Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We Have NEVER trusted Pakistan...Our Military is Smarter Than That

Lots of talk about Pakistan, what they knew, what they did not know, do we trust them or not?

No.  It's that simple.  Eight years ago when my best friend helped to build Bagram Air Base at the beginning of the Afghanistan war he would IM me with horror stories of the day.  Basically, the Afghans employed to help the troops would work on the base by day and shoot rockets at them by night.  They had no illusion that the Afghans were their trusted friends. 

Our troops in Afghanistan get most of their supplies via truck through supply lines from Pakistan.  We hire truck drivers to drive across the border to the bases.  It's a complex system as you can imagine with many safety features I cannot detail here but it's quite secure...yet risky.  One of the most interesting stories I heard was how a truck from time to time would go missing and they'd track it and find the drivers stopped off somewhere in the desert smoking heroin.  It eventually would make its way to the base.  If the truckers were unfortunate enough to come across some Afghans they would get pulled out of the truck and beaten because Pakistani's and Afghanistani's apparently hate each other.  He would show up at the base with the goods all beaten up wanting his money with a smile on his face.

Our troops and not naive.  They know the dangers.  They know who not to trust.  Our news media is just stupid and ignorant when it comes to these things and so you get these ridiculous stories.  An NBC anchor standing on TV with horror that Pakistan would betray us?  PUHLEZE.  They know the truth and if they don't then they need to go back to their caviar and lobster and get a life.

I'm also disgusted with these stupid questions about "Did Bin Ladin have a gun or not? Did he really shoot or did they just shoot him "in cold blood"  Give me a freaking break.  This guy is responsible for tens of thousands of peoples' lives and these pacifists are whining because he didn't shoot at the SEALS?

Pacifists are just scary aren't they?  You envision them wandering around with flowers in their hair, hugging trees, with LOVE written across their foreheads.  I say shoot THEM.  Put them out of their misery.  Can you imagine if these people were ever in charge of our security?

I'm all for a good SEAL story.  I know a few myself.  They're awesome.  They do stuff NOBODY else would ever do and they enjoy every minute of it.  The true adrenaline junkies of our military.  But I don't want their secrets revealed to the world.  I want to know that their secrets are safe.  I don't want some hippy loving pacifist picketing their house or harassing their family.  I want them safe and sound...doing their job...and taken care of.

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