Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sarah Palin Can Save The World

We all knew when Obama passed the stimulus bill where the money was going.  Political kickbacks.  In other words "You help me get elected and I will put money in your pocket".  This administration should go down in history as the biggest rip-off in a century.  Since 2006 Pelosi and friends have done nothing but rob the American people.

Obamacare was largely passed because of the bribes and payoffs that went along with the votes.  We need to make all the Democrats who voted for this huge scam an example.  Nelson of Nebraska is a perfect one.  He took a bribe for his vote.  People were disgusted.  It will be part of his legacy.  But he was not the only one.  Nancy Pelosi apparently paid off a bunch of elitist snob restauarants that donated money to her, or who are friends with her rich daughters, by getting waivers from Obamacare.  The list goes on and on.  Pharma was another big recipient of government bribes. 

Not that this is new in politics.  It's standard operating procedure and it happens on both sides.  This has been going on forever.  You can go back in history 1500 years and find examples of the same corruption.  We left Britain to escape some of it.  Our founding fathers did their best to write the constitution and bill of rights to combat this but of course politicians are basically criminals so they've wormed their way around the laws. Our founding fathers wrote the constitution and Bill of Rights SPECIFICALLY to PROTECT us from the inevitable crooks that worm their way into government. That was the entire purpose.  They knew as well as we do that you can't keep the criminals out but you can protect yourself against them.  That is, if the people pay attention.  People just roll their eyes and look the other way.  It is always this way...nothing we can do about it. Oh well.  Too bad.  Guess I'll watch LOST and let somebody else worry about it.

Of course, the news media is just as bad.  They're every bit as paid off as the constituents.  The liberal networks and the corrupt politicians walk hand in hand.

But there is a way to fight it.  It is unacceptable to just give up and accept this as normal.  Giving up on fighting these mafia thugs is only going to make it worse. Politicians and the news media can only get away with such things when people look the other way.  When Americans start holding them accountable then maybe we can have a fighting chance. They are banking on us ignoring it.  They write these crazy laws and legislation and make it so complicating it's hard to go after them.  Who is going to sift through a bill that is 30,000 words long to find the corruption?

Naturally, the answer is to reduce the size of government.  Government is corrupt.  Period.  The more government you have the more corruption you have.  It's that simple.  We are never going to be able to weed corruption out of government.  These career politicians have no intention of giving up their perks.  The lobbyists who leech off them aren't either.  But if you eliminate the size of government you automatically eliminate the corruption.

The Democratic party is no longer liberal.  It is socialist.  The Pelosi era eliminated the liberals.  These people are even more corrupt than the old time Kennedy crooks.  That's an amazing feat, isn't it?  I'd be interested to know how California ended up being so densely populated with these freaks.  Why is it whatever looney idea they come up with winds its way through the country and infects us all?  Is it because of the money?  All the rich people in Hollywood pouring money into the looney-mill?  In case you haven't noticed, Hollywood is taking a nose dive lately.  Nobody wants to do a movie there because of all the CRAP they have to put up with and the cost.  The entire state is going bankrupt yet the politicians who ruined the state keep getting elected.  Half of that is political payback and the other half is just blind obedience.

How sick is it that the Democratic party can just take $860 billion from our country and pay off people to vote for them?  How can they pass a law that applies to the majority but lets the people they got money from get off the hook?  We all know Obamacare is corrupt legislation.  The people who forced it on us don't have to live with the consequences of it.  It's a slush fund for the socialist movement.  They created the global warming scam out of something so ambiguous as weather and created a trillion dollar ponzi scam.  They pass law after law that benefits their socialist green movement to keep the money coming in.  Now they've hijacked the healthcare industry, something every single person needs to have, and they've corrupted it.

They are trying to build a ruling class.  If they can collapse the economy and make people dependent on them then they will have every American by the balls while they wallow in luxury at their resorts and spas and $60 steak restaurants. But there's only one problem with this plan.

Socialism cannot sustain itself.  Sooner or later it will collapse and the people like Pelosi and Obama will be LONG GONE living on their private Islands sailing in their yahts laughing at how stupid we were to fall for their crap.  When was the last time Al Gore did anything constructive?  He is a billionaire doing what exactly?  What has Obama done since he was elected that has turned into something positive?  Can you name one successful thing he has done by himself?  He hasn't done anything.  The only thing this administration has done is create more corrupt government. 

We are never going to get this country back on the track if we do not start paying attention to what government is doing.  We cannot hide behind movies and television and comedy shows while the government corrupts our lives.  We have to hold them accountable and get rid of them. The corruption on both sides is breathtaking.  It's time to elect somebody who can really fix it.  Somebody who is not bought and paid for.  Somebody who loves this country and is willing to take the shots to save it.  Somebody outside of Washington. 

Sarah Palin.

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