Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hollywood Should Stick to Making Movies

So the Boy King is in Europe enjoying wine, luxurious dinners with the Queen.  Apparently, Tom Hanks and his Environmental Freak wife are there dining with them.  WTH?  Since when does Tom Hanks dine with the Queen and the Obamas?  Talk about elitist Hollywood. 

I used to love Tom Hanks.  Then he met that whacko wife of his and became some kind of poster boy for the 60s hippy movement.  I'm not sure what happened.  Has he always been a whacko or did it happen recently?  When you look at the patriotic work he did with Band of Brothers, Apollo 13, and Private Ryan it doesn't seem to fit does it?  I mean, he was supposed to be some kind of closet astronaut or something so you'd think he'd be a LITTLE enlightened that Obama is destroying NASA but...apparently liberals have excuses for such things.  It makes you realize that Hollywood is just a bunch of actors who LIE through their teeth.  Don't buy into the movies or the images or the garbage they are selling.  It just puts money in their pockets.  Ron Howard is probably more insane than Tom Hanks.  He actually gives political speeches for liberals.  It's WRONG.  I would say the same thing about conservatives in Hollywood.  Influencing people to vote for actors is unethical.  You do not know who these people are.  They could be total perverts, wife-beaters, who knows what else.  Anybody involved with politicians is CORRUPT.  Don't buy into it.

We have more important things to concentrate on.  Hollywood is great for an occasional entertaining movie that does not try to teach us some kind of nonsense social justice (global warming brainwashing beware).  Avatar was the biggest brainwashing piece of propaganda I have seen.  Actually, I take it back.  I refused to see it based on what I read about what it was about.  That was enough to convince me I would not enjoy that movie.  I will not put money into pockets of people who are active politically.  James Cameron had the NERVE to go to the Gulf and volunteer to "help".  WTH?  Why would some idiot from Hollywood think he could stop an oil spill?  Why, he would interfere with Obama's grand scheme to quit oil production in the US and drive up energy costs.  We certainly can't have that, now can we?

All one has to do is look at the state of California and see what an utter disaster that state is in to know that Hollywood is not the lens through which we should view the world.  They have more problems than they can possibly clean up in a life time.  You can hardly walk down the street without being taxed for it.  They are becoming so over run by illegal aliens they soon will just become part of Mexico and then we won't have to deal with them any more.

Politics does not belong in movies.  Actors do not belong in politics.  It's a simple rule.

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