Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sorry Boy King; It Ain't Happening.

Obama apparently isn't raising the big money he had hoped to be.  Awww...poor Boy King.  There is something great about this.  When Obama isn't adored and loved and put on a pedestal and treated like the Messiah he believes he really is, he starts getting nasty.  HeeHee.

Yesterday there was a story that basically was supposed to be from Hillary Clinton.  The story that was put out was that she and Obama were "marveling" over how anyone could possibly want to be president more than 8 years.  What is the #1 rule about the Democrats?  Whatever they say they mean the opposite or the opposite reality is true. 

Make no mistake.  Obama wants power.  He wants his feet rubbed.  He wants to be adored and loved and he wants to play golf all he wants and he wants to eat Lobster and he has no intention whatsoever of going anywhere.  In fact, he probably thinks he can be king of the "new global world order" or whatever it is the socialist left is dreaming about that they won't get because we're going to kick their butts to the curb in November.

These far-left socialist thugs are trying to create a ruling class.  They are doing everything possible to get our economy to collapse, get our dollar to collapse so they can "rescue" us and put into place a dependent class that they can "save".  Supposedly, all us little people will love giving up our middle class lifestyle so we can grovel at their feet and adore them for it. 

You see, apparently, they didn't get the memo in the 90s.  When Bill Clinton eliminated the welfare class that had been having babies left and right staying at home, getting checks from the government, living in government housing and hating the world, the Democrats lost such a GREAT constinuency.  They think they can recreate this class again.

Talk about stupid written on your forehead.  Do they really, seriously think that people want that?  Unfortunately, there is a lazy bunch who do but I guarantee you they are not the majority.  Americans are not lazy.  Americans are spoiled with their freedom and they are not going to give it up.

We do not want our kids spied on at lunch.  We don't want to be intimidated or coerced into this class warfare and it's not happening.  If the Boy King wants to be in denial about that then that's great.  It ain't happening.

The Utopian left socialist dream has reached such an unbelievable reality that they live in this bubble of make believe.  Their time came and went.  The American people were duped but as Americans always are, they don't stay duped for long.  This is not what people signed up for.  People don't want socialism.  They don't want high energy prices.  They don't give a crap about global warming when it means getting Al Gore rich and the rest of us poor.  We don't give a crap about Hollywood stars whining about the shrimp cocktail not being cold enough and we REALLY don't give a crap about Hollywood stars who haven't made a movie recently that's worth the $8 bucks to go see who drive around in Hummers telling us who to vote for.

We also don't give a crap about violent, loud-mouthed union leaders who are greedy and screw everybody else so they can march around preaching to the country about Communism. It ain't happening.

We did not fight the cold war for 50 years so some 60s hippies could smoke some pot and bring it back dressed up in sheep's clothing.  Forget it.  It ain't happening.

The news media that is mostly filled with politicians who got their butts thrown out of office or couldn't get elected is not going to brainwash the country into believing their slander and lies when we have to pay $5 for a gallon of gas and Ramen Noodles are becoming the staple of our evening meals.  These people make millions and millions of dollars.  They live a luxurious life.  They don't give a CRAP about us.  If you think the perky news anchor who makes dramatic faces and acts like he/she cares really does....go to delusion land.

Time to face reality.  The Boy king is NOT winning the next election.  Americans are smarter than this.

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