Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Yemen Terrorist Who You Weren't Told About


So this terrorist from Yemen was actually pounding on the door yelling Allah Akbar or whatever the heck it is they yell when they invoke their religion when they are KILLING PEOPLE and the news media decides it's not important to tell us that.  That is "racist".  No...That is NOT racist.  That is called "informing the public of a danger that exists".  Which is exactly what I want the news media to tell me.

I don't want to be told after, say the World Trade Center towers get blown out of the sky and 3000 people get killed, that there is a terrorist group in Afghanistan that has been trying to attack my country for a decade.  Which is what happened.

We have been dealing with these religious zealots for decades.  Obviously, it's a touchy subject for the Democrats.  They prefer to run and hide and pretend it does not exist.  When that doesn't work they prefer to LIE, attack, and slander the people (George Bush) who are trying to keep us safe.  When that doesn't work they use Hollywood and every crack pot race-baiter they can think of to convince the public they are RACISTS for pointing out the obvious.

This is a religious war whether the Democrats want to say it out loud or not and guess what?  Everybody knows it.  This has been going on forever, folks.  The Israeli's didn't invent it.  The Republicans didn't make it worse.  When Jimmy Carter took a crack at the Middle East in the 70s of course he stirred the pot and made things ten times worse but even he did not start this mess.

The Democrats like to say "Most Muslims do not hate Americans or the west and are peaceful".  They say it's racist to paint this brush on all Muslims.  Is that really true?  I think it's more accurate to say there is a minority group of Muslims who have no hostility toward Americans or the West but they are indeed TERRIFIED to admit it publicly for fear of getting stoned to death.

Try going to Pakistan and saying you've converted to Christianity.  Go to Afghanistan and say you no longer want to be a Muslim.  Go to Saudi Arabia and say it.  How about Egypt?  What Muslim country is it safe to denounce your religion and live freely from it? 

Women are treated like dogs.  Little boys are treated even worse.  There are no educational systems in these countries that teach education without it being censored.  Religion is the law.  They have no civil laws.  They live by religious laws.  They are taught to obey their religious leaders.  They are taught to hate us.  Yet the Democrats think if they ignore this glaring fact it will somehow not be true.

When George Bush courageously took an aggressive stand and beat back the Taliban and the terrorist organizations across the world we knew EXACTLY where he was coming from.  He did a lot of good things for this country.  He made us safe.  OBL would have never been captured had it not been for President Bush and his honest stance against these terrorists.  He was HONEST with the American people.

The Democrats are not being honest.  Their only focus is power and staying in power.  It is not in their best interest to do what is right for the country right now.  They just want to maintain power so they can advance their socialist agenda.  They believe if they do that and can manipulate events they can create a ruling class FOREVER.  They want socialist rule. They would even sacrifice our country for it.  Many socialist groups have joined forces with Muslim groups in the Middle East and that is not a good thing.  It's uncharted territory that cannot have a good outcome. The Democrats are too dense to realize that they cannot control or trust these terrorists.

The Boy King has only been in power for two years.  It is stunning how much damage he has done in those two short years, although Piglosi had control for six and the Republicans just rolled over and played dead.  That demonstrates how quickly things can turn against us.  We only have to be asleep at the wheel for a second for things to turn bad.

Ignoring religion will not make us safe.  Ignoring an infection does not cure it.  It only allows it to grow out of control.

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