Thursday, May 12, 2011

Socialist Grooming Will Fail

This is the most alarming thing I have read in a long time.  This is what happens when socialists get a foot in the door to your education system.  They start teaching your children Marxism.

How this school system was corrupted needs to be explored.  Where was John McCain on this?  Or was he too busy being moderate with his daughter and billionaire wife?  As alarming as it is, it is not rare.  I am from one of the most conservative states in the country and even I have had to intervene in my own childrens' curriculum.  If more people paid attention to what their children were learning in school then maybe this would never happen.

Unfortunately, we've been busy trying to earn a living and pay the bills and haven't given our kids' education enough attention.  Socialists know that.  Socialists don't lose their focus.  They can wait you out.

I was watching TV with my daughter last night and this commercial for some horrendous show came on.  Basically, it's a bunch of loser Jerry Springer women who are getting married and they forgot to take their antipsychotic medication.  The entire show is about these vile women and their vile weddings.  It makes a mockery of weddings, actually, and that is what I told my 17-year-old daughter.  This is how they whittle away at marriage.  If they can mock it, make fun of it, make it seem like a joke and keep doing that over and over and over then eventually people will just accept it as truth.  The perception of marriage will change.

Hollywood suddenly seems determined to use curse words on TV.  I am a hard rock fan of the 70s and love Aerosmith and Steven Tyler but if he keeps letting loose with curse words on TV I am going to stop watching American Idol.  Why?  Because it is TRASH.  I don't like being around people who curse all the time.  I don't want to hear it and I don't want to turn on my TV and hear it.  I don't want to hear bleeps and see people mouthing curse words and I don't want my kids to hear it either.  People who are in the habit of using vile language do nothing good for themselves.  They've gotten into a bad habit and for whatever strange reason they think it's cute.  It's not cute.  It's ugly.  It mocks education and class.

Isn't this what that is all about?  Mocking the standard of living we have?  Corrupt the education system and then teach the next generation of children to perceive the world the socialist way and there you have it.  They've changed our country.

I'd like to believe there are enough of the normal folks out there to beat this down.  Hollywood and the entertainment business try very hard to change our perception of things all the time but guess what?  Scotty still wins on American Idol doesn't he?  He is a southern, religious, country boy who loves his country and loves his church and by golly....That kid just might win.  He will most definitely be in the top three.  And that's not because Hollywood wanted him to be I can tell you that.  Religion and class are still alive and well in the USA and we're going to keep fighting for it.

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