Monday, May 16, 2011

The News Media Is Utterly Useless.

So Obama "flew over" the Mississippi river for a look but they didn't take any pictures because of what the news media/Liberals did to George Bush when he flew over the Katrina damage.  Obama was on his way to two fundraisers in Texas.  He flew over the wildfires that he refuses to HELP Texas with but he is willing to go there for campaign money.  He is willing to go there to pander to the Hispanics and divide the country with his RAAACIST claims about illegal immigrants but he is not willing to help Texas deal with the wildfires that have devastated the state.  He makes jokes about border security and the thousands of people being killed by the drug dealers go unmentioned and the news media gives him a pass.

As I recall President Bush did not want to disrupt the emergency workers by making such an early appearance in the Katrina area.  When the president comes to visit everybody has to stop what they are doing and it clogs up traffic, and it is basically a pain in the butt.  George Bush didn't want to do that.  He had what they call CLASS.  But of course the liberal news media used it as a means to attack the President.  Just like they used the photo of him not jumping up and alarming the young students when he was told about the second WTC tower being hit.  For some reason the liberal news media felt he should have jumped up and taken action immediately.  It was just another hit job by the liberals.  That is all that was.  We conservatives have come to expect it.  So much so we predict what they are going to do or say before they even do it.  When the senator in Arizona got shot we immediately, all across the internet, counted down before the liberal news pundits started blaming the Tea Party and it took all of one hour.  In fact they already had a plan in place and hit Sarah Palin immediately.  That is the first time I can recall they actually had a hit piece in place waiting for an event to happen but yes, that is exactly what they did.

I take that back.  During the signing of Obamacare, Nancy "sockeye salmon" Pelosi and the Congressional Black Caucas walked through a crowd of very upset Tea Party protesters with a giant hammer with Jessee Jackson Jr. running from behind with a camera phone with a wild look on his face, twirling around taking pictures and looking like a total idiot, hoping to catch somebody doing something racist.  Maxine Waters accused them of spitting on them which was a LIE but the news media, despite any proof whatsoever and no video of it whatsoever, kept repeating the lie over and over.  That was a set up.  They tried to set up the Tea Party then and are still doing it today but they can't get anybody to actually do anything racist so it has been a big FAIL.

That is what the liberal networks news do.  They have decided that they will do whatever it takes to keep the Democrats in power. George Soros has bought off over 30 news media outlets.  He spends an enormous amount of money and time paying these people to spread his propaganda.  The sugar daddy of socialism has spent the past decade working on his Utopian dream of "global power" and by golly a bunch of liberal idiots in the US are easy picking.  It's sadly true.  Dangle money and cocktail shrimp in front of their noses and they fold like a paper towel.

Have you ever been to DC?  I used to work at Georgetown University in DC.  I can't tell you how many spoiled rich kids I've seen in my life.  Or how many liberals I had to work with on a daily basis whose only concern was getting their frozen mocha at lunch without having to scuff their shoes on the sidewalk. But they loved poor people. long as they got that mocha in time.  They would sit and talk about how passionate they were about saving all the poor people but in reality they did not know a poor person, had never seen a poor person, and wouldn't get their hands dirty if they had to.  They wouldn't even BUY THEIR OWN LUNCH for heaven's sake.

It is easy to get caught up in the news and to believe it is real.  Folks, I hate to tell you but it is not real.  What you are watching on TV has been presented to you and wrapped in a pretty package.  It's called false reality.  What you read is not reality, either.  If you have ever had a friend that was written about or talked about on the news you know what I mean.  Fact and reality are hard to come by. 

The liberal media has taken it to a new level.  They actually coordinate between each other and between the politicians and between the George Soros socialist groups to frame the news.  Have you ever noticed that when something happens spontaneously (like an earthquake in Japan) the news media completely loses it.  They frantically flop around like fish on the deck of a boat.  They don't do breaking news too well.  Most of what they report is false and turns out to be untrue.  They pick out whatever they can sensationalize to keep your attention so you will not flip channels.  I remember during the Japanese earthquake it just disgusted me to see it.  Then of course they blew the entire nuclear situation out of proportion beyond belief.  They did not have enough contacts in Japan to actually report anything of substance so they soon grew tired of not being in control and the WH took back the narrative.  Naturally, it became a reason to dump on nuclear power.  At one point they were talking about radiation clouds floating across the Pacific contaminating California.  It became absolutely ridiculous.

That's what happens when the news media is not in control.  If there were actually an emergency in this country truly we'd be doomed.  The news media can only read off the liberal script. For that matter, would you TRUST the news media if a national emergency happened? I sure wouldn't.  If they told me to go to Place X I'd run in the opposite direction.  Forget that.  If you have any delusion that these pencil necks in Washington or in the news media would help all those "poor people" they love to exploit before they saved their own skin first...I got news for you.  You're getting the bones of the fish, my friend.

Luckily, I live in an area of the country where we cling to our guns and religion.  I have no doubt we'd be fine.  But if I still lived in DC or the surrounding area....I would be worried.

Do not believe everything you see on the news.  Don't believe everything on the internet, either.  Scan the headlines and draw your own conclusions.  Every headline has a reason.  People in the news business pay big, big bucks to consultants and lawyers and PR firms to present a false reality to the public. Make sure you have your emergency plan in place and make sure you're prepared for the worst.  In the scheme of things it all comes down to who your neighbors are and where you live. Be a good Boy Scout and Girl Scout.  Be prepared.

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