrapped in a pretty package.  It's called false reality.  What you read is not reality, either.  If you have ever had a friend that was written about or talked about on the news you know what I mean.  Fact and reality are hard to come by. 

The liberal media has taken it to a new level.  They actually coordinate between each other and between the politicians and between the George Soros socialist groups to frame the news.  Have you ever noticed that when something happens spontaneously (like an earthquake in Japan) the news media completely loses it.  They frantically flop around like fish on the deck of a boat.  They don't do breaking news too well.  Most of what they report is false and turns out to be untrue.  They pick out whatever they can sensationalize to keep your attention so you will not flip channels.  I remember during the Japanese earthquake it just disgusted me to see it.  Then of course they blew the entire nuclear situation out of proportion beyond belief.  They did not have enough contacts in Japan to actually report anything of substance so they soon grew tired of not being in control and the WH took back the narrative.  Naturally, it became a reason to dump on nuclear power.  At one point they were talking about radiation clouds floating across the Pacific contaminating California.  It became absolutely ridiculous.

That's what happens when the news media is not in control.  If there were actually an emergency in this country truly we'd be doomed.  The news media can only read off the liberal script. For that matter, would you TRUST the news media if a national emergency happened? I sure wouldn't.  If they told me to go to Place X I'd run in the opposite direction.  Forget that.  If you have any delusion that these pencil necks in Washington or in the news media would help all those "poor people" they love to exploit before they saved their own skin first...I got news for you.  You're getting the bones of the fish, my friend.

Luckily, I live in an area of the country where we cling to our guns and religion.  I have no doubt we'd be fine.  But if I still lived in DC or the surrounding area....I would be worried.

Do not believe everything you see on the news.  Don't believe everything on the internet, either.  Scan the headlines and draw your own conclusions.  Every headline has a reason.  People in the news business pay big, big bucks to consultants and lawyers and PR firms to present a false reality to the public. Make sure you have your emergency plan in place and make sure you're prepared for the worst.  In the scheme of things it all comes down to who your neighbors are and where you live. Be a good Boy Scout and Girl Scout.  Be prepared.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

We Have Good On Our Side

So Huckabee is out.  I kinda figured all along he'd stay where he is at.  He has a highly popular show on Fox that is getting pretty high ratings.  I do not profess to be a Huckabee fan but I did get comfort from watching his show right after the 2008 election.  He was one of the small beacons of light in that dark period of being a conservative.

Right after the 2008 election most conservatives were in a dark place.  The Democrats had won control of our country.  They had us by the balls.  We knew that we were completely powerless from keeping them from ruining our country.  We knew what was coming.  And Huckabee was there telling us to have faith and it would be alright.  So that was comforting.  Remember, the news media at that time declared "conservatism is dead".  They claimed Obama was God.  He would never be beaten.  Boy that didn't last long, did it?

It is important to remember that and celebrate just how far we've come.  Not only did the Tea Party organize and rise from this period of great despair we rallied back and took back Congress.  We got rid of a bunch of RINOS responsible for the shift in power to begin with.  We won Wisconsin in a HUGE way.  We won Massachussetts of all things.

It's easy to forget how great that was!  Ted Kennedy...probably one of the biggest liberal fraudsters of our generation died and we roared back and took his senate seat!!  That was absolutely unheard of a few years ago.  Nobody in his right mind would have predicted that in 2008. Some people grumble at Senator Brown not being conservative enough and I think that's ridiculous.  He represents his state and that's what he is supposed to do.  Anybody who thinks Massachusetts is going to adopt a far right mindset isn't being realistic.

And do not forget how wonderful it was to knock Nancy Pelosi out off her pedestal.!  She actually thinks she is going to get it back...ROFL.  Not a chance.  This old bag is history.  I could do an entire post about how much I despise this woman...but you get the point.  Knocking her out of power was a huge relief and it was an important victory.

We are still very early in the next election cycle.  I think Obama is doing a fine job of drowning himself.  He and his moat jokes aren't going over too well.  He got OBL and didn't get much of a bounce from it despite his running around the country dressed like Rambo spiking the football.  He outed our SEAL team and the good people of Fort Campbell are now terrified for their families but hey, our president is a moron so we should expect it.

There's nobody I'm too excited about right now in the GOP field besides Sarah Palin and she is keeping a low profile at the moment.  That's wise.  Anybody on the right who lifts their head above the bunker is going to get shot at.  The mainstream media is completely and totally 100% in the tank for Obama.  They will without any doubt whatsoever coordinate amongst themselves to defeat the GOP.  If you believe otherwise you are naive.  Hollywood, the network news, and CNN will do everything possible to defeat the GOP.  Any candidates that come out will be villified and smeared.  I have no delusions about that.  We should just watch them flounder and take shots at Obama in their boredom.

Romney ....The poor guy just doesn't have a chance.  He would be another John McCain.  We should all be very grateful that John McCain did not win in 2008.  As crazy as that sounds it is true.  If he had won there wouldn't be much of a difference between he and Obama.  He and his daughter have become a total thorn in the GOP's side.  It's just pathetic.  Talk about a used car salesman!!  He and Lindsay Graham both need to pack it up because their days of RINO glory are just about over. 

We need to be creative and we need to stay strong to beat Obama.  We're not going to win by convincing people how horrible socialism is.  We're not going to win by hating the left.  We need to leave the hate campaign to the left.  They are the ones who capitalize on hate.  They are the ones who do the ugly stuff.  We are going to win the 2012 election by convincing the MAJORITY that by putting the conservatives in charge we have a better future.  We will have freedom and liberty.  We will restore our former pride and love our country again.  We will support our allies and protect our citizens.  We will isolate the radical left and their bought off "victims" and come together for a better future.  While the left tries to build a base built on divided groups of disgruntled people we will build a base of people that are NOT divided but DETERMINED to stand together and be proud of being American and are willing to work hard to preserve what makes us great.  Conservatives do not have to pay people to vote for them.  Conservatives do not have to label people or put people in groups or divide them up to stay in power.  We don't have to cheat or lie or steal.  We just need to remind people that we live in the greatest country in the world and that good always conquers evil. Karma comes around....and this time it's on our side.

Most important, we need to control the message.  We need to be careful not to fall for the traps that the news media sets.  They try to manipulate the news and set up the right to control the message.  Have you ever noticed that when something unpredictable happens they completely fall apart?  When Japan had its earthquake the left completely lost control of itself.  That's because they weren't in control.  The people were in control.  I have no doubts in my mind that the main strategy of the left will be to label the right as racist.  I also know that right before the 2012 election they will have some trap set for the conservatives.  It happens EVERY SINGLE TIME.  Before the 2004 election Dan Rather had set a trap to destroy George Bush.  During the 2008 election campaign there is NO DOUBT in my mind that George Soros and his ilk manipulated the Wall Street meltdown to benefit the Democrats.

Just like the day that Obamacare was signed into law the Congressional Black Caucus set up a trap that failed big time.  Jessee Jackson Jr. was running through the crowd of Tea Partiers protesting on capital hill in an effort to "trap" people in some racist act.  It didn't work.  The Tea Party is not racist.  There were no racist acts.  But I guarantee you this will be their major effort this election.  The left will do whatever they can to paint Americans as racist if they do not support Obama.  I would bet my entire life on it. It happens each and every time there is an election or major piece of legislation.

We have to rise above this.  We have to lift everybody else above this ugliness and come together.  Instead of getting trapped into some ugly narrative the left is trying to box us into we have to be creative and positive and have hope.  We have good on our side.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Obnoxious Advertising

Last year I began to think the volume control on my TV was messed up.  I'd be watching a show on TV and then suddenly when a commercial came on it blasted my hair back with the loud volume.  So I'd turn it down.  Then the show I was watching came back on and I could barely hear it.  I was constantly sitting with the remote in my hand turning the volume up and down.  It got so annoying I called DirecTV to complain about it.  They said it wasn't their fault but the people doing the commercial.

At some point a law passed or whatever and advertisers were told they couldn't harass us like that anymore.  Something about the commercial had to be the same volume as the show or whatever.  So it got a little less intense.  You didn't have to sit with the volume control at the ready all the time..

Have you noticed it is happening all over again?  And not only that, now when you surf around on the internet you get some loud obnoxious commercial blasting in her headphones/speakers.  I was so annoyed by this I wrote AllahPundit on HotAir and he wrote back and apologized and said they were trying to get it removed.  And he did. So I'm guessing there are other folks fed up with it as well.

It really is completely annoying.  In fact, I started a list on my notebook.  If any company does this I refuse to buy their products.  I'm sure this will do nothing to intimidate these companies to stop but at least I am doing something to counter this obnoxious behavior.  It makes me feel better anyway.

I will also start sending emails to these companies telling them that.  If enough of us do that they might stop.  I don't know about you but it sure seems like advertising has become way too big for their britches lately.  They are stealing our info on the internet.  They invade our favorite websites and force their products in front of us.  It's really becoming annoying.  I am all for free market enterprise but I don't need people to scream in my face and steal my private information.  Truth be told I buy the products that are the cheapest and easiest to get to.  Some loud commercial is not going to change my mind.  In fact, it will make me AVOID their product.

So knock it off you idiots.  I'm getting tired of adjusting the volume and I'm even more tired of your intrusions.

And while I'm at it...Let me just say that WE TV is really becoming a least favorite among channels I watch.  Talk about obnoxious commercials!!!  They advertise their shows and it's not like they play the commercial once.  You see the same obnoxious commercial like 50 times.  You know, I really don't care to watch redneck women getting married and acting like their auditioning for Jerry Springer.  I certainly don't want to see them curse (even if you bleep it) and I don't need to see the same vile commercial 20 times every half hour.  What is with these cable shows lately?

And for the record, when did Animal Planet become a freak show for animals?  Didn't they used to show nice, cute shows that were fun to watch and were educational?  Now they have shows like HOGS GONE WILD and CROCODILE EATING FRENZY.  Come on, people.  Do you honestly think we like this stuff?  We really don't.  I don't need to watch crocodiles eating other animals and I seriously don't need to watch hogs getting butchered either. 

Hollywood needs to start catering to what WE want...not what they think they can attract people with.  They seem to think the entire country is attracted to this obnoxious stuff.  We're really not.  Just like the advertisers they are driving more people away.

Save The World For Just $19.99

So the president has decided that his best strategy this election is to slander conservatives as racist.  This is not a new strategy.  They've been using this strategy since the last election.  Now they're just getting ugly about it.  It's like watching the used car salesmen or in the old days the snake oil salesmen.  They would tell you their product was the best on earth, it would cure all things....for just $19.99.

Obama can cure obesity...for just $19.99.  He can cure all your aches and pains.  He can fix everything.  Do you really believe he can fix anything?  What exactly has he fixed so far? He has made things worse.

When Obama came to office we were payig less than $3. for a gallon of gas.  Now we're paying $4. and it's only going to go up.  That's not because the oil companies are greedy and evil.  It's because all the leftist freaks have put so many environmental regulations into law that we're paying MORE THAN HALF the cost of a gallon of gas on TAXES.  Oil companies make about 2 cents profit on a gallon of gas.  The rest goes to the government or the state.  I bet you didn't know that.

There is a school in Texas that takes a picture of what your kid's lunch looks like before he eats it and after.  This cost us $2 million.  They take a picture of what your kid eats and send you the information.  They even count the calories.  What kind of ABSOLUTE NONSENSE is this? I remember when we got chocolate milk in school.  I was in the first grade.  The reason it was so great was because it was HOT in our elementary school because we didn't have air conditioning and the milk at lunch tasted like spoiled nastiness.  So the chocolate made it easier to drink.  We had like ten minutes to eat lunch.  I hated the lunch room.  It was hot and it smelled like a dirty mop bucket. We didn't eat much back then in school.  It either tasted like crap or it was just too gross to eat.  Taking a picture of it is not going to make kids eat it more.

This is a ridiculous waste of taxpayer money and should be stopped.  Kids don't need to be treated like this.  I send my kids to school to LEARN CIVICS and HISTORY.  I don't send them to school so you can brainwash them or take pictures of their lunch and spy on them.  How about some lessons about Marxism?  Teach them what it is like to live in an oppressive society where the government spies on you and controls every single little thing you do...LIKE EAT LUNCH.  This is a travesty and whoever thought of it should be deported. I guarantee it was some whacky person on the left.

The Democrats have truly outdone themselves this time.  Luckily, they've done such a great job screwing things up in just the few short years they've been in control that we will only have a one term democratic president and it will be a LONG time before we forget it.  Trust me...the mere mention of the Boy King and it will be guaranteed conservative.  Never have we seen such slander and lies.  You sort of expect it whichever side is in office but the Democrats this time have taken things to a whole new level.  They've allowed the socialist movement to takeover their party and that's the difference.  Americans aren't stupid.  They know what socialism is.  They don't want it.  Our main job for the next generation is to educate our children so THEY know it because the snakeoil salesmen never go away....They just come back selling a different product.  Same scam...different name.  This is what the Democrats have become.

Trying to divide people using race.  Spying on children in school (but not protecting them from bullies or gangs).  Trying to brainwash the next generation to accept socialism.  The Democratic party is no longer democratic.  It's socialist. 

Friday, May 13, 2011

Failed Middle East Policy

So while the Boy King runs around with his Rambo action figure spiking the football and joking about moats and not taking seriously border security, I guess we should cautiously remember that the Middle East is not exactly doing so well.  Go figure.

George Mitchell, the Middle East envoy working on peace relations resigned and the WH canceled its news briefing today rather than answer questions about it.  You know how important it is for the Boy King to preserve his image and all.  We can't have FAILURE written across their foreheads now can we?

Gates also let it be known that the administration couldn't even keep to an agreement for 24 hours to keep the important facts about the OBL raid secret.  No, all those administration people who have cocktails and shrimp with the network news, NYT editors, and newspapers just could NOT keep their mouths shut.  So now our SEALs and their families are living in fear.  I know people personally at Fort Campbell who are LIVID.  Obama going there and spiking the football put a huge red X on the base and the surrounding communities of families.  They are not happy campers.

Heaven forbid something happen but if it does....It's on the Boy King's head.  When you do something like this and run around like a schoolyard bully celebrating it you're putting yourself on the WRONG side of karma.  It makes you wonder why he did it.  Did he do it because he thought it would help him get re-elected?  What if we get attacked again and again and things fall apart in the Middle East?  Is he going to keep celebrating?  He does not have enough common sense to realize that could happen I guess.  And the news anchors eating shrimp and lobster with the WH folks don't care.  They just want their inside story.  They are not going to protect our military communities...They just want to rub elbows and keep sipping their wine at some swanky restaurant in Georgetown.

These are the people that make me nauseated.  These are the people who have taken over our news business and Washington DC who have no business being there.  There is no honor among these people.  Just greed and power hungry socialists who would throw you under the bus in a heartbeat if they ever got in trouble.

The Boy King is going to leave a huge mess for us to clean up.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Socialist Grooming Will Fail

This is the most alarming thing I have read in a long time.  This is what happens when socialists get a foot in the door to your education system.  They start teaching your children Marxism.

How this school system was corrupted needs to be explored.  Where was John McCain on this?  Or was he too busy being moderate with his daughter and billionaire wife?  As alarming as it is, it is not rare.  I am from one of the most conservative states in the country and even I have had to intervene in my own childrens' curriculum.  If more people paid attention to what their children were learning in school then maybe this would never happen.

Unfortunately, we've been busy trying to earn a living and pay the bills and haven't given our kids' education enough attention.  Socialists know that.  Socialists don't lose their focus.  They can wait you out.

I was watching TV with my daughter last night and this commercial for some horrendous show came on.  Basically, it's a bunch of loser Jerry Springer women who are getting married and they forgot to take their antipsychotic medication.  The entire show is about these vile women and their vile weddings.  It makes a mockery of weddings, actually, and that is what I told my 17-year-old daughter.  This is how they whittle away at marriage.  If they can mock it, make fun of it, make it seem like a joke and keep doing that over and over and over then eventually people will just accept it as truth.  The perception of marriage will change.

Hollywood suddenly seems determined to use curse words on TV.  I am a hard rock fan of the 70s and love Aerosmith and Steven Tyler but if he keeps letting loose with curse words on TV I am going to stop watching American Idol.  Why?  Because it is TRASH.  I don't like being around people who curse all the time.  I don't want to hear it and I don't want to turn on my TV and hear it.  I don't want to hear bleeps and see people mouthing curse words and I don't want my kids to hear it either.  People who are in the habit of using vile language do nothing good for themselves.  They've gotten into a bad habit and for whatever strange reason they think it's cute.  It's not cute.  It's ugly.  It mocks education and class.

Isn't this what that is all about?  Mocking the standard of living we have?  Corrupt the education system and then teach the next generation of children to perceive the world the socialist way and there you have it.  They've changed our country.

I'd like to believe there are enough of the normal folks out there to beat this down.  Hollywood and the entertainment business try very hard to change our perception of things all the time but guess what?  Scotty still wins on American Idol doesn't he?  He is a southern, religious, country boy who loves his country and loves his church and by golly....That kid just might win.  He will most definitely be in the top three.  And that's not because Hollywood wanted him to be I can tell you that.  Religion and class are still alive and well in the USA and we're going to keep fighting for it.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Stalin, Lenin, and The Boy King

As I read the headlines this morning it just makes me nauseated.  SEIU openly spews communism.  What more can Obama do to convince people he is a socialist?  Erect a statue of Lenin on the front lawn of the White House?  Kids in Chicago were denied BREAKFAST because they had the wrong shoes on.  First of all, we shouldn't be sending kids to school to eat their breakfast.  Their Moms and dads should be fixing them breakfast.  But the public school system has worked long and hard to build up federal dependence on this.  Schools get federal funding for kids who qualify so the schools across the country have begged and begged and begged families to "qualify" for free food for years.  And of course a lot of people live for this stuff.  If it is free they want it.  They "deserve" it. 

So what happens?  Now the school turns around and threatens to take FOOD away from kids because they don't dress accordingly.  This is also the same school system that refuses to allow parents to make homemade lunches for the kids.  SURPRISE...This is Chicago.

We took huge leaps in the 1990s when we halted the welfare march.  People had grown so dependent on the government for welfare and assistance they refused to work.  They could stay home, have babies and get paid for it so why should they?  The Republicans forced Bill Clinton to reform this travesty in the 1990s and people had to get to work.  That was a major step forward.  We also eliminated "projects" around the country.  Unfortunately, some cities like Chicago did not progress.  Memphis has the same problem.  Huge areas of poverty where people feel hopeless to do anything.  They can't find jobs and therefore can't move forward.  They can't find a way out.

People like Al Sharpton feed off this despair.  Instead of providing programs that help people escape the cycle of poverty he is a cheerleader for attitude and racism. But we could sit here all day and rant about that discussion...

If you let the government feed your kids then don't be surprised if they turn around and bribe you to do what they want you to do.  They want these kids to wear certain shoes and they are refusing to FEED them if they don't.  What part of LENIN do you not understand in that?  On one hand they are going to tax people based on how much their kids weigh and with the other hand they are going to take the food out of your mouth if you kids don't wear the appropriate clothes.  They put GPS monitoring devices in phones, after they've monopolized the cell phone industry and taken it over, and now they will force you to get "urgent messages" from the president.

Yesterday, it became known about an executive order Obama is working on to make it so companies who want to do business with the government have to disclose what political contributions they've made.  Given the Boy King's propensity to knee cap those who don't support him how can this be seen as innocent?  This guy is a mafia thug.  On the one hand he has no freaking clue what he is doing (giving up all our intelligence secrets...outing the SEALs...dumping on our allies) but then he is a Chicago thug who punishes TEXAS because, as he puts it "Texas historically is a Republican state".  I guess Obama doesn't know much about history because HISTORICALLY Texas is a DEMOCRATIC state.  It has only in recent decades been a Republican state.  But is that reason for the president of our country to punish it?

Is the president supposed to punish citizens of a state because of their political leanings?

What if George Bush had decided that San Francisco was too liberal so he was going to pull the military out and refuse to defend them? Is that acceptable?  Is the president supposed to be able to intimidate companies for political purposes? Is the President supposed to shun federal assistance to a state because of their political leanings?  Why does the news media ignore this?

These are the things that make me nauseated.  As we continue every day to become aware that The Boy King is every bit a socialist like his mother was, that our labor unions and socialist groups have joined forces to dismantle our country as we know it it is imperative that we focus on this and continue to educate people.  As obvious as it is to us....there is a large swath of people in this country who do not pay attention.  They continue to watch SNL and believe their Hollywood stars.  They don't get it.

We have been side tracked because of the OBL story.  Now it's time to get back on message.  The Boy King MUST NOT be re-elected and it is our job to prevent it.  We have to educate people on what is happening to our country.  One blog at a time.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Yemen Terrorist Who You Weren't Told About

So this terrorist from Yemen was actually pounding on the door yelling Allah Akbar or whatever the heck it is they yell when they invoke their religion when they are KILLING PEOPLE and the news media decides it's not important to tell us that.  That is "racist".  No...That is NOT racist.  That is called "informing the public of a danger that exists".  Which is exactly what I want the news media to tell me.

I don't want to be told after, say the World Trade Center towers get blown out of the sky and 3000 people get killed, that there is a terrorist group in Afghanistan that has been trying to attack my country for a decade.  Which is what happened.

We have been dealing with these religious zealots for decades.  Obviously, it's a touchy subject for the Democrats.  They prefer to run and hide and pretend it does not exist.  When that doesn't work they prefer to LIE, attack, and slander the people (George Bush) who are trying to keep us safe.  When that doesn't work they use Hollywood and every crack pot race-baiter they can think of to convince the public they are RACISTS for pointing out the obvious.

This is a religious war whether the Democrats want to say it out loud or not and guess what?  Everybody knows it.  This has been going on forever, folks.  The Israeli's didn't invent it.  The Republicans didn't make it worse.  When Jimmy Carter took a crack at the Middle East in the 70s of course he stirred the pot and made things ten times worse but even he did not start this mess.

The Democrats like to say "Most Muslims do not hate Americans or the west and are peaceful".  They say it's racist to paint this brush on all Muslims.  Is that really true?  I think it's more accurate to say there is a minority group of Muslims who have no hostility toward Americans or the West but they are indeed TERRIFIED to admit it publicly for fear of getting stoned to death.

Try going to Pakistan and saying you've converted to Christianity.  Go to Afghanistan and say you no longer want to be a Muslim.  Go to Saudi Arabia and say it.  How about Egypt?  What Muslim country is it safe to denounce your religion and live freely from it? 

Women are treated like dogs.  Little boys are treated even worse.  There are no educational systems in these countries that teach education without it being censored.  Religion is the law.  They have no civil laws.  They live by religious laws.  They are taught to obey their religious leaders.  They are taught to hate us.  Yet the Democrats think if they ignore this glaring fact it will somehow not be true.

When George Bush courageously took an aggressive stand and beat back the Taliban and the terrorist organizations across the world we knew EXACTLY where he was coming from.  He did a lot of good things for this country.  He made us safe.  OBL would have never been captured had it not been for President Bush and his honest stance against these terrorists.  He was HONEST with the American people.

The Democrats are not being honest.  Their only focus is power and staying in power.  It is not in their best interest to do what is right for the country right now.  They just want to maintain power so they can advance their socialist agenda.  They believe if they do that and can manipulate events they can create a ruling class FOREVER.  They want socialist rule. They would even sacrifice our country for it.  Many socialist groups have joined forces with Muslim groups in the Middle East and that is not a good thing.  It's uncharted territory that cannot have a good outcome. The Democrats are too dense to realize that they cannot control or trust these terrorists.

The Boy King has only been in power for two years.  It is stunning how much damage he has done in those two short years, although Piglosi had control for six and the Republicans just rolled over and played dead.  That demonstrates how quickly things can turn against us.  We only have to be asleep at the wheel for a second for things to turn bad.

Ignoring religion will not make us safe.  Ignoring an infection does not cure it.  It only allows it to grow out of control.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Hollywood Better Get With The Program

I remember the very first SNL show.  It was in the 70s.  I was babysitting my nephews and it was a monumental day for me because my sister let me cook a homemade pizza without her being there.  I did great.  The only "evidence" I had cooked was that I had turned the TV channel with flour on my hand and there was flour on the knob.  This was before the remote of course.

SNL was a breakthrough program back then.  First of all, TV usually went off late at night.  If you were a night owl you were out of luck between 11:00pm and 6:00am because there was nothing but blank snow or a funky looking target thingy.  This is how Johnny Carson got so famous.  He was the last thing on TV at night.  Then we started getting Tom Snyder on Friday nights.  Then on the weekends we started getting late night shows. Saturday Night Live was incredible.  Here were a bunch of goofy, funny, stoned "freaks" as we called them.  They were hilarious.  It was a time when most people were sick of Watergate it was a break from the monotonous boredom of TV.

We weren't very happy with our government back then.  Go figure.  Vietnam had just ended.  People were in a bad mood.  Gas prices were sky high.  Inflation was high.  The Middle East was starting to get annoying.  We just weren't a happy group.  Sounds familiar doesn't it?

So SNL was a break from it all.  They stuck their tongues out at the government...but as far as I remember they poked fun at everybody.  There was no one party they were gunning for.  They were rebelling against authority in general.  They made fun of sharks.  They made fun of the Pope.  They laughed at people.  They looked as stoned as we all were back then.  It was the 70s.  Nothing was mean spirited or ugly.  It was just obnoxious fun.

Within the past ten years or so Hollywood has decided that it is its duty to target the conservatives.  It used to be taboo to express your political opinion.  Back in the old days people kept those thoughts private.  If you got labeled a certain way it could affect your family, your life, your job.  It was understood that those things were not a good thing to make public.

It's still not a good idea even now but we've become so obnoxious we don't care.  The news media has always leaned left but before they would never admit it.  Now they don't care.  SNL has completely thrown caution aside and deliberately targets conservatives.  I remember becoming annoyed with them in the 90s and stopped watching.  Their ratings are still not very good when you compare it to the way it used to be.  Now you pretty much have to be a leftist thug to even enjoy watching it.

Which is amazing, really.  The majority of people in this country at center-right.  Hollywood is doing all it can to turn the tide and change public opinion and it is not working.  It is having the opposite effect.  But they refuse to reflect and represent the wishes of the majority.  They feel it is their duty to "educate" and influence the public.  As if they are some barometer of morality or something.

Watching network news is not an option for my home.  I do not watch anything on the networks.  I will occasionally indulge in some American Idol watching but cautiously and usually something disgusts me and I lose interest.  Like, what is with the cursing?  Why has it become so acceptable to curse and sound like a biker?  Honestly, I find it offensive.  It's not just's TRASH.  I don't like people who curse all the time.  I don't want to be around them....I don't think they're funny...and why Hollywood thinks this is such a wonderful thing is beyond me.

Hollywood has just become another propaganda arm of the Democrats and the Democrats are just a bunch of Socialists trying to brainwash the public.  Is it any wonder DVDs are so popular?  Do people really have to guess why TIVO is rising in popularity?  We can skip over the propaganda and get on with the show now.  Haven't they noticed that California/Hollywood is falling off the popularity tower?  When was the last time you watched a good movie out of Hollywood?  All the great movies of late have come out of Britain. There is a reason for that....

It's time for the majority to take back the entertainment business.  We need to clean up and wise up...and stop letting the bullies run the block.  I don't need a lecture when I'm relaxing in front of the TV.  I want to be pleasantly entertained and care free.  I don't want people judging me or telling me what I have to do or what I have to think or what I can or can't eat.  I pay the DirecTV bill....I will decide what I enjoy.  If Hollywood doesn't get's to their demise.