Monday, May 9, 2011

Hollywood Better Get With The Program

I remember the very first SNL show.  It was in the 70s.  I was babysitting my nephews and it was a monumental day for me because my sister let me cook a homemade pizza without her being there.  I did great.  The only "evidence" I had cooked was that I had turned the TV channel with flour on my hand and there was flour on the knob.  This was before the remote of course.

SNL was a breakthrough program back then.  First of all, TV usually went off late at night.  If you were a night owl you were out of luck between 11:00pm and 6:00am because there was nothing but blank snow or a funky looking target thingy.  This is how Johnny Carson got so famous.  He was the last thing on TV at night.  Then we started getting Tom Snyder on Friday nights.  Then on the weekends we started getting late night shows. Saturday Night Live was incredible.  Here were a bunch of goofy, funny, stoned "freaks" as we called them.  They were hilarious.  It was a time when most people were sick of Watergate it was a break from the monotonous boredom of TV.

We weren't very happy with our government back then.  Go figure.  Vietnam had just ended.  People were in a bad mood.  Gas prices were sky high.  Inflation was high.  The Middle East was starting to get annoying.  We just weren't a happy group.  Sounds familiar doesn't it?

So SNL was a break from it all.  They stuck their tongues out at the government...but as far as I remember they poked fun at everybody.  There was no one party they were gunning for.  They were rebelling against authority in general.  They made fun of sharks.  They made fun of the Pope.  They laughed at people.  They looked as stoned as we all were back then.  It was the 70s.  Nothing was mean spirited or ugly.  It was just obnoxious fun.

Within the past ten years or so Hollywood has decided that it is its duty to target the conservatives.  It used to be taboo to express your political opinion.  Back in the old days people kept those thoughts private.  If you got labeled a certain way it could affect your family, your life, your job.  It was understood that those things were not a good thing to make public.

It's still not a good idea even now but we've become so obnoxious we don't care.  The news media has always leaned left but before they would never admit it.  Now they don't care.  SNL has completely thrown caution aside and deliberately targets conservatives.  I remember becoming annoyed with them in the 90s and stopped watching.  Their ratings are still not very good when you compare it to the way it used to be.  Now you pretty much have to be a leftist thug to even enjoy watching it.

Which is amazing, really.  The majority of people in this country at center-right.  Hollywood is doing all it can to turn the tide and change public opinion and it is not working.  It is having the opposite effect.  But they refuse to reflect and represent the wishes of the majority.  They feel it is their duty to "educate" and influence the public.  As if they are some barometer of morality or something.

Watching network news is not an option for my home.  I do not watch anything on the networks.  I will occasionally indulge in some American Idol watching but cautiously and usually something disgusts me and I lose interest.  Like, what is with the cursing?  Why has it become so acceptable to curse and sound like a biker?  Honestly, I find it offensive.  It's not just's TRASH.  I don't like people who curse all the time.  I don't want to be around them....I don't think they're funny...and why Hollywood thinks this is such a wonderful thing is beyond me.

Hollywood has just become another propaganda arm of the Democrats and the Democrats are just a bunch of Socialists trying to brainwash the public.  Is it any wonder DVDs are so popular?  Do people really have to guess why TIVO is rising in popularity?  We can skip over the propaganda and get on with the show now.  Haven't they noticed that California/Hollywood is falling off the popularity tower?  When was the last time you watched a good movie out of Hollywood?  All the great movies of late have come out of Britain. There is a reason for that....

It's time for the majority to take back the entertainment business.  We need to clean up and wise up...and stop letting the bullies run the block.  I don't need a lecture when I'm relaxing in front of the TV.  I want to be pleasantly entertained and care free.  I don't want people judging me or telling me what I have to do or what I have to think or what I can or can't eat.  I pay the DirecTV bill....I will decide what I enjoy.  If Hollywood doesn't get's to their demise.


  1. Bev, great post!
    I was over at Hillbuzz and noticed their traffic is way down. Many have commented that you haven't been posting. I'm missing other regulars - e.g. CT Mom. What do you think is going on over there?

  2. They stopped posting my comments and I have not been told why. I really don't know why, honestly. I noticed the last few comments I made were edited and put on topics I did not comment was very weird. Then they stopped allowing my comments at all. (I never complained about know I defended Kevin 100% and always supported him). So I have no answer and I have no ill-will. But I am continuing my own blog and have been enjoying it. Thank you for the support =)

  3. Same thing happened with some of my comments - edited/deleted. Very strange! Do you remember
    Chrissy the hyphenated collected postcards for Angelisms - what happened to them??
    Keep on blogging, great stuff!!

  4. I'm not sure what all happened to that =) It took me forever to find postcards,