Friday, May 20, 2011

The Radical Socialists and Radical Muslims

There was some conflicting news yesterday.  Naturally, the big news item of the day was "He who must not be named" dissed Israel, calling on pre-1967 borders that in effect would put all the historic artifacts in Jerusalem in Muslim hands (thereby they would be destroyed like all other Christian and Jewish sites) and leave Israel no way to defend itself.  They'd have an 8-mile wide strip of land that would be impossible to keep safe.  Even the airplanes that flew into Israel would have to fly low over Palestinian territory to land.  It is almost ridiculous to contemplate.

That was the prevailing interpretation of the Boy King's speech.  Then,, or in particular, Allah Pundit was reporting that this was really not news.  That the US had had this position all along for years and that the Israeli's knew it.  If that is the case why didn't the WH come out and say so?  Why are they silent?

PM Yetanyahu is scheduled to meet with Obama today.  You can remember their last glorious meeting in Washington when the Boy King treated him like a piece of crap.  He left him alone waiting while he went and ate dinner with his wife.  He basically spit in his face with disrespect.

This was the thing that ticked me off the most:  The WH released a photo of the Boy King with his feet on his desk suposedly talking to Netanyahu.  The picture is a closeup of the bottom of Boy's feet.  In Israel this is seen and perceived as a slap in the face.  It is an insult.  It was DELIBERATE.  It was ARROGANT and it was NASTY.  Make no mistake about it...This president of ours is no nice guy.  That photo shows his character and in my eyes he has very ugly character.  He has a warped world view and a huge chip on his shoulder.  He is not trying to "save the world".  He is trying to get even with people for his own perceived prejudices.

The Middle East has been a catalyst for catastrophe for a very long time.  It's a region where time has stood still.  Generation after generation of people have carried the same grudges and prejudice and hate and ignorance for centuries.  This is where religion was born yet it is the farthest in my mind from being a holy place.  Or maybe the religious relevance has made it so overwhelming to people they no longer see clearly?  We are seeing people fight to the death over things that seem irreconcilable.  The Muslims irrationally hate the Jews and that is not going to change. 

I have a friend from Beirut and I asked him what he thought of Palestinians.  He was very quick to say that most people don't like the Palestinians.  "They are terrorists.  They are like the ghetto criminals of the US.  Nobody wants them in their neighborhood which is why they are sitting there where they are."  I personally have not sat down and studied the history but I have a good outline knowledge of what is going on.  In my own lifetime I have seen time and time again where the Israeli people have tried to resolve problems only to be attacked over and over again.

Violence does not justify anything.  If you admire or respect a suicide bomber you are sick.  You have a very warped character.  There is no gray area here.  Killing innocent people is murder.  There is nothing good about it however "justified" you think you are.  The people who celebrate death have been led down a deceptive path that has NOTHING to do with God.  I don't know if the Muslim faith condones violence and death but if it does it is wrong.  I would suspect that like our own Bible it is being interpreted by PEOPLE who are warped...who have twisted its meaning into something far, far from the truth.  That is the excuse you hear, anyway.

I keep hearing that argument.  People say "Oh, the TRUE Muslim people don't think like that".  Really?  Why aren't THEY out there condemning this violence then?  I don't see them condemning it.  I don't see them denouncing the suicide bombers or "haters" at all.  I see a bunch of people eating candy and celebrating when a BABY in Israel is stabbed to death and the Muslim people say nothing.  The news media refuses to cover the story.  The Democrats start calling everybody RACISTS for pointing out reality....What is going on here?

I support Israel.  I think the Democrats have made a huge miscalculation.  They are going to try to combine the Israeli/Palestinian conflict into some "racism" theme for their re-election next year and it shows how completely wrong they are.  They are willing to inflame the Middle East and marry the radical socialist and Muslim groups together to provoke worldwide chaos.  They know they can't provoke the violence and chaos they need here in the United States because we are too civilized for that.  So instead they are going to the other side of the planet to a region where hundreds of thousands of people will die in the resulting chaos so they can create the chaos they need.  The ramifications of this are enormous and they don't care. In that respect the radical far-left and the Muslim radicals are the same.

The socialists and the radical Muslims are so warped ideologically that they would destroy everything.  They don't care how many people get killed or who gets hurt.  They want power.  They want it their way or no way.  They are sick human beings and instead of committing suicide and killing themselves they are going to try to bring the whole damn world down with them.

The further Boy King walks down the ugly path the more likely it is he will fail in 2012.  The Democratic Party is signing its own demise.  This will backfire heavily on them and they're too arrogant to realize it.  The majority of Americans will not stand for this.  They will not stand by and watch Israel be attacked. The DNC sold out to the radical socialist movements and it will destroy their party.

We cannot allow people who are this selfish to destory an entire region of people over power.  People from all sides have to come together and be rational.  This will not turn out well if we do not.  We are approaching a third world war that cannot be won by anyone.

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