Sunday, May 15, 2011

We Have Good On Our Side

So Huckabee is out.  I kinda figured all along he'd stay where he is at.  He has a highly popular show on Fox that is getting pretty high ratings.  I do not profess to be a Huckabee fan but I did get comfort from watching his show right after the 2008 election.  He was one of the small beacons of light in that dark period of being a conservative.

Right after the 2008 election most conservatives were in a dark place.  The Democrats had won control of our country.  They had us by the balls.  We knew that we were completely powerless from keeping them from ruining our country.  We knew what was coming.  And Huckabee was there telling us to have faith and it would be alright.  So that was comforting.  Remember, the news media at that time declared "conservatism is dead".  They claimed Obama was God.  He would never be beaten.  Boy that didn't last long, did it?

It is important to remember that and celebrate just how far we've come.  Not only did the Tea Party organize and rise from this period of great despair we rallied back and took back Congress.  We got rid of a bunch of RINOS responsible for the shift in power to begin with.  We won Wisconsin in a HUGE way.  We won Massachussetts of all things.

It's easy to forget how great that was!  Ted Kennedy...probably one of the biggest liberal fraudsters of our generation died and we roared back and took his senate seat!!  That was absolutely unheard of a few years ago.  Nobody in his right mind would have predicted that in 2008. Some people grumble at Senator Brown not being conservative enough and I think that's ridiculous.  He represents his state and that's what he is supposed to do.  Anybody who thinks Massachusetts is going to adopt a far right mindset isn't being realistic.

And do not forget how wonderful it was to knock Nancy Pelosi out off her pedestal.!  She actually thinks she is going to get it back...ROFL.  Not a chance.  This old bag is history.  I could do an entire post about how much I despise this woman...but you get the point.  Knocking her out of power was a huge relief and it was an important victory.

We are still very early in the next election cycle.  I think Obama is doing a fine job of drowning himself.  He and his moat jokes aren't going over too well.  He got OBL and didn't get much of a bounce from it despite his running around the country dressed like Rambo spiking the football.  He outed our SEAL team and the good people of Fort Campbell are now terrified for their families but hey, our president is a moron so we should expect it.

There's nobody I'm too excited about right now in the GOP field besides Sarah Palin and she is keeping a low profile at the moment.  That's wise.  Anybody on the right who lifts their head above the bunker is going to get shot at.  The mainstream media is completely and totally 100% in the tank for Obama.  They will without any doubt whatsoever coordinate amongst themselves to defeat the GOP.  If you believe otherwise you are naive.  Hollywood, the network news, and CNN will do everything possible to defeat the GOP.  Any candidates that come out will be villified and smeared.  I have no delusions about that.  We should just watch them flounder and take shots at Obama in their boredom.

Romney ....The poor guy just doesn't have a chance.  He would be another John McCain.  We should all be very grateful that John McCain did not win in 2008.  As crazy as that sounds it is true.  If he had won there wouldn't be much of a difference between he and Obama.  He and his daughter have become a total thorn in the GOP's side.  It's just pathetic.  Talk about a used car salesman!!  He and Lindsay Graham both need to pack it up because their days of RINO glory are just about over. 

We need to be creative and we need to stay strong to beat Obama.  We're not going to win by convincing people how horrible socialism is.  We're not going to win by hating the left.  We need to leave the hate campaign to the left.  They are the ones who capitalize on hate.  They are the ones who do the ugly stuff.  We are going to win the 2012 election by convincing the MAJORITY that by putting the conservatives in charge we have a better future.  We will have freedom and liberty.  We will restore our former pride and love our country again.  We will support our allies and protect our citizens.  We will isolate the radical left and their bought off "victims" and come together for a better future.  While the left tries to build a base built on divided groups of disgruntled people we will build a base of people that are NOT divided but DETERMINED to stand together and be proud of being American and are willing to work hard to preserve what makes us great.  Conservatives do not have to pay people to vote for them.  Conservatives do not have to label people or put people in groups or divide them up to stay in power.  We don't have to cheat or lie or steal.  We just need to remind people that we live in the greatest country in the world and that good always conquers evil. Karma comes around....and this time it's on our side.

Most important, we need to control the message.  We need to be careful not to fall for the traps that the news media sets.  They try to manipulate the news and set up the right to control the message.  Have you ever noticed that when something unpredictable happens they completely fall apart?  When Japan had its earthquake the left completely lost control of itself.  That's because they weren't in control.  The people were in control.  I have no doubts in my mind that the main strategy of the left will be to label the right as racist.  I also know that right before the 2012 election they will have some trap set for the conservatives.  It happens EVERY SINGLE TIME.  Before the 2004 election Dan Rather had set a trap to destroy George Bush.  During the 2008 election campaign there is NO DOUBT in my mind that George Soros and his ilk manipulated the Wall Street meltdown to benefit the Democrats.

Just like the day that Obamacare was signed into law the Congressional Black Caucus set up a trap that failed big time.  Jessee Jackson Jr. was running through the crowd of Tea Partiers protesting on capital hill in an effort to "trap" people in some racist act.  It didn't work.  The Tea Party is not racist.  There were no racist acts.  But I guarantee you this will be their major effort this election.  The left will do whatever they can to paint Americans as racist if they do not support Obama.  I would bet my entire life on it. It happens each and every time there is an election or major piece of legislation.

We have to rise above this.  We have to lift everybody else above this ugliness and come together.  Instead of getting trapped into some ugly narrative the left is trying to box us into we have to be creative and positive and have hope.  We have good on our side.

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