Friday, May 20, 2011

HealthCare Rationing

You are already starting to see the downfall of Obamacare even before it gets implemented.  The consequences of socialized medicine will be devastating to the quality of our health care.  Did you think that Michelle Obama TRULY cares about obesity?  While she stuffs her face with ribs and lobster health care providers across the country are preparing to deny coverage to people who are deemed "obese".

Funny how most of the world is facing astronomical food prices and shortages and the image this president wants to present to the world is how fat, obese, and overfed Americans are.  Think that goes over well in say Egypt when they're eating their bugs and rice?

Obesity is subjective.  There are examples everywhere.  A good weight for you may not be one for me.  People will largely fall into the obese category when they are not obese and there won't be a thing you can do about it.  The government will set the standard and trust me, you won't like that standard one bit.

OB/GYN practices are already starting to deny obese women care.  So what are they supposed to do?  Squat behind Walmart?

This is just the beginning to the rationing the progressives far-left socialists want to impose.  What about families who are predisposed to certain diseases?  How long before companies start to screen people for specific genes?  If you grandmother had breast cancer you're out of luck.  You will either pay an arm or leg or face the consequences.  What about colon cancer?  These are all methods that the health care industry are working on but how will they use this data against us? 

You know the scare-tactic movies of the 80s and 90s that used to warn us of genetic engineering and such?  Guess what?  It's happening as we speak.  I guess the socialists liked those movies.  They will use whatever method they can to jilt you out of health care because they HAVE to ration health care or face a total meltdown of the government.  These freaks even have videos on You-Tube talking about reducing the size of the world population to save the planet.

Does that make you feel confident about the government in charge of Pharma?  Or the health care industry for that matter?

There is a REASON why 100 years ago people lived to the ripe old age of 35.  They didn't have the standard of care we have today.  You got a sinus infection and died from it.  You got a scratch and died from it.  You had appendicitis and you were out of luck.  The progressives like to accuse the American public of being fat and unhealthy and therefore we don't DESERVE the standard of health care because of it.  That is absolute nonsense.  We live three times as long today as 100 years ago because we had so many leaps and bounds in our standard of care.  Not because we ate more hamburgers.  Mummies in Egypt show signs of cardiac disease for heaven's sake and it wasn't McDonald's fault.  This is just another attack on free enterprise and capitalism by the left.

But at what point do people put a stop to it?  How far do they have to go?  Putting viruses out there to make people sick?  Cutting off services for people who have a family history of some form of cancer?  When they start to check people for "genetic irregularities" do you become alarmed then?

You should be alarmed.  And you should be paying attention.

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