Thursday, May 5, 2011

Watch What The Other Hand Is Doing

Democrats rarely squander a crisis.  They've skillfully created this diversion about photos being released.  Seriously, it's an insult if you think about it.  Are Americans so Jerry Springer now we'd get into a frenzy over bloody photos being released?  Personally, I have no desire to see any of them. It's more concerning to me that Obama seems to the think the military is his personal mafia hit squad than whether or not Osama is dead or not.

So this morning Obama is talking about taxing Americans "by the mile".  He is going to try to push through more cap and trade legislation.  Of course he won't be able to get it through Congress but when has the law ever stopped this guy?  He'll just create a "Mile Czar" and say screw you and do it anyway.

The Unicorn far left has been giving speeches about their dream world for ten years.  They want to grab up land (which they've been doing.  Take a look at the foreclosed homes across the country.) and build a vast railway system.  According to the Utopia left they can build apartment buildings (think subsidized housing and that should sufficiently make the hair on the back of your neck stand up) and put people in concentrated areas.  They want to phase cars out.  How do they accomplish these things?  Well, they've been getting rid of used cars and they are making the new "green cars" so expensive most folks can't afford them.  In fact, if you're unemployed you really can't afford them, eh? 

It sounds kinda crazy but think for a moment.  One in six Americans is on food stamps.  They are doing their best to destroy the private market.  Unemployed people become dependent on the government.  When you're dependent on the government they pretty much control the shots. Create a few fake crises and there you go.  A terrified public willing to do anything the government says.

Never has an election been more important than the election of 2012.  This election will determine whether or not we become a third world country.  I want to have faith that Americans are smart enough to realize this and I believe they are.  I think the Democrats will become so desperate to win this next election they will over-reach and show themselves and that will be that. We've become too cynical to fall at Obama's feet in obedience. Of course he's too arrogant to realize that.  He actually thinks we still love him...He believes his own fake polls if you can believe that.

In the not so distant future we will look back at this time in history as a turning point.  The Boy King will not be a hero.  He will be a close call.  An ugly time in history when Americans wanted to believe but believed in the wrong person.  A dangerous person.  A person with a huge, ugly, Marxist chip on his shoulder.

The only question I have is this.  Will he go on to be the next "hero" of the black community or will be able to save them, too?  The Democrats are doing all they can to divide us into groups to hate each other and exploit politically.  There will be a point when it will be too late.  We cannot let him get to that point.  We did not struggle to get to this point of tolerance and racial harmony to sacrifice any group of people.  We are all Americans and we are in this together. We cannot allow politicians to divide us up and exploit us.

We are all in this together.

UPDATE:  "Officially" The WH is denying knowing anything about the mile tax idea.  Apparently, some rogue far-left person in the administration randomly came up with this idea all on their own.  Apparently. That is called a trial balloon.  The WH will throw an idea out to see the reaction it gets before they pursue it in earnest or to see what reaction it gets so they can prepare for future plans on the same idea.  How they can tweak it...hide it...or otherwise trick people into it without them knowing.  It kinda reminds you of FACEBOOK and all its privacy issues doesn't it?  One day we're innocently talking to our kids about cleaning the bathroom and then suddenly Lysol commercials pop up all over the place.

Talk amongst yourselves.

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