Wednesday, May 18, 2011

WH Bribes and Coerces Newspaper

This is the most blatant form of bribery there is.  The White House is bribing a newspaper and coercing them not to write stories that are negative about the president.  Can you imagine, if during the Watergate debacle Richard Nixon had banned the Washington Post? 

Do you have any idea what the outcry would be if a Republican White House banned a liberal newspaper for writing a critical article about a Republican president?  The liberal news media would be howling like wild dogs.  They would be circling the White House with pitch forks and torches.  A nuclear missle could be headed straight toward us and they would completely ignore it and continue to scream.

The SEIU and other union thugs would stage massive communist marches.  Every group the liberals ever pandered to would come out and claim it was racist or anti-woman, or some other garbage they've come up with.  We would NEVER hear the end of it.

The Boy King and his boy toys were so proud of themselves for controlling the news media in the 2008 election that they bragged about it afterwards.  They ran around telling everyone how great they were.  They are actually PROUD of their mafia tactics. The funny thing is they think they can do it again for 2012.

But they're in for a rude awakening.  Of course the die hard George Soros bought and paid for left liberal media is going to lick the Boy King's toes like they always do but people aren't buying it this time around.  Anybody with common sense knows the networks are in the tank for Obama.  Most people don't rely on the network news shows for their information.  Most people scan the internet.

This is why the Boy King is working so hard to shut down free speech and get control of the internet.  The FCC, who has honored Chavez for shutting down free speech in his country, is working hard on legislation to do just that.  Even 7th graders in Washington state are being harrassed for writing negative comments about the Boy King.  It doesn't get more communist than that.

There are cracks already in the Boy King fan club.  Reporters are leaking negative info that before they kept quiet.  They are leaking the info because they are beginning to recognize how dangerous the liberal far-left has become.  Bribing and coercion is not American.  That is MARXIST.  While NBC and the George Soros fan club may be bought and paid for, not everyone else is.  They recognize how freedom of speech is important.

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