Saturday, May 7, 2011

What is He Hiding?

There is absolutely no reason for Obama to be passing secret notes back and forth between an Air Force general.  Unless he didn't want it known that he was having private conversations with this general.

General Ed Wilson is an AF general.  He is in charge of missile defense on the eastern coast of the US.  That's a long way from Pakistan, eh?  This looks more like a spy swapping info with a spy doesn't it?  Except it's in public, on film, and everybody with brains can see what they are doing.

I wonder how many KGB agents saw that swap and recognized it immediately?

I wonder how many CIA agents saw that swap and recognized it immediately?

How come a news reporter in SPAIN saw it and brought it to our attention but our own elitist, selfish, greedy, liberal news media was too brain dead to notice?

Ironically, right after the Bin Ladin raid I thought to myself...."Gee...That's like something the KGB would do.  Not like something the US would do."  Isn't it?

I don't want to sound paranoid and get another conspiracy started but one has to note that Obama's mother had a love relationship with the old Soviet Union.  Obama himself was obsessed with all things Soviet.  What was his major goal last year?  Rolling over and playing dead with our missile defense systems.  He caved to all Russian demands.  In fact, he didn't just cave.  He rolled over and showed his belly.  Didn't he go all out to sign some obsolete missile reduction treaty with the Russians that put them at a military advantage to us not long ago?  Nobody could quite figure out why he did that.  It doesn't make much sense.

Neither does passing secret notes to some General in the AF that just happens to be in charge of missile defense on the east coast of the United States.  He is the president.  He doesn't have to pass notes.  He just calls the secret service and tells them to go pick the guy up and bring him to his office.  Or he picks up the phone on a secret line and gives him a call.  In fact, the military has all sorts of nifty neato ways of communicating in a secure way.

Which makes me wonder even more...WHY were they passing each other notes secretly?  Any ideas?

UPDATE:  A lot of people were reporting that this was probably a Challenge Coin that military folks swap between eachother.  Perhaps that is true.  But wouldn't he have done that with the other military people he met with?  I can find no video of him doing this same thing with any other military leader at any other stop of his.  I'm not overly worried about it but I do find it curious.

I don't trust the Boy King.  He is a Mafia thug from Chicago.  I think he is corrupt and has a huge chip on his shoulder about this country and Americans in general.  His wife has a bad case of stink-eye and is too busy with her manicures, wig fittings, and eating ribs between workouts with her personal trainer that flies in from Chicago three times a week to give a crap about doing anything.  She and her fat butt wants to lecture us about how to eat, what to eat, what restaurants can serve what foods, and how to raise our kids.  This Marxist couple needs to go find their Land of Utopia somewhere else.  I'm about tired of it.

It would not shock nor surprise me to discover he was up to some sneaky thing with our military.  I think he is buttering them up for something that's for sure....But good luck with that.  Our military is HUGELY conservative.  He is not going to get very far.

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