Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Barriers to Free Enterprise


This phrase stood out when I read this article.  Have you noticed lately the lawyer groups on TV advertising about all manner of things for you to call so they can build cases to sue people?  Did grandma get an ulcer on her hip in a nursing home?  Did she get an infection?  If your child was born with some kind of disability they are certainly going to help you sue whoever they can come up with so you get money.

Why do you think there is an explosion of such lawsuits?  First of all, as we all know, there are a lot of blood sucking greedy lawyers out there.  Not all of them, of course.  There are certainly cases where it is completely justified to sue somebody.  If you go into the hospital to have a wart removed from your right toe and come out with your left leg amputated then that doctor should be punished without question.

Especially, given the standard of our healthcare services are going to hit rock bottom in a number of years if Obamacare and the Democrats get their way.  The socialist groups will suck out the money and leave us with six month wait times and denial of coverage and all sorts of horrible things.  Leave it to the Democrats to take something great in this country and reduce it to CRAP.  It's what they do best.  The actual politicians live lives of uber rich luxury all the while talking about standing up for the "little people". Yeah...right.

Lawyers and judges around this country have been hijacked by the Democratic party and socialist groups to install barriers to free enterprise.  The best way to attack free enterprise is to bankrupt it and put it out of business.  The environmentalists have been doing this for years.  This is how 40,000 farmers in California ended up without jobs.  Because of a minnow.  They cut off the water supply to dry up the farms.  Hence the folks were laid off and the price of fruits and vegetables went sky high.  They are doing this all over the country.  If you think it's random think again.  Socialists have been organizing and implementing these lawsuits and placing judges that are bought and paid for in office for the past two decades.

Funny how we never hear about reform in the lawyer business do you?  These people have done more harm to our country than the politicians.  And by the way...most legislators ARE lawyers.  Didn't Obama promise to reform the lawsuits against medical doctors and pharmaceutical companies?  Have you noticed it has tripled?  He has no intention of changing or reforming it.  It is a major part of why healthcare costs have gotten out of control.  When an OB/GYN has to spend $250,000 a year in malpractice insurance there is something seriously going wrong here.

Our great, great grandmothers used to have babies in their house with an aunt or two hanging around to help.  That actually wasn't that long ago.  Now it costs $10,000 and today they turn you away if you GAIN TOO MUCH WEIGHT because they consider it a high risk and they can't afford high risk patients.

How unethical can you get?  If you think that's bad....stay tuned.  Obamacare has all kinds of nasty surprises ahead.  We have allowed the socialists and liberals to corrupt our judicial system and we're going to pay the price for it.  It may take some time to correct things...but we have to do it.  Otherwise, there will be no more free enterprise in this country.  They will bankrupt and drive out everybody who dares try.

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