Wednesday, May 4, 2011

President Bush Deserves our Gratitude and Thanks

Thank you, President Bush for protecting our country.  From the moment of 9/11 you were committed and resolved to protect this country.  The moment you stood in NYC amid the rubble with the firefighters and policemen with your bullhorn, the country knew that you were focused and determined to bring justice for our country. You made us feel safe at a time when we were scared and uncertain and for that we are grateful.

The re-write of history that is taking place today by the left is despicable.  National Geographic, who I truly believed would be at least HALF non-partisan, showed their first post Bin Laden special last night and it was breathtaking how they REVISED it to glorify the left and cast George Bush in a negative light.

No bullhorn moment.  No moment that brought the country together.  No Guiliani speaking to the people of NYC which for ALL OF US were such powerful, powerful moments.  Instead, they of course showed President Bush in the classroom full of kids being told about the second tower, trying to make him appear weak and afraid. 

For some bizarre reason the far-left uses this as a weapon against George Bush.  As if he should have jumped up right then in front of all those children and ran screaming from the room!!  He did EXACTLY as he should have and the American people know it.  But the far left use this as propaganda in their partisan hate world.

Of course, the other day when Obama said we should remember the feelings we had after 9/11 of togetherness and the non-partisan spirit we had that was code for the news media to RE-WRITE HISTORY.  Obama certainly did not mean it. He and the news media (including NatGeo) will do all they can to re-write the fact that George Bush fought and won battle after battle after battle, whether it was politically advantageous or not. 

The Democrats used the anti-war platform to get Obama elected as a matter of fact.  If you look carefully, you will notice this has happened twice in our recent history.  George Bush Senior had the highest ratings of any president in history after the first Gulf War.  Then the news media strangled him with it and Clinton was elected.  After 9/11 President George Bush, Jr. also had ratings of 89% and what did the liberal media do?  Well you can see exactly what they did.  They have done nothing but attack him for ten years.

We as a country were absolutely devastated after 9/11.  Between the WTC and the Anthrax scares and everything else we were comforted by President Bush's leadership.  We knew he was in charge of the situation.  We knew what he would do, and he did do EVERYTHING in his power to protect us and this country.

Do you feel that same confidence with Obama?  Do you think he would take decisive decisions quickly?  Or do you think he would roll over like a wet paper towel and ponder what would make him politically stronger? Do you think he would exploit our military for his own political agenda? Of course we know the answer.  When Obama gives his "victory speech" at Ground Zero next week do you suppose he will go to the WTC site or stand at the mosque he wants built, eh?

Thank you, President Bush for your sincere dedication in protecting this country.  Thank you for making sure 90% of Al Qaeda was destroyed on your watch.  Thank you for taking the fight to them.  Thank you for putting up with a biased news media and an agenda-driven party to do what was right for all of us.  Thank you for showing our military respect and for taking care of our men and women in the military who fought long and hard and sacrificed so much to stand for their country and our people.

Thank you for being a patriot.  Americans do know all that you did and we are grateful.  We know that Bin Laden would have never been caught and brought to justice without you.  It was your leadership and dedication that helped make this happen and despite the biased news media...Americans know where credit is due.

UPDATE:  Notice how the stories about the raid keep changing.  The WH is even getting confused about which lie they told and who told it.  Let me just say that if this had been a Republican president a press conference would have been held and the Secretary of Defense would have stood at the podium with a prepared statement and would have given a very precise, deliberate account of what they wanted to reveal to us and that would have been the end of it.  But being that the DEMOCRATS are in charge of course, informing the public of this raid took on a different meaning.  It's more political and agenda driven.  Obama wanted to grandstand and give his teleprompter speech.  So many liberal news outlets have "their sources" in this WH we now have 500 different versions of the raid.  Gives you a lot of confidence doesn't it?  They are all being told different stories.  They can't even keep up with their own lies.  Additionally, if a Republican president had made this announcement with the SOD in charge of the details of course the liberal media would have gone to work trying to demonize the military or government officials immediately.  Instead, we have a cluster fark going on with the liberals clammering to tell their versions with NO REGARD to our military's safety.  You almost expect Joe Biden to start naming the SEALS who helped out in the raid.

The military should be solely in control of the details of this raid.  They also should not have loose lips.  But Obama wants to benefit politically and this is what happens.  Despicable.

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