Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Stalin, Lenin, and The Boy King

As I read the headlines this morning it just makes me nauseated.  SEIU openly spews communism.  What more can Obama do to convince people he is a socialist?  Erect a statue of Lenin on the front lawn of the White House?  Kids in Chicago were denied BREAKFAST because they had the wrong shoes on.  First of all, we shouldn't be sending kids to school to eat their breakfast.  Their Moms and dads should be fixing them breakfast.  But the public school system has worked long and hard to build up federal dependence on this.  Schools get federal funding for kids who qualify so the schools across the country have begged and begged and begged families to "qualify" for free food for years.  And of course a lot of people live for this stuff.  If it is free they want it.  They "deserve" it. 

So what happens?  Now the school turns around and threatens to take FOOD away from kids because they don't dress accordingly.  This is also the same school system that refuses to allow parents to make homemade lunches for the kids.  SURPRISE...This is Chicago.

We took huge leaps in the 1990s when we halted the welfare march.  People had grown so dependent on the government for welfare and assistance they refused to work.  They could stay home, have babies and get paid for it so why should they?  The Republicans forced Bill Clinton to reform this travesty in the 1990s and people had to get to work.  That was a major step forward.  We also eliminated "projects" around the country.  Unfortunately, some cities like Chicago did not progress.  Memphis has the same problem.  Huge areas of poverty where people feel hopeless to do anything.  They can't find jobs and therefore can't move forward.  They can't find a way out.

People like Al Sharpton feed off this despair.  Instead of providing programs that help people escape the cycle of poverty he is a cheerleader for attitude and racism. But we could sit here all day and rant about that discussion...

If you let the government feed your kids then don't be surprised if they turn around and bribe you to do what they want you to do.  They want these kids to wear certain shoes and they are refusing to FEED them if they don't.  What part of LENIN do you not understand in that?  On one hand they are going to tax people based on how much their kids weigh and with the other hand they are going to take the food out of your mouth if you kids don't wear the appropriate clothes.  They put GPS monitoring devices in phones, after they've monopolized the cell phone industry and taken it over, and now they will force you to get "urgent messages" from the president.

Yesterday, it became known about an executive order Obama is working on to make it so companies who want to do business with the government have to disclose what political contributions they've made.  Given the Boy King's propensity to knee cap those who don't support him how can this be seen as innocent?  This guy is a mafia thug.  On the one hand he has no freaking clue what he is doing (giving up all our intelligence secrets...outing the SEALs...dumping on our allies) but then he is a Chicago thug who punishes TEXAS because, as he puts it "Texas historically is a Republican state".  I guess Obama doesn't know much about history because HISTORICALLY Texas is a DEMOCRATIC state.  It has only in recent decades been a Republican state.  But is that reason for the president of our country to punish it?

Is the president supposed to punish citizens of a state because of their political leanings?

What if George Bush had decided that San Francisco was too liberal so he was going to pull the military out and refuse to defend them? Is that acceptable?  Is the president supposed to be able to intimidate companies for political purposes? Is the President supposed to shun federal assistance to a state because of their political leanings?  Why does the news media ignore this?

These are the things that make me nauseated.  As we continue every day to become aware that The Boy King is every bit a socialist like his mother was, that our labor unions and socialist groups have joined forces to dismantle our country as we know it it is imperative that we focus on this and continue to educate people.  As obvious as it is to us....there is a large swath of people in this country who do not pay attention.  They continue to watch SNL and believe their Hollywood stars.  They don't get it.

We have been side tracked because of the OBL story.  Now it's time to get back on message.  The Boy King MUST NOT be re-elected and it is our job to prevent it.  We have to educate people on what is happening to our country.  One blog at a time.

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