Saturday, May 21, 2011

News Media Needs to Grow a Pair

I don't know about you, but yesterday with Netanyahu schooled Obama on Israel and its security...I thought it was beautiful.  You could just see Obama seething.  He tried to blink away his Mafia hatred but did not do a good job of it.  It was great.  This was a seasoned, crusty Israeli politician taking the Boy King to the wood shed and for good reason.  There it was on national television for all the world to see LIVE.  The news media couldn't change it, stop it, distort it or manipulate it.  You know Obama's toe lickers were banging their heads on the walls in utter agony.  Ahhh...if I only had audio of that.

The Boy King's main goal right now is to get re-elected.  Well, besides play golf.  Have you noticed that the news media NEVER talks about him playing golf anymore?  He and his mafia goons must have bribed the news media about it.  It sure does not make any sense to me why the news media continues to kow tow to this president.  Never in our history has the news been so biased.  This WH goes beyond interfering with free speech.  They are like communist handlers of the old Soviet Union.  Why is the news media just rolling over and playing dead?  They're not just being liberal and biased...they are being STUPID.

I have seen cracks in the sidewalk, though.  There are a few newspapers that have come out and reported the intimidation and coercion.  Some old journalists have come out and criticized the current generation of WH reporters saying they had no balls, basically.  As the Obama team tries to tighten down the hatches and grab the media by the neck there are some people out there fighting back.  We shall see who wins that fight.

To have the WH try to control the news media to the extent that it does only drives Fox News into the stratosphere in ratings.  In a recent poll in BOSTON which is not exactly the center of conservative ideals, a poll of 1050 college graduates showed Bill O'Reilly was the most trusted journalist on TV and FOX NEWS was the most trusted news source.  WTH??  This was in BOSTON.  Of course the news media did not report that.  Despite all their George Soros money they still can't destroy Fox.

George Soros and his billions cannot topple the American people.  His European socialist ideals need to hit the road.  He is determined to topple capitalism and make money doing it.  This is probably the biggest enemy of the free world and who talks about him?  Fox news.  Do you see any other media outlet inform the public about his socialist activities?  How about his aversion to the USA?  There is video after video after video of this creep talking about his "Global world order" that he wants to be king of and the news media just completely ignores it.  He spends tens of millions of dollars, probably hundreds, to do nothing but expand his "collective".  It's like the Borg has bought off the government and nobody is paying attention.  But a lot of people ARE paying attention thanks to Facebook and the internet.

Stop and think about that.  Ten to twelve years ago most people did not have internet.  Ten years ago most people didn't even have a cell phone.  Can you imagine living your life without either now?  I guess George Soros is just an old fogey who didn't bank on that.  We've got to get this creep OUT of our country and AWAY from our news media and government.  He has NO BUSINESS in this country.  Before he buys off the Republicans we need people to go after this guy.  He has some serious ego issues.  He thinks he can be a god (that's in his OWN BOOK) and rule the world.  I mean...Seriously.

Before George Soros' "journalism schools" produce a bunch of Socialist Robots that bleet his socialist mantra we need to produce some REAL journalists who actually know what their job is.  This is not what the American people want.  Americans want the truth with a little drama thrown in for entertainment purposes.  Not some frog like socialist goon from Europe controlling our news media.

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