Friday, May 20, 2011

Orbitz Slapped George Soros To the Curb

It should alarm every single American what George Soros and his communist Media Matters organization are doing.  Whether you watch Fox or not it should alarm EVERY single American that this billionaire is trying to snuff out free speech in our news media.

He has pumped over $48 million into media in this country.  He openly is hostile to our country.  He is banned in the UK and Greece for collapsing their capitalist countries and is on record saying he wants to destroy the US as well.  Yet here he is buying up our news media and intimidating and coercing advertisers who do business with any conservative news source.

That is what COMMUNISTS do.  That is what MARXISM is.  This man should not be allowed to do business in the United States.  The news media CENSORS how dangerous this man is.  He is determined to destroy our country and the news media is SILENT because he owns half the news media organizations.

Other companies like Orbitz need to stand up and resist this Marxist behavior.  Write and congratulate Orbitz for their bravery in standing up for freedom of speech.

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