Saturday, May 7, 2011

Alfonzo Rachel.....Awesomeness.

Alfonzo Rachel is one of my favorite Republicans....He's not a politician.  He's a comedian and he's hilarious.  He uses humor to catch a lot of folks.  Please visit this website and check out his video and check out his other videos as well.  He is on facebook. If you want to add him to your friend's list you can get his videos regularly.

Zo makes a very important point.  The Tea Party does not want a leader.  The Republicans are all looking for "a leader" and this is wrong.  We are looking from someone to represent us.  Any idiot can be a leader.  As proven with the last election, no matter how sad it is to admit, Americans can be tricked.  It was a whole lot easier than I thought it could be, too.  That is disconcerting to me. 

I remember as a kid whenever the topic at church turned to Revelation and we'd sit around and discuss the anti-Christ and how it describes how the anti-Christ will inherit the earth and fool everybody.  I used to think that was impossible.  SURELY, people couldn't be that stupid.  Today....It's completely plausible.  In fact, I could see somebody trying to rule the entire planet and that scares me.  The world has become smaller and the smaller we get the easier it is to control.

But that's getting way off my focus for the day.  Republicans need to stop trying to find a "leader" and focus on finding someone who will represent us.  We still have a lot of time between now and the next election.  Obama is doing a wonderful job destroying himself.  As you can see even with something as great as killing Bin Ladin he has completely screwed it up.  We are seeing more and more liberal news media types exposing the president for who he is.  FAKE.  His Marxist tactics are being exposed by those you wouldn't expect.  I think the Democrats are trying to decide whether to throw him under the bus or not.  If it becomes obvious he cannot win the next election they will challenge him.  So you see we do still have time.  Don't be too anxious about the Republicans singling out their new candidate.  Watching Obama flounder in the middle of the lake is just fine with me.

We should keep our focus on the economy.  We should focus on exposing the SEIU and its Marxist activities.  We should focus on exposing Obama for the communist leanings he has.  Educate people.  It really is amazing to me how many people do not really know the influence the socialist/communists have.  We have spent most of our lives fighting the cold war only to have the very same people disguise themselves and come back just as strong under new sheep's clothing.  We have GOT to educate people and make sure they realize what is happening.  Americans have a habit of waiting too late to "realize" these things.  We scoff at other countries for duping themselves and doing these stupid things...and here we are doing the same thing.

Ignore the distraction stories.  The entire Bin Ladin photos story is just a replacement for the birth certificate.  Same tactic...different item.  How easy it is for the Obama team to create that new distraction.

Is it truly such a big deal?  No.  It really is not.  I could go my entire life not seeing that photo and would be totally okay with that.  But in this Jerry Springer day and age...people want the gory details.  Don't fall into their trap.  Stop paying attention to it.  Gas is still $4 a gallon and seeing that photo is not going to change how much you spend to fill up your gas tank.  If you get a virus on your computer because you were clicking around for the Bin Ladin photos then you probably deserve it.  Stop falling for that stuff.

The key to winning the next election is to stay focused and to educate people.  Informed voters make better decisions.  Watch what the other hand is doing...and be wise.

So that is my message today =)  Enjoy watching Zo's videos and his Republican words of wisdom and keep informed!

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