Saturday, May 14, 2011

Save The World For Just $19.99

So the president has decided that his best strategy this election is to slander conservatives as racist.  This is not a new strategy.  They've been using this strategy since the last election.  Now they're just getting ugly about it.  It's like watching the used car salesmen or in the old days the snake oil salesmen.  They would tell you their product was the best on earth, it would cure all things....for just $19.99.

Obama can cure obesity...for just $19.99.  He can cure all your aches and pains.  He can fix everything.  Do you really believe he can fix anything?  What exactly has he fixed so far? He has made things worse.

When Obama came to office we were payig less than $3. for a gallon of gas.  Now we're paying $4. and it's only going to go up.  That's not because the oil companies are greedy and evil.  It's because all the leftist freaks have put so many environmental regulations into law that we're paying MORE THAN HALF the cost of a gallon of gas on TAXES.  Oil companies make about 2 cents profit on a gallon of gas.  The rest goes to the government or the state.  I bet you didn't know that.

There is a school in Texas that takes a picture of what your kid's lunch looks like before he eats it and after.  This cost us $2 million.  They take a picture of what your kid eats and send you the information.  They even count the calories.  What kind of ABSOLUTE NONSENSE is this? I remember when we got chocolate milk in school.  I was in the first grade.  The reason it was so great was because it was HOT in our elementary school because we didn't have air conditioning and the milk at lunch tasted like spoiled nastiness.  So the chocolate made it easier to drink.  We had like ten minutes to eat lunch.  I hated the lunch room.  It was hot and it smelled like a dirty mop bucket. We didn't eat much back then in school.  It either tasted like crap or it was just too gross to eat.  Taking a picture of it is not going to make kids eat it more.

This is a ridiculous waste of taxpayer money and should be stopped.  Kids don't need to be treated like this.  I send my kids to school to LEARN CIVICS and HISTORY.  I don't send them to school so you can brainwash them or take pictures of their lunch and spy on them.  How about some lessons about Marxism?  Teach them what it is like to live in an oppressive society where the government spies on you and controls every single little thing you do...LIKE EAT LUNCH.  This is a travesty and whoever thought of it should be deported. I guarantee it was some whacky person on the left.

The Democrats have truly outdone themselves this time.  Luckily, they've done such a great job screwing things up in just the few short years they've been in control that we will only have a one term democratic president and it will be a LONG time before we forget it.  Trust me...the mere mention of the Boy King and it will be guaranteed conservative.  Never have we seen such slander and lies.  You sort of expect it whichever side is in office but the Democrats this time have taken things to a whole new level.  They've allowed the socialist movement to takeover their party and that's the difference.  Americans aren't stupid.  They know what socialism is.  They don't want it.  Our main job for the next generation is to educate our children so THEY know it because the snakeoil salesmen never go away....They just come back selling a different product.  Same scam...different name.  This is what the Democrats have become.

Trying to divide people using race.  Spying on children in school (but not protecting them from bullies or gangs).  Trying to brainwash the next generation to accept socialism.  The Democratic party is no longer democratic.  It's socialist. 

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