Saturday, May 14, 2011

Obnoxious Advertising

Last year I began to think the volume control on my TV was messed up.  I'd be watching a show on TV and then suddenly when a commercial came on it blasted my hair back with the loud volume.  So I'd turn it down.  Then the show I was watching came back on and I could barely hear it.  I was constantly sitting with the remote in my hand turning the volume up and down.  It got so annoying I called DirecTV to complain about it.  They said it wasn't their fault but the people doing the commercial.

At some point a law passed or whatever and advertisers were told they couldn't harass us like that anymore.  Something about the commercial had to be the same volume as the show or whatever.  So it got a little less intense.  You didn't have to sit with the volume control at the ready all the time..

Have you noticed it is happening all over again?  And not only that, now when you surf around on the internet you get some loud obnoxious commercial blasting in her headphones/speakers.  I was so annoyed by this I wrote AllahPundit on HotAir and he wrote back and apologized and said they were trying to get it removed.  And he did. So I'm guessing there are other folks fed up with it as well.

It really is completely annoying.  In fact, I started a list on my notebook.  If any company does this I refuse to buy their products.  I'm sure this will do nothing to intimidate these companies to stop but at least I am doing something to counter this obnoxious behavior.  It makes me feel better anyway.

I will also start sending emails to these companies telling them that.  If enough of us do that they might stop.  I don't know about you but it sure seems like advertising has become way too big for their britches lately.  They are stealing our info on the internet.  They invade our favorite websites and force their products in front of us.  It's really becoming annoying.  I am all for free market enterprise but I don't need people to scream in my face and steal my private information.  Truth be told I buy the products that are the cheapest and easiest to get to.  Some loud commercial is not going to change my mind.  In fact, it will make me AVOID their product.

So knock it off you idiots.  I'm getting tired of adjusting the volume and I'm even more tired of your intrusions.

And while I'm at it...Let me just say that WE TV is really becoming a least favorite among channels I watch.  Talk about obnoxious commercials!!!  They advertise their shows and it's not like they play the commercial once.  You see the same obnoxious commercial like 50 times.  You know, I really don't care to watch redneck women getting married and acting like their auditioning for Jerry Springer.  I certainly don't want to see them curse (even if you bleep it) and I don't need to see the same vile commercial 20 times every half hour.  What is with these cable shows lately?

And for the record, when did Animal Planet become a freak show for animals?  Didn't they used to show nice, cute shows that were fun to watch and were educational?  Now they have shows like HOGS GONE WILD and CROCODILE EATING FRENZY.  Come on, people.  Do you honestly think we like this stuff?  We really don't.  I don't need to watch crocodiles eating other animals and I seriously don't need to watch hogs getting butchered either. 

Hollywood needs to start catering to what WE want...not what they think they can attract people with.  They seem to think the entire country is attracted to this obnoxious stuff.  We're really not.  Just like the advertisers they are driving more people away.

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