Thursday, May 19, 2011

You Cannot Pay Terrorists Not To Hate Us

Ever since Jimmy Carter stuck his nose into the Shah of Iran's business back in the 1970s we've been paying the price.  We shut down domestic production of oil in this country so we could go to the most violent region of the world and pay a bunch of people with a mindset so different from ours trillions of dollars for their oil.  We continue to do this.  Carter made a huge mess and we've been cleaning it up ever since.

Sound familiar?  HMOs sound familiar?  Another mess of the health care industry the liberals dreamed up to nudge us into socialism.  The socialists dreamed up the global warming crap not to save the planet but to nudge us into socialism.  The goals are the same.  The pet projects are a little different.  Liberals like to use cute and fuzzy socialist "causes" to lure people into believing it's for humane causes.  As if the GOVERNMENT is all for humane causes.  In the 60s and 70s the very same liberals called the government "the man" and hated them.  The government was evil they said.  Funny how all the sudden they preach that government is going to save us all.  Save us from what exactly?

Why is it liberals think they can pay off the terrorists?  Do they honestly believe that if they pay Egypt enough money in bribery that the population in the Middle East will suddenly love Americans?  We have second and third generation people in the Arab world who have been brainwashed into believing the West is the devil.  When Jimmy Carter stuck his socialist nose into Iran's business and shared his shrimp cocktail with the Shah we've had a nightmare come to life.  These people want us dead.  They think their God hates us.  They think their God is telling them to murder us for being devils.

A Saudi woman was arrested for a hate crime in Florida this week.  She was going into Walmart trying to push her cart (with her 2-year-old child) through the exit door.  She was ramming the cart into the glass in anger because it wouldn't open.  So a nice lady tried to tell her she was going through the wrong door and the Saudi woman spit in her face repeatedly.  Then she went into the store and when another woman came too close she spit on her, too.

What kind of hatred drives a person to spit on people they don't even know?  Stop and think for a moment.  Just imagine you were raised to believe all your life that a country and its people were evil.  So for whatever reason you decided to go live in that country (makes you wonder WHY you would go there, doesn't it?) and you hated them so much when you went shopping you SPIT on people.  It's hard to wrap your head around that isn't it?  She obviously didn't think she'd get in trouble for it.  She was obviously not afraid of the police or of getting in trouble.  She had hatred for people she did not even know.  Unexplainable hatred.  Hatred that she could not control.  Maybe she was ticked off that OBL got killed. Who knows?

There are billions of people across the Middle East who have this irrational hatred toward the US and no amount of money is going to change that.  The Boy King just killed a symbolic person to them that they looked to with RESPECT for his hatred toward the US and he is going to go over there and pay them money?  What kind of crap is that?  Does he think this is going to change their feelings?

I don't profess to know the answer to the problems we have in the Middle East but I do know that paying them money is not going to help the situation.  It is not without irony that the country we conquered in battle is the one country in the Middle East that has the least trouble right now.  It's not because we gave them money.  It's because we kicked their butt.  It's because our troops have gone over there and have given them freedom. 

The Boy King is only concerned with his re-election at this point.  He is so self-absorbed with his own power he is useless at this point.  He killed OBL not because it was justified but so he could spike the football and adore himself.  Now he thinks he can give Egypt money and talk smack about Israel and the Middle East problems will go away.  He is naive and self-absorbed just like Carter was.

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