Tuesday, May 24, 2011

UGH....Election Season.

We're starting to see the campaign season gear up.  I hate this time of the election process.  Republicans attacking Republicans.  Of course they are all trying to pile on Sarah Palin.  As much as the establishment GOP talks smack about Sarah running they are very, very worried.  Despite what the liberals and the GOP RINOs tell you she is HUGELY popular.  She always says EXACTLY what needs to be said.  She is not afraid of Obama or his mafia thugs.  She is not afraid of the news media.  The Eeyore's are out in force.

If she were as stupid and irrelevant as they say she is then why bother saying anything at all?  Exactly my point.  If she were all those terrible things they would completely ignore her.

So what we have is the RINO GOP attacking each other. The Romney people are sneaky and underhanded.  They've been trying to undercut Sarah Palin for YEARS.  Frankly, I do not know any Republicans excited about Romney running.  I don't think he'd be much different than the liberals.  Look where he is from.  He would compromise all our principals.  He would not push back on the Democrats he would "work with them". 

This was our mistake.  This is how we lost power in the first place.  The RINO crowd gave Pelosi and Reid the power by not challenging or coming together to stand against them.  They obeyed the liberal news media.  They fell for it.

The number one golden rule about Democrats, and I swear I say this every single day, is that the opposite is true of whatever it is they are saying or doing.  Whatever candidate they hate the most is the candidate that will do the best against the Boy King.  Recently, the liberals tried to fool us by claiming that Huntsman would be the biggest rival against Boy King.  In the past Republicans were stupid enough to believe them.  Now we know better.  The liberals are so naive they think that by telling us Huntsman could beat Obama we'd actually clamor to get him to win the primary.  How moronic do you have to be to fall for that?

We may have some warts in this coming election cycle but at least we admit we have warts.  The most popular GOP candidate will be tough against the Boy King and equally tough on GOP candidates who fall under the "compromise" label.  We don't want compromise.  We want to eliminate Obamacare.  We want to fix the economy.  We want to wipe out all the damage the Democrats have done these past few years.  We want to re-establish our founding principals and wipe out the socialist nudging that has been destroying our country.  We want to make SURE we get rid of the RINO establishment who gave away the country.

Politicians are not honest.  None of them.  Politicians in Washington are just brainwashed robots.  It is going to take someone from the outside to go in and clean up.  Just remember that the news media elites live in Washington, too and they are part of the problem.  Trust no one.  Read between the lines and believe nothing.  In an election season there is a reason for everything.

We have a long, long mud fight coming.  Get ready for it.

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