Saturday, May 28, 2011

Stop the Pile-Ons. Miley Cyrus and the Elitist Left attacks.

Miley Cyrus thinks she is so important that she can go on Twitter and SLANDER Rick Santorum for his belief on gay marriage.  Just because he believes in marriage between a man and woman does not mean he hates gay people.

If that is the case then we should also believe Miley is having sex with her dad like some inbred hick born on the other side of a hay stack, right?  She is such a spoiled brat she does not even see the connection.  Being the victim herself of slander and rumors and NONSENSE she herself is doing the same exact thing.

Be prepared GOP for the onslaught of slander that is coming.  We cannot sit and ignore these attacks.  When we took the high road and decided not to fight back against the attacks on George Bush we suffered the consequences.  If you think that was bad just wait to see what happens during the next election cycle.

Hollywood and the uber elitist news media will join forces to attack the GOP like in no other time in our history.  They know this is an important election.  If they lose the next election the leftist socialist dream is OVER.  They are not going to let it go without an all out mud fest of a fight.  It is going to get ugly and the pile ons will be incredible.

We have to learn how to fight like a communist.  We have to sling the mud right back at them.  If Miley Cyrus wants to sling mud and slander Rick Santorum then we can sling the horse shit right back in her face.

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