Friday, May 13, 2011

Failed Middle East Policy

So while the Boy King runs around with his Rambo action figure spiking the football and joking about moats and not taking seriously border security, I guess we should cautiously remember that the Middle East is not exactly doing so well.  Go figure.

George Mitchell, the Middle East envoy working on peace relations resigned and the WH canceled its news briefing today rather than answer questions about it.  You know how important it is for the Boy King to preserve his image and all.  We can't have FAILURE written across their foreheads now can we?

Gates also let it be known that the administration couldn't even keep to an agreement for 24 hours to keep the important facts about the OBL raid secret.  No, all those administration people who have cocktails and shrimp with the network news, NYT editors, and newspapers just could NOT keep their mouths shut.  So now our SEALs and their families are living in fear.  I know people personally at Fort Campbell who are LIVID.  Obama going there and spiking the football put a huge red X on the base and the surrounding communities of families.  They are not happy campers.

Heaven forbid something happen but if it does....It's on the Boy King's head.  When you do something like this and run around like a schoolyard bully celebrating it you're putting yourself on the WRONG side of karma.  It makes you wonder why he did it.  Did he do it because he thought it would help him get re-elected?  What if we get attacked again and again and things fall apart in the Middle East?  Is he going to keep celebrating?  He does not have enough common sense to realize that could happen I guess.  And the news anchors eating shrimp and lobster with the WH folks don't care.  They just want their inside story.  They are not going to protect our military communities...They just want to rub elbows and keep sipping their wine at some swanky restaurant in Georgetown.

These are the people that make me nauseated.  These are the people who have taken over our news business and Washington DC who have no business being there.  There is no honor among these people.  Just greed and power hungry socialists who would throw you under the bus in a heartbeat if they ever got in trouble.

The Boy King is going to leave a huge mess for us to clean up.

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